What is the pigeon egg diamond ring? What price is it? what sense?

For many people who are about to enter the palace of marriage, they can receive a shining pigeon egg diamond ring at a sacred wedding and get the sincere blessings of guests, which will be the most beautiful memories of their lives. Even in many years of flat life, the original passion and freshness, this far -reaching pigeon egg diamond ring will be the most precious testimony of the rest of my life.

What is a pigeon egg diamond ring?


What is the “pigeon egg” diamond ring? Literally, the meaning of pigeon egg diamond ring means that the diamond ring is large, as large as “pigeon egg”, so people call this large and better diamond ring as “pigeon egg diamond ring”. Generally Need 5 carat diamonds. Imagine that the romantic music sounded, and the beautiful bride handed a slim hand in countless blessings. The man put a “pigeon egg” diamond ring on the bride’s hands. This scene will be remembered forever.

How much is the pigeon egg diamond ring?

The price of diamond rings is affected by many factors. The most important factor is the 4C standard of diamonds, as well as the brand of diamond rings. According to the weight of the diamond ring, the weight of the pigeon egg diamond rings commonly common in the market is 3 carats or 5 carats, or higher carat diamond rings. The price of these diamond rings ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions.


What is the meaning of pigeon egg diamond ring?


The diamond ring itself has been given a warm meaning by the passionate and romantic people, and a large pigeon egg is like a shiny star in the night, illuminating the long road of life, so that the lovers who love each other will be as long as the lengthy. And ordinary years can also be cherished. Love someone and wear a diamond ring for her. For workers, customizing a diamond ring in a budget is more meaningful, and it also represents his love for girls. For example, Levis only gives one person in his life, which means that he only loves one person in his life. Essence


Love is to stay with each other, the companion and waiting of life. Having an extraordinary pigeon egg diamond ring, let the lover always meet in the first place in the courtesy of love, full of cherish and admiration for each other.

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