How many kinds of flower tea is there? Which flower tea is best?

Flower tea is made from the leaves, flowers or fruits of plants, and is made of tea, which belongs to the unique re -processing tea in China.

How many kinds of flower tea is there?

Flower tea is divided into jasmine tea, magnolia tea, osmanthus tea,

lemon tea,

Pearl Orchid tea, grapefruit flower tea

As well as


玳玳 玳玳 玳玳 玳玳 玳玳

, Lotus leaf tea, sweet chrysanthemum tea


Which flower tea is best?

Different populations, different tastes, and different seasons have different preferences for flower tea, but jasmine tea meets the consumption habits of most people.

1. Most people like to drink jasmine tea,

Jasmine tea is strong, and some people are drinking all year round.


2. Many women like to drink rose tea, with a trace of roses.

3. Some people like osmanthus aroma and also like to drink the fragrant osmanthus tea.


4. People in summer generally like to drink chrysanthemum tea and honeysuckle tea.

According to the site of flower tea, it can be divided into flower tea and flower tea. Flower tea is a flower tea made of plant leaves or flowers, such as lotus leaf tea, sweet chrysanthemum tea. Fruit tea is a flower tea made of plant fruits, such as non -fruit tea, lemon tea, hawthorn tea, Luohan fruit tea, etc.

In fact, there are many plants that can be made of flower tea, but they should also pay attention to toxicity and adaptability. Some flower tea will have a negative impact on the body after drinking too much.

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