40m2 small two rooms actually made four minute toilet! There are also separate paintings and makeup

The owner of the case today comes from Shanghai, the house is a small couple of wedding room.


Although the house is

Internal area only 47m2 pistol


The area is very small, and the whole house is loaded, and the structure cannot be structured.

In the case of the transformation, it can not only meet the basic functional needs of life, storage, but also hobbies the hobby of men and women, and there are exclusive areas.

Original problem:


Although the overall light of the house is still, each room is due to various functions of the area:

No porch, open the door to see the toilet;

The corridor is too long, wasting space;

No restaurant, the living room is only 7m2, things will not be turned over more.

The bedroom bathroom is small, and many features cannot be satisfied;


The movement is not smooth, and each space contact is not close enough.

Transformation of the former


▼ ▼

Reconstruction program:


Down the wall of the living room and the kitchen, changed to a cabinet bar two in one;

External handbank, use diamond shower room, four-time;


Endorsement of the bathroom door, guarantee privacy;


The squeezed bedroom area, the main balances builds a painting area.


After transformation

House location:


House area:


Set of 47m2 construction 68m2

Housing type:

2 rooms 1 hall 1 kitchen 1 bathroom

Decoration package:

Color revolution 4.2


All spend:

30W left and right (hard work 10W + furniture home appliances 20W)

permanent residents:

2 people

Design manager:

Ma Rong


Porch corridor


The house hasn’t patented, and it is a long corridor, and the end of the corridor; after the transformation

Two ultra-thin shoe cabinets are arranged along the household wall



Closed shoe cabinets can be placed in seasons and unopened shoes, open shoe cabinets put shoes often wearing season

Perfectly solve the problem of small two shoes accommodation.

The hook and cabinet on the wall can also meet the storage of the bag and the fine base.

Rely on


“Stealing” 1m2


In the door of the bathroom, I did an external shuffle.

Caves of the corridor space

The narrow partition of the top day is also solved, and the bathroom door is unfair.

The careful friends should not find that the owner of the living, and the lovely little doll is placed at each small lattice, adding a lot of fun.



The original guest restaurant is only 7m2, and there is no storage space in the case where the basic function is still still unable to satisfy;

After the transformation, the living room is small, but it can meet the needs of entertainment, storage, dining, leisure, and guests.


This is benefited from designers



The function space of the entire restaurant.

The first is the partition between the living room and the kitchen, transformed into

Operating desk, bar two in one


The table has solved the problem of small two usual dining.

There is also a folding table below the table. When there is any visit, you will come out, it is a piece.

Can accommodate multiple people dinner

Second, it has changed the habits of the traditional space layout in the wall.

Triple small sofa under the window


Match the small side of the cascade, and installed on the wall of the home on the sofa

Contract projection

To solve the basic leisure needs in the living room.

Changhong glass double-layer small side


Practical and do not account for places

And its teak colored and the mortuary of the sofa towel.

Lightful tones mainly with shallow card

Let people look in front.

Made along the wall

Open full wall beaker

, Can solve the living room book, the storage of debris, can also show hand and some decorations




The original kitchen is a typical “L” terrace layout, and it is placed after the refrigerator, the stove and the sink.

There is no operational space.

After smashing the partition between the living room, I did two in the original wall.

Any complicated cutting operation, you can swim on such a large desk.

The height of the diagonal chandelier is full of small blackboards with cartoon image, which reflects the owner of the owner.


Love life attitude




3m2 bathroom originally difficult to achieve,

Finally, I made four points.

! Even if the washing machine and dryer come in, it will not be particularly crowded.

In the case where the wall is unable to expand the bathroom area, it can only pass

External shifting

Method Save space.

Of course,

The gaps of the longitudinal space and the horns are also used in place.

The hairdryer, razor and other small objects, shaving knives, and other small objects, and the bathroom cabinets are also hosted.

Let the entire wash area is refreshed and not messy


In this way, the bathroom

Washing machine and toilet can accommodate

, Use a diamond shower room this small bathroom artifact,

Separate shower area

There is also.


Space behind the door

I have to use the electric hot towel rack above. When the rainy season, the towel is no longer wet, and the slope is installed on the slippers when the slope is installed.


Master bedroom


In order to expand the house owner’s storage space, the area of ​​the bed and the corner is squeezed.

Made a diamond wardrobe; and dig empty wardrobe and bed is high


Take a surrounding storage of the bedside table, charge the mobile phone.

On the other side of the bed,


With a very atmospheric floor lamp, and multi-layer magazine

. Frequent books and magazines, you can get it in bed, it is very convenient.

Although the balcony area is small, but in the light of this light, on the side of the female house owner’s drawing board, the other side has made a folded dressing table, and it is also a matter of fact.

The mirror of the dressing table is folded down, it is a flat desk.

Can meet the needs of the owner’s daily office

. In terms of storage, not only the open racks connecting the niches; even the stool, the house owner also carefully selected

Below you can put the style of the tank



It’s not a lot of second.


After “borrowing”, after the wash basin, the space is even more inch.


I want to maximize the use of space, still want to rely on

Tatami bed with powerful storage, no stained wardrobe with sewing


The float window also made a storage cabinet with a large capacity.

Even if the owner has a child, a family’s bed linen quilt, and the season’s clothes can also accommodate it.

At the end of the door, there is also a small desk, in order to save the space of the desktop.

Specially selected wall light

Although the house is small, but after the house owner,

The days are very warm

If you like this case, don’t forget to be the owner.


Oh ~




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