Magnetic stagnation, estimated that mechanical people know that it is not much

Magnetic stagnation, estimated that mechanical people know that it is not much

Magnetic stagnation is a torque control component. It uses the principle of magnetic stagnation to generate a certain torque by controlling the input inspiration current. Control current and output torque have a good linear relationship. It can provide smooth, stepless and adjustable torque control. Except for bearing, there is no other friction in the system, it has the advantages of stability and reliability, small speed and high noise, long service life, and low maintenance costs.


Magnetic stagnation machine consists of two parts: rotor and stator magnetic pole. The rotor is made of special stagnation material. There is a certain gap in the stator magnetic pole, and the rotor rotates in the gap.

When the coil is powered on, the magnetic field is generated in the gap, causing the rotor to produce a magnetic stagnation effect. When the stagnation rotation overcome the rotation of the magnetic stagnation under the action of the external force, the rated torque is generated. The torque is only related to the size of the excitement and has nothing to do with the speed. It realizes non -contact torque transmission.


The excitation current is basically proportional to the output torque. The transmission torque can be controlled within 5-100%of the rated value. The small current can control the large output torque and low energy consumption.

Regardless of changes in the speed of slippery, the torque of its transmission can basically remain unchanged. It can continue to slide continuously under the allowable sliding power, and there is no other wear parts except the bearing.

No contact torque transmission, smooth operation, large speed range, exemption, long service life.


Magnetic stasis, electromagnetic brakes, and brakes are divided into single -out -out magnetic hysteresis and dual -outxis stags. They are selected according to space and installation. It is mainly used in high -speed winding equipment; motor, small internal combustion engines, gear boxes and other rotating devices of the life experiment of the life experiment; precise load of high -end sports equipment.

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