US hundreds of billions of giant ladies: do not like to show off the wealthy wealthy wearing the garden style, every home is super taste …

US hundreds of billions of giant ladies: do not like to show off the wealthy wealthy wearing the garden style, every home is super taste …

Fan said: Rural ladies

Recently, some media reports that Estee Lauder Group plans to spend 3 billion U.S. dollars to acquire luxury brands Tom Ford. If success, it may be the largest acquisition in the history of the group ~

Estee Lauder is no stranger. As one of the world’s beauty giants, there are nearly 30 beauty brands, with a market value of nearly $ 100 billion. This time, if the acquisition is true, it feels like it is expanded again.

Behind the Estee Lauder Group is a top family -the Lauder Family. According to Forbes statistics, the Lauder family’s assets are about $ 40 billion, ranking fifth among the richest families in the United States.

At present, the board of directors of Estee Lauder Group is managed by the five descendants of Ms. Estee Ms. Estee, including the two sons, Leonard and Ronald, and the third generation of William, Jane and Aerin.

Five members occupy an extremely core position in the group, and they were hone at the company at the beginning of the company. After finding the right expertise, they developed and led this business, and the LVMH family next door ~

From left to right: Jane, William, Leonard, Ronald, Aerin

Recently, the Lord Fan saw Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, and accepted an exclusive interview with the Glamour magazine, and shared his experience in working and operating his own life -name lifestyle brand for the group.

In private, her personal style and home improvement taste is also very distinctive, and she is often reported by various magazines.

So today, Fanzhu will give you a lady in the beauty giant family, what kind of style of painting ~

Three generations of celebrities, make brands by themselves

Before talking about Aerin, give you a simple popular science background of the Lauder family.

Aerin’s grandmother, Estee Lauder brand founder Estee Lauder

(Estée Lauder)

The immigration families from Eastern Europe have embarked on the road of starting a business from selling creams in beauty salons. She opened the company with her husband Joseph. Estee led the product development and sales, while her husband managed finance and operation.

She used a bottle of Youth-Dew’s fragrance to bathe oil and sold a huge order to the well-known department store Saks Fifth Avenue, and since then she has the name in the beauty industry. Estee Lauder also stood at its own counter to endorse and sell for her brand.

In just over ten years, Estee Lauder successfully sold its products to more than 70 countries including Europe, appeared in the old Buddha in Paris, and Haros Department Store in London.

In the 1970s, the profit margin of the company’s fragrance was 80%, while cosmetics were about 70%. So far, Estee Lauder Group is also the internationally premier beauty giant with a market value of nearly 100 billion US dollars.

The development of Estee Lauder Group also benefits from the family’s offspring firmly. The two sons of the founder and the third generation of the third generation of siblings each performed their duties and took care of the group affairs operation very well. The story about the Lauder family can poke → start from the scratch to 200 billion yuan. This family is more rich in 3 generations. Each child is an elite

Aerin lauder is

One of the third -generation heirs of Estee Lauder, she

Born in 1970, she was the eldest daughter of Ronald, the youngest son of Estee Lauder.

Her father was once in politics, serving as assistant to the Minister of Defense and the senior position of the Ambassador to Austria. She is currently a member of the board of directors of Estee Lauder Group and also invested in art. Mom Jo Carole Lauder does art -related work, and her sister Jane is a school hegemony graduated from Stanford.

Aerin’s personal resume is also very good. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania undergraduate, and then entered the group for a period of time. The first job was in the design department of Clinique, and later obtained a higher degree at Bentianberg College ~

He is currently the director of Estee Lauder Group’s style and image, and has 16 million shares of Estee Lauder, with a net worth of $ 3.5 billion. I also went to battle before and advertised Estee Lauder.

Aerin Lauder itself is also a person who loves art and exquisite lifestyles. In addition, she has worked in Estee Lauder for 25 years, so she combined with experience and her own unique insights in 2012, she founded her own lifestyle brand Aerin in 2012. Now she sells it now. To more than 40 countries and regions.

Aerin said that he was affected by his grandmother Estee Lauder: “I inherited the enthusiasm of creative enthusiasm from my grandmother. She likes to make everything around her beautiful; she regards beauty as her own, her home, her wardrobe Extension of her family “.

Therefore, the category of the brand is very rich, including perfume, skin care products, and home improvement items and accessories. They are all areas that Aerin is also very good at. The style is relaxed and modern, and there is a sense of design. It is relatively niche in China.

In addition, Aerin’s husband Eric Zinterhofer is also a proper elite. I am engaged in the financial industry and is the founding partner of Searchlight Capital. Two people met while studying at the University of Pennsylvania and married in 1996. The wedding was held in the Manor of the Lauder family, and Aerin also wore Oscar de La Renta wedding dresses that day.

The couple have two sons, and they have a rural Feel with a baby.

Favorite pastoral style, ladylike temperament is sufficient

As the director of the Hertel Lauder Group’s control and vision, Aerin’s aesthetic has been online, and the dressing brand is also relatively round. Many styles can be controlled.

Natural rural wind:

To say that Aerin’s favorite style must be the pastoral style, every time he shoots a blockbuster, he is transformed into a flower fairy.

Flowers occupy an important position in Aerin’s life. She said that her earliest memory was related to flowers. “I remember when I walked into my grandmother’s house, I always greeted me with a large row of aromatic flowers, usually roses or night jade.”

Every time she goes to a new city, her favorite thing is to go shopping in different flower shops.

After creating her own brand, flowers were also the source of inspiration for her creation: “When I was a kid, I visited Claude Monet Garden. This kind of quiet and balance became the inspiration of my sleeping lotus sun perfume.” In daily life, Aerin also likes to collect various printed fabrics, and the favorite printed skirt brands are ERDem and Giambattista Valli.

The brand comes from Erdem

This style feels that the tone of her own brand is actually quite consistent. They are all relaxed, natural, and have a kind of comfortable comfort, which can make people yearn for beauty ~

Holding a basket of hydrangea and merging into nature in one second ~

In the flowers, the sense of atmosphere is full.

Rose is her favorite flower. “It is just that the fragrance can relax and make me full of vitality.” Since I like it so much, it is better to wear it directly.

The brand comes from Vilshenko

Type -like custom dresses with plants and flowers embroidered on it, and the upper body is even more immortal.

When the lotus encountered a white horse, it was a little more expensive.

When Road Trip is the flower top with white jeans, and then a leather totbag, the escape atmosphere to escape the city is also one second.

Aerin and like to make your pastoral wind and the surrounding environment match, creating a feeling that is not more than a row.

For example, this body, a few branches on the white background, echoed the deep flower arrangement.

When preparing the banquet, the blue printed skirt is harmonious with the color of the napkin and the wine glass.

Aerin also has a soft spot for porcelain -like clothes and wears an elegant temperament on his body.

The family also likes to use porcelain as decoration. When the same frame, I also selected a blue embroidered long skirt, which is delicate and retro.

This embroidered short dress also formed an echo effect with the porcelain home, and it was integrated into the vacation scene in minutes. It felt particularly pleasant.

Not only to shoot a blockbuster, Aerin also often shares classic single products of various rural winds in private. In addition to printed skirts, striped skirts and wave dot jackets, they are also small details of vacation.

She has a soft spot for the grass, and has a feeling of light and light.

The usual brand is not extravagant. As the picture below is from a small brand called CESTA Collective, she has also made a lot of personal names.

Usually attending the event, it is also a printed skirt and a straw bag.

INS also likes to wear one on the body and hold one in my hand. The style of painting is particularly grounded, and it is also working hard.

Women’s heir celebrity style:

In addition to the favorite idyllic style, Aerin, as a top lady, usually dresses like many women, likes more textured and temperamental items.

She loves white. She wears this white linen every day.

When shooting a large white dress with a silk texture, revealing a indisputable temperament.

When commuting, a white shirt with jeans is easy to get it, it does not need to be high -profile outfit. She loves this blue and white match, and the jeans are basically from J.Crew.

I also wear stripes at home, and the style of painting is simple.

Occasionally wearing all -blue is also amazing. In this sea view photo, we wore a light blue gauze dress, harmoniously unified with the sea, with a strong Mediterranean wind.

She also loves to wear the knitted sweaters that Bai Fumei loves. The color system is low -key and stable, and the design is not exaggerated at all, but it can be visible to the naked eyes with the material, which is very old -fashioned.

This Burberry beige twist sweater is also a similar style, with outdoor hair boots, it seems to have just ski.

As a top lady, of course, it is indispensable to wear Chinese clothes. I went to Met Gala 23 years ago and walked through Oscar de La Renta dress.

This photo with the female devil’s head Anna Wintur wore Chanel.

The latest red dress comes from the designer brand Carolina Herrera. The royal women ’s brands such as Laihou, Kate and other royal family are also very elegant in style.

Carry Hermes also wore a small brand:

Aerin’s fashion Sense also inherited her grandmother. At that time, Mrs. Estee Lauder had a close relationship with the fashion industry. She was often invited to watch the fashion conference. It was a good friend and designers such as Givenchy and Valentino Garavani.

Aerin said, “I am one of the earliest memories of Europe in my teens, to go to the Chanel Fashion Show with my grandmother.” Now she occasionally chanel jackets with jeans and holding crocodile leather Kelly in her hand. According to her recall, Mrs. Estee Lauder also had a soft spot for Kelly.

Aerin also shared: “The five favorite clothes in my wardrobe are black repetto ballet shoes, DL 1961 jeans, Tibetan or black Stella McCartney jackets, Hermes cashmere scarf, maybe there is a white silk of Stella McCartney shirt.

She is a true love for Stella McCartney, and even said, “I can wear Stella McCartney from head to toe. From underwear to jackets, everything she does is perfect.”

Many of Aerin’s female boss’s look cannot be separated from the blessing of this brand. Usually it is a black close -up tailor suit, highlighting the sense of elite ~ she also said, “I usually keep my personal style simple and streamlined. I like classic colors. Such as black, white and beige, never make mistakes. “

In addition to big names, Aerin usually excavates some niche brands. For example, the blue is from the Australian niche Bird & Knoll, and the print is from soler london ~

Jewelry love retro exaggerated model

Although Aerin is relatively simple, the jewelry is quite special. I like retro and complicated styles, such as this turquoise long necklace.

She had a soft spot for Jin Jie, and she said that this preference was also inherited from her grandmother. This golden and green ring comes from Mrs. Estee Lauder. “Wearing it immediately reminds her of her

The favorite watch is also the gold watch of Cartier TANK. It has been wearing it for almost 30 years from 1995. The style of Art Deco is also retro and outdated.

Her own brand’s jewelry usually wore a lot, and the style was a bit exaggerated.

The most commonly worn is this shell -shaped gold bracelet, which has a particular presence with clothes.

There is also this shell necklace that looks very vacated and more adapted with long skirts.

Previously, Aerin also wore a lot of high -end jewelry, which was inspired by historical fashion icons. For example, all this white diamond jewelry comes from Graff. The tassel earrings with multi -layer design necklaces are high -end and elegant.

Bulgari’s spiritual snake necklace, with the stacking spirit snake bracelets, proper Italian gorgeous retro style, is also very free to control.

This pearl look is very shocking. This wearable Akoya pearl jewelery is like a jacket heavyweight. The eye -catching degree is full. The brand is ASSAEL from New York.

There are luxury homes around the world, with first -class home improvement

In addition to the good clothes, Aerin, who is good at designing, has luxury homes in Manhattan, Hampton and Asbon. Her design style has been repeatedly reported by Vogue, ELLE Home and New York Times.

Manhattan: Modern City

Her luxury apartments in the New York Park Avenue followed the modern style of the city. In an interview with the New York Times, Aerin said, “I like comfortable but not messy houses, warm and warm things -plump pillows, soft blankets, comfortable sofas. And my favorite color: brown, golden, gold, gold , Soothing blue “.

Although the space looks not so big, it is small and delicate. The armchair of the living room is the work of the designer Jean-Michel Frank, who is active in the early 20th century, and the floor-to-ceiling lamp was designed by the sculpture master Alberto Giacometti. His sculpture “Walkingman” was produced more than 100 million US dollars, which was the most expensive at the time. Sculpture.

Aerin likes to use modern art works to embellish the space of the apartment. For example, here is porch, there are Cy Twombly Roman Notes. Cy Twombly is a famous abstract painter. There was a painted painting similar to Aerin’s family before, and he had made a high price of $ 3.74 million in Fiyisi.

The green paintings hanging on the wall of the desk area seem to be unpredictable. In fact, the Slashes series from Lucio Fontana. This series is famous for split canvas, and there have been works in Christie’s to shoot a price of $ 2.54 million. PS. Sculpture on the table is the work of Alexander Calder.

She also accepted the work of French artist Yves Klein, a French artist who created “Kleinlan”, and echoed Lucio Fontana’s green far.

The words hanging in the restaurant are Alberto Burri’s Cretto series. This cracking cracking painting is also his most distinctive aesthetic expression. The color of the entire room comes from the paint color customized by Donald Kaufman.

This apartment has four bedrooms. She and her husband and two sons have lived here for a long time. There is an elegant and warm feeling.

Aerin, who likes natural style, also likes to place various green plants at home. She said: “There are always green leaves at the door of my home. I think it is very attractive, and I feel like I am outdoors.” It can be said that the home improvement is integrated ~

The Bo Wei tapestry on the wall also came from the 18th century antique. It was Aerin’s herself. She felt that this tapestry could create a dramatic and warm background for home improvement space. It was also very thoughtful.

In her Manhattan apartment, there are also many exquisite products. For example, the crystal lamps of velvet chairs and different shapes are highlighted in the details, which is also worth learning from.

Aerin also said that his grandmother also taught himself to try color, like the cloakroom on the blue and white wall above, or imitated the grandmother’s old house, which was quite restored.

Hampton: Leisure vacation

In addition to the urban apartment in New York, Aerin also has a vacation villa in Hampton. Inheriting Mrs. Estee Lauder, she is a white building surrounded by green, which is very classic.

The decoration style is more warm and daily. There is a feeling of American pastoral style. There are many porcelain from China and Japan in the living room.

Aerin’s favorite items such as green plants, arts and velvet sofas are also essential here. With the setting of wall books, it is very classic.

The kitchen is spacious and transparent and clean, and there are some well -known brand home products. The lamp is from ANN-Morris. The stool is Frances Elkins, and the stone version is Ellsworth Kelly.

The sunlight bathroom adjacent to the living room is very well light. Aerin is used to studying here. This environment is also real -name.

However, the most important thing for a holiday room is comforting vacation. This house is also equipped with a large swimming pool, surrounded by green plants, quiet and comfortable, and feels like living here to eliminate fatigue.

Paris: Exquisite literature and art

In addition to the United States, Aerin also has real estate overseas. Like her Paris luxury mansion, she has been in “ELLE” magazine. This three -bedroom apartment is located in the center of Paris. You can see the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palace.

The internal home improvement is the European -style simple retro style, such as flooring, retro Royère sofas and rare furniture of Jean Prouvé, which are full of the sense of age after use, which is more highlighted.

Arts and books are also spread all over the corners. I feel that no matter where I am, I am surrounded by the atmosphere of literature and art, which is very emotional.

Aerin’s Paris apartment is also full of art. Like this Carlo Mollino’s table, Yves Klein’s sculpture “Samomelius Victory” is placed.

Alright, the lady Aerin Lauder will be here here. How do you think her style? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~

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