Trending design, boutique sound quality, OnePlus BUDS N real wireless Bluetooth headset experience

Trending design, boutique sound quality, OnePlus BUDS N real wireless Bluetooth headset experience

Zhen wireless Bluetooth headset partners should be very familiar with it. It has become a must -have digital device in my daily commuting. My choice is this one -dollar BUDS N real wireless Bluetooth headset.

The OnePlus OnePlus brand has been updated in the field of TWS headphones, but it has also launched several well -received headset styles. This OnePlus BUDS N True Wireless Bluetooth headset uses a quite tough line design, which is close to the people. Let’s take a look together.

The packaging uses a familiar OnePlus style, which has the red and white color of Chinese charm. The carton has headset line patterns, and product brands and models. The overall design is full of sunny enthusiasm and youthful style.

Open the box, the inside accessories and headset charging warehouses are placed layer by layer to ensure transportation safety.

The packaging box contains a red and white headset charging cable, two additional soft glue earbuds, and traditional paper instructions, warranty cards, etc.

In the color matching of the headset, I chose the classic moonlight white, the headset charging warehouse and the headphones are the same. Unlike a crowd of pebble -shaped headset charging bay, the OnePlus BUDS N real wireless Bluetooth headset charging bin uses right angles. The shape of the round edge is a bit tough, the upper and lower surface is flat and easy to place, like the texture of jewelry box.

The charging warehouse adopts a classic flip -type design with left and right ear labels inside. Support fast charge design, charging for 10 minutes can meet the needs of listening for a few hours. The single battery life of the headset is nearly 7 hours. It can be accumulated for more than 30 hours with charging warehouse, which can be said to be super practical.

The design style of the main shape of the headset and the arc is continued, and the overall style is still very technological and tough. The overall size is still quite small. The front has a metal round patch as a touch zone with a decoration and a headset, which brings a sense of layering to the overall appearance.

The inside uses a double microphone design and supports AI calls for noise reduction. Even in a noisy environment, you can clearly perform voice calls. The unique wind resistance design can effectively reduce the noise of call.

The replaceable soft glue earmuffs meet the needs of different groups. The outlet is an oval design with a dustproof net, and the catheter is relatively short. This design allows the headset to wear obvious discomfort when wearing it for a long time.

In touch control design, we can realize the operation of playing pause, track switching, and interview hanging, and can also achieve customized. In addition, you can double -click to wake up the mobile phone voice assistant more intelligent and convenient.

The Bluetooth 5.2 chip is used inside the headset. After opening the lid, it can be automatically connected to the phone to quickly stabilize. At the same time, you can also open and close the AAC mode in the option to obtain a higher transmission code rate and ensure the sound quality from the source. In addition, the pairing process of the headset support pop -up window design, which can intuitively see information such as connection results and headsets.

In addition to conventional connections, more detailed settings can be performed in the headset function area. For example, a personalized theme setting can make the “pop -up” screen on the mobile phone more personalized. You can also optimize the different sound effects of the headset. In the tuning options, you can choose “bright and clear”, “pure human voice”, “deep sea bass” and other different tuning EQ to improve the quality of music heard

The earphones adopt an ergonomic in -ear design. The weight of the single ear is only 4.8g. It is light and comfortable to wear, more fit, no sense of oppression and download, and it is very comfortable for a long time. Support IP55 level dustproof and waterproof, and can maintain normal work during sweating, it has excellent durability.

Combined with the OnePlus low -delay optimization technology, the earphones can achieve a game delay of as low as 94ms. Whether it is watching movies or playing games, audio and video synchronization can be achieved under ultra -low latency to help win the game victory.

From the perspective of technical design, the OnePlus BUDS N True Wireless Bluetooth headset uses a 12.4mm low -frequency dynamic ring unit. In a group of Bluetooth headsets that are located, it can be regarded as sufficient materials and can bring a better sense of low frequency quantity. The wider dynamic range will be more obvious in terms of music hierarchy. The built -in titanium composite diaphragm combined with Dirac Audio Tuner technology blessing and ACC high -code transmission, which guarantees the sound quality effect from the source. Combined with the three different EQ styles of EQ, it can provide more individual, more delicate, more accurate music experience.

I personally like to listen to some nostalgic songs. It is quite appropriate to choose “bright and clear”. The lifting effect is excellent, vocal and background music, and electronic music have excellent overall feedback. Supporting Dolby panorama can better make music feel space and three -dimensional, increase the sense of layering and richness of music.

In general, as a headphones of the people, the OnePlus BUDS N real wireless Bluetooth headset gives me a very good value. It can be said to be very competitive at the same price and it is worthy of your personal experience.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about good quality ear plugs, hope it can help you.

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