Casual shoe collection! Li Ning’s counterattack leisure shoes little handsome, AJ stitching strange exposure, Converse canvas shoes amazing

Casual shoe collection! Li Ning’s counterattack leisure shoes little handsome, AJ stitching strange exposure, Converse canvas shoes amazing

Various brands have new products exposed again. This time, not only domestic brands, Nike and Converse finally have new exposures, and they are not conventional leisure products. They should be the main promoter. The appearance is good. In terms of products, who design can grasp your attention? Not much to say, let’s take a look at them together.

Jordan point lane

The hard work of the first appearance is a pair of “suture monsters”, which combines a variety of AJ orthodontics elements. To be honest, the dog brother feels that the appearance is still handsome. In terms of color matching, there are three on the Internet. , White and Blue and Black Silver. Although the color matching is simple, if these colors are placed on a specific shoe, the value may be doubled.

Classic shoe type and classic color scheme, the dog brother thinks, no accident is a pair of explosive models. Looking at the shape of the shoes, can everyone guess how many pairs of AJs are fused? The first is the side of the upper. The lines here are the same as the AJ6 generation. The lines of the entire midsole are basically the same as the AJ6 generation. Because of the changes in the midsole structure, these lines are softer and look really good.

The outsole blends the AJ11 and the AJ6 generation and the AJ3 generation. The position of the neckline position is written on it: “Jordan Point Lane”. The design here is the same as the ring on the AJ11 tongue.

The TPU of the later position is inspired by the AJ3 generation. This butt cannot be classic. The very classic three pairs of shoes in the history of AJ, the latest MAX air cushion is added to the heel position. This pair of shoes is difficult to think about it. The dog brother is very black and red. Of course, black silver and white and blue are also very beautiful. They are classic color matching.

In fact, there are a lot of “suture monsters” in AJ history, the famous Specker, and 6 RINGS, and the AJ 312 that burst into fire some time ago. It can only be said that the design of AJ design can only say that people have a wide thinking. Domestic products should really learn.

Li Ning’s anti -casual shoes

Li Ning’s new product is quite interesting. The name of the shoe exposed this time is Streetsole. You must not know what you say, but when you see the pictures of this pair of shoes, you know, the offline shops will be. There are selling, full palm LF technology, built -in TPU in the middle and foot, and a Li Ning’s reverse logo on the side. It is very handsome and can play.

Of course, today is not this pair of shoes, it is the advanced version of Streetsole, and the details are richer. The Cool Shell technology adopted by the upper is more lightweight and breathable, and the shape is more beautiful. The shoelaces are drawn by drawing rope, which is more skillful. The tongue position has Li Ning’s logo, as well as Badfive.

The midsole has not changed. It is still full palm LF technology. The thickness is touching. The built -in TPU should also be there. The upper foot picture feels good. Later, it is prominently one. The upper is obviously smaller. Small, buy more than half.

另外,早前狗哥给大家说过,6月份惟吾Pro的大货版就来了,这不,第一个配色曝光了,白色鞋面,生胶鞋底,外形不比之前的那些限定款、 The joint name is poor. As a pair of small white shoes, he can wear more than other products on the market, and the appearance is good enough.

Whether you wear a tide shoes on the street or when playing skateboarding, he can meet your needs. It is relatively large, there are other colors in the back, don’t worry if you can’t buy it.

Converse new canvas shoes

After Converse was acquired by Nike, there are few big movements. There are many new products in the basketball shoes field, but Converse’s original canvas shoes seem to be stagnant. The classic models are really good -looking, but why not change it in 1970s and other styles? Intersection This time, Converse finally started the classic model and launched the Converse CX series, including three pairs of shoes, a pair of Weapon CX, a pair of Run Star Motion CX, and a pair of Aeon Acitive CX.

Why is it CX? Because this is a new foam technology, all three pairs of shoes are made of this thing, and the feet finally say goodbye to the feeling of “hard like brick”. Run Star Motion is preferred by the dog brother. You can know when you look at the name. He comes from the classic shoes all star. The upper is the classic feeling. There is a huge change in the midsole.

The soles of this shoe look very thick, the effect is first -class, and the feet feel must be good, but because of this appearance, it looks a bit bloated. The midsole has a wave -shaped line. The front palm and the rear palm area of ​​the outsole have raised lines. It is very domineering. The grip ability is definitely first -class.

This design idea reminds the dog brother of Li Ning CF’s mouse bite the sky, and the two pairs of shoes, but the two pairs of shoes, are canvas upper, large and medium -bottomed, exaggerated the outsole ideas, but the Converse is obviously slow. The product seemed worse.

The second double is the shoes named Chuck Taylor All Star CX. These shoes are very ordinary. The appearance is no different from the ordinary All Star, but the midsole has changed. It has become a translucent material, and I believe there will be some breakthroughs in the feet.

The third pair is Weapon CX. This is also a pair of classic basketball shoes in Converse history. The magician should go up, Kobe has also been on the foot, his status does not lose AJ1, and he has been engraved in recent years, but there is no splash. This time, Converse once again invited these shoes to the mountain, the midsole added CX technology, and the shape also retained the classic elements of Weapon. The dog brother thinks that this pair is a good style.

The last double is called

Aeon Active CX’s innovative shoes, the shape of leisure dad shoes, the midsole is exaggerated, it feels similar to ACW, the upper is more ordinary, and the Converse “on the side is”

Star arrow

“, The overall feeling is OK, maybe the material on the midsole will be his selling point.

Well, this is the case, the new pairs of casual shoes of the three brands, which pair do you like the most? Brother dog thinks that AJ’s suture is not bad. I look forward to Li Ning’s other color version of the other color. To be honest, the truth about the new products of Converse is a bit weak. What do you think? Welcome to leave a message to discuss with the dog brother.

Quality shoes recommendation: casual shoes.

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