In 2003, Henan high school students invented “universal charge”, won the national award guarantee to send Tsinghua University

Nowadays, it is estimated that “universal charge” is not. The previous mobile phone is not only a variety of charge interfaces, but also the battery can also be removed, and the charger between the different brands of mobile phones cannot be universal.

“Universal charge” is a tool that can cross the interface and different batteries, giving almost all mobile phone batteries to realize the charging function.

Few people know that the “universal charity” of the year is just a teenager who is only 18 years old – Chen Tianzhen. He also changed its fate because of this invention, not only obtained the national level award, but also entered the Tsinghua University of Tsinghua University.

Curious and moving dismantling

Many people know the name of successful people, often in their moments, I don’t know if they start in the childhood period. This is also true of Chen Tianyi, born in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province in 1985.

Just like thousands of children, Chen Tianzhen, who is young, is full of curiosity, and has 100,000.

He watched TV and wondered why the TV can watch the show; he thinks about why the refrigerator can be refrigerated; he sits on the sofa to study why the sofa can sit so comfortable.

Chen Tianyi is also a bear child who is picking the jealous and cluster in his parents. Because he is not satisfied with questions, prefer to open all things in the family.

From the initial toys, all the way to the home items like a watch, alarm clock, etc., and later developed to large items. In short, the usual things that can be seen everyday life, in his eyes, you can explore the mysteries.

When necessary, you can take a look at them at any time.

However, it is different from others that he will find a way to split the unpacking object, although it is not successful. Some small furniture, small appliances are not going back after being unloaded eight pieces, or they still cannot be used according to the original recovery.


Once, Chen Tianyi’s grandfather gave a serious destruction, and the traders who were shabby were shabby.

Chen Tianyi puts the light, if you get treasure, don’t say it, you will start to disassemble the recorder. It is surprisingly that this bad “older machine” was repaired by him.

Many children have lost their interest in the ever. However, young Chen Tianzhen has gained fun from repeated disassembly and gradually explored the working principle and internal and external structure of each article.

For this dismantling, the parents are quite a headache, and several times have been persuaded, and Chen Tianyi has written inspections and has no effect.

Looking at the child, it is still worth the rules, and it is worthy of encouraging the moment. From the spiritual or encouraged, parents are in the “wishing the child’s willingness and the nature”, and they will go with him.

Excellent physics


Curious children are often flexible, their minds are agile, and they are very knowledgeable. Although Chen Tianqi has been playing with things from Xiao, it is particularly excellent.

From primary school, he is diligent, grades outstanding, and if you don’t understand, you will break the casserole.


In the fifth grade, he had published an article in the provincial key publication “Da River News”, and later obtained the second prize of the Dahe New Proposal Composition Competition.

Chen Tianzhen’s achievements gradually became more than other students in the class. When junior high school, the excellent academic performance was successfully guaranteed into Zhengzhou No.1.

During high school, Chen Tianyi’s best discipline is physics, which is his favorite discipline.

Because physical experiments are full of unknown explorations and wonderful changes, the happiness from which harvested is not asah to disassemble various quartep of four-fold-five-cracked objects.

Every time I encounter the experimental task arranged by the physics, Chen Tianyi is always happy, and it has been completed and good, it is simply a physics of the students in the eyes of the students.


“Thoughts” caused by the Spring Festival gathering


Time is 2002, this is a year of changing Chen Tianyi’s fate. This year, Chen Tianyi is chatting with his relatives in his family.

At this time, his uncle wanted to call, but found that the phone was out of power, and he didn’t have a back battery. At that time, the old mobile phone would have two detachable batteries, one of which is installed on the phone, and the other can be charged on the charging board as a spare battery.

The uncle called Chen Tianzhen helped borrow his father’s charging line, and the results did not use it. At that time, the mobile phone model fifteen, and the construction of the charging interface is also a variety.

Chen Tianzhen’s mobile phone power plug is trapezoidal, and the uncle’s mobile phone charging interface is flat, and it does not match.

Fortunately, the careful Chen Tianzhen thought of the uncle’s mobile phone interface and the uncle’s mobile phone, which solved the urgent urgent.

Things, although I was solved, Chen Tianyi, who was a small enthusiasm, and Chen Tianzhen, began to have an idea.

There are more and more people using mobile phones, some people who go out, don’t bring their own mobile phone charging lines and batteries. If you encounter your phone, you can cause it because the charger does not match the charge, it may cause a lot of trouble.

So, is there a way to invent a universal charger that can be charged with all mobile phones?

Chen Tianzhen told his thorns to physically teachers and hoped to get some feasible recommendations. After listening to the teacher, I appreciate and gratifying this high school student thinking and innovative thinking, and also questioned.

Since Chen Tianqi, as a student, I believe this idea, I believe many mobile phone manufacturers with high-end technology have also considered.


But why didn’t you see this product appearance? Is it too difficult to R & D, too long or too high, so this type of program is not considered?


Investigation and research, repeated experiment, “universal charge” was born

For the teacher’s suggestion, Chen Tianzhen did not think about it. But his person is especially uncomfortable to ignore the idea of ​​ourselves, especially innovation experiments.


He firmly believes that by trying to study, it can find a solution, so he has begun research alone.


Since the phone model is different, the charging interface is different, and a mobile phone charger is unable to adapt all mobile phones.

No matter what kind of mobile phone, their batteries have positive and negative poles, and the charging principle is always the same. It is better to start with this direction of charging the battery.

So Chen Tianzhen often puts the purchase customer, shuttle in different mobile phone stores or mobile phone repair stores, gradually understands different mobile phone batteries.

He almost watched most of the mobile phone batteries in the market, but also looked at many information, he was really found by him.

He combined with the physics knowledge of learning, he carefully painted 263 battery charging contact points, found that although most of the battery size is different, design is different, but the charging contact point on each battery is almost the same.

If, he can develop a charger, can be bonded by the spacing, to charge the battery, then charge all mobile phones.

With the idea, Chen Tianyi said to do it, immediately entered the specific R & D stage, producing the original “universal charge” model.


He uses a transparent clip to fix the battery, and then produce two metal trimers can be flexibly adjusted, and can be allocated to the positive and negative position that matches the battery. Although it seems simple, it is really possible to charge a variety of mobile phones.

However, Chen Tianyi found that the distance between the metal stack and the battery positive and negative electrode of the initial generation charger did not easily align, often in contact with poor contact.

Through continuous thinking and drilling, he summed up the experience and method of multiple failures, gradually fell into the door. In the second year, the world’s first “universal charge” was born.


Handsharing, reversing life, changing fate


The 18-year-old Chen Tianyi has won the patent with the invention of “universal charge”.


In the same year, “Universal Charge” was pushed in the market by Shenzhen Hai Luotong, and hundreds of thousands of “universal chargers” in batches of the test list were sold out in three days, and since then began to become a new product in the country.

Since it is light, it is convenient to carry, especially the popular travel is welcome.

Chen Tianzhen also optimized the product details, making a fine tuning of the metal stylus becomes more flexible, and the charging indicator is also increased to make the flash light on the correct installation and charging.

Through this “mobile phone battery universal charger” innovation invented, Chen Tianyi got the first prize of the 18th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition, which is the only first prize in Henan Province High School.

Not only that, he also received the qualifications of China’s highest school Tsinghua University.

A good product will continue to optimize according to user needs, will be recognized by more users.

Subsequent intelligent universal charges restrict the charging current, eliminate the damage caused by the battery to the battery, and it can be automatically stopped after the charging is completed.

In this course, “Universal Charge” has been selling well in the market, walking into thousands of households, no matter where the family is still a hotel, even exports overseas.

As the inventor’s Chen Tianzhen, I also jumped into a million rich.

With the development of the times, the scientific and technological day is different, and more and more smartphones have appeared. Its battery cannot be disassembled, and the battery capacity is much larger than the old model.

The “universal charge” once lost the land of the use of martial arts, gradually retreats, and became the history of brilliant.

Today, we rarely hear Chen Tianzhen’s news. It is said that he does not change the original intention of creating inventions, and now it is still working hard, although it is difficult to surpass “universal charge”.

When we recall the life of the past, there will always be a place in “universal charge”.

The inventor of that year, also solved the trouble of charging a lot of people, and finally leaving a pride and courage to coexist in the memory of science and technology.

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