Lubricating oil filter filter equipment

Lubricating oil filter filter equipment

Lubricating oil is a collective name of industrial oil. In fact, different oils have different viscosity, different moisture content, different quality of miscellaneous quality, and the size of impurities particles. Therefore, when you do n’t understand the actual working conditions, there is basically no way to know what equipment is suitable to solve the problem of filtering cyclic reuse of lubricating oil.

There are the principles of centrifugal separation, there are multi -level non -pressure reverse osmosis principles, there are the principles of automatic residue centrifugation, and there are vacuum principles. Suitable for different working conditions and different oils.

Equipment is widely used in: injection molding machines, die -casting machines, hydraulic pressures, hydraulic systems, power, automobile manufacturing, steel, railway, papermaking, construction machinery, wind energy, ship, shipping and petrochemical industry.

There are many types of Tilel lubricating oil filters, and the scope of oil that can be applicable:

Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, rolling oil, cutting oil, gear oil, quenching oil, cleaning oil, engine oil, rail oil, diarrhea oil, transformer oil, rust oil, etc.

Telier Lubricant Filtering Project:

Reminder: The customer conditions are different, and the corresponding purification scheme and supporting equipment are different!

Lubricating oil filter filter equipment

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