Shu Shengjia launched “soap flavor” perfume

Shu Shengjia launched “soap flavor” perfume

Shu Shengjia launched the 30 -year -old perfume and officially launched tonight.

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The flavor of soap in memory also becomes perfume.

Recently, Shu Shengjia officially announced that the first batch of 10,000 pieces of perfumes will be officially launched at 8 pm on September 6. For a time, the topic of the topic of “Shujiajia really produced perfume” leaping up. As of noon on September 5th, the topic of the topic had exceeded 1.34 million. At the same time, on another social platform Xiahongshu, there are also more than 3700 notes on “Shu Shengjia Out of Perfume”.

Netizens have said, “Shu Jiajia’s perfumes that have been thoughtful finally come out”, “Looking forward, waiting for 8 pm.” Many netizens went to the Douyin live broadcast room of Shukanjia’s official flagship store to ask the perfume purchase method.

According to the official response, this perfume is not sold separately, but it is given up with a single order over 199 yuan, which lasts.

Out of perfume is not only the feelings of the old skin care brand of Shujiajia, but also means that Shu Shengjia has begun to lay out in the perfume’s lightness and high hairy categories in the year.

Consumers who pay for feelings

As early as September 1st, Xu Youjie, Vice President of Procter & Gamble Communication and Public Relations, posted a tweet on Weibo, saying that there were fans who once left a message on his Weibo, ” Skin Jianeng produces the same flavor perfume. “In this regard, Xu Youjie replied,” You have given your suggestion to the relevant departments. “

According to the official picture of the official, it can be seen that this perfume is a commemorative perfume that commemorates the 30th anniversary of Shu Shengjia since its birth in 1992. It comes from the classic white series of Shujiajia. “1992-2022 30th Anniversary Edition Perfume”.

According to the introduction of Shu Shengjia’s official flagship store, the second batch of perfumes will be on the official website live broadcast room and meeting on the official website on September 12.

In addition, it is worth noting that before that, Shu Shengjia’s products were mainly sold through Procter & Gamble flagship stores. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Shu Shengjia has opened a brand flagship store on the Tmall platform. It reaches 8865.

Prior to this, many businesses already sold perfumes and fragrances under the banner of Shukanjia, and claimed that they had the same soap taste of Shujiajiajia. Demand for Shujia Jiajia flavor perfume and fragrance.

After inquiries, the 30th anniversary of Shukajia’s 30th anniversary perfume has been completed on August 16 this year. The filing information shows that the recorder is Guangzhou Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd., produced by Shanghai Jiaheng Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., with a net content of 50ml and a period of use of 1 year.

“Shu Shengjia is out of perfume, even if I will be successful even if the end of the world will be.”

“Isn’t this the faint soap flavor on the boy’s shirt in the youth romance novel?”

“Finally appears a perfume, I know what fragrance is said.”

The netizen is full of anticipation comments. It is reflected in the emotional market played by Shu Jiajia in the past 30 years. For most people, Shu Jiajia is one of the laundering products that accompany people through the longest time.

Even today when the quality of consumption is increasingly improved, the fragrance market is gradually linked to the exquisite life, and the taste of Shujia Jiajia still occupies a place in the minds of consumers. Searching for the Little Red Book Platform found that many fans have begun to search for the same flavor perfume on the platform a few years ago. Some netizens posted Ateburne’s official perfumes in 2019.

In the current era, the theme of nostalgia is increasingly infiltrated into people’s lives. As a old brand brand that has accompanied consumers for 30 years, Shu Jiajia itself has a layer of emotional filter to bandage consumer emotions; Waiting so far, it is even more stimulated to buy the desire to pay for feelings.

Perfume or Chengda New Blue Ocean

Some netizens shouted Shu Shijia, “I hope this perfume will continue to mass production.” And call on the brand to launch more series of perfumes.

Behind netizens’ rush, in addition to the nostalgia for Shu Jiajia, it more reflects the prosperity of my country’s perfume market.

Data show that the compound annual growth rate of China’s perfume market reached 14.9%from 2015-2020, from 5.4 billion yuan in 2015 to 10.9 billion yuan in 2020, and the sales of perfume market in 2021 reached 13.6 billion yuan. Although the epidemic was due to the epidemic The reason is that the Chinese consumer market in the first half of 2022 has been affected, but the sales of some international perfume brands continue to rise.

According to 2021, the “2021 China Perfume Industry Research White Paper” released by Yingtong Group and Kaido Consumer Index shows that by 2025, the retail sales of China’s perfume market will reach 30 billion yuan.

Some opinion believes that China is expected to become one of the most important incremental markets in the global perfume market in the next five years.

Although my country’s perfume industry starts late compared to the international perfume market, it is undeniable that the future growth rate of my country’s perfume market will be super international average.

The “national tide style” blowing has driven the spray growth of domestic beauty brands; at the same time, my country’s domestic perfume brand has gradually risen in recent years, changing the international perfume brand dominance market, and watching summer and Re -fragrant fragrance The domestic perfume brands represented by the three rabbits of the room, odor library, and SCENTOOZE have gradually occupied the market share.

According to Tianyan check data, there are currently more than 90,000 companies involving perfume business.

In addition, in recent years, consumers’ consumption concepts have gradually changed from “imports as excellence” and “big brands are better” to support domestic goods. The quality of the product is king; “Exquisite Life” Banner.

The fragrance market or another domestic blue ocean after clothing, beauty and electronic products.

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