Poverty is limited to imagination, the value of the maintenance toolbox of 3200 yuan is not worth it?

Poverty is limited to imagination, the value of the maintenance toolbox of 3200 yuan is not worth it?

[Home Maintenance] Adjust the group settings, replace the brake pads or replace the chain can be easily solved through portable tools, but what should I do if more complicated maintenance work? For example, replace the work of flywheels or corrected dishes that are severely bent, and portable tools must not be used to use it anymore. At this time, more and more professional tools are needed to operate. So the question is, is it worth buying a home toolbox with a price of up to 3,000 yuan? Even if it meets almost all your maintenance needs.

What should we like to meet the daily maintenance needs?

This actually depends on who is using them and specific needs. Many riders may be looking for a toolbox with complete tools. In this case, riders should choose a toolbox with the widest number of tools within the budget range. However, for riders who are planning to set up a studio or car shop, it is best to choose a tool package. Although there are few tools provided by the toolkit, the quality is more reliable. And if riders need to go out of the road often, then a toolbox that can be carried with him is the first choice. According to the needs of different riders, there will be a lot of different choices. The toolbox to be introduced today is to meet the needs of most riders for daily maintenance.

The name of this home toolbox is Unior. Many readers have never heard of this brand from Slovenia. However, it is one of the rare brands that are one of the largest professional tool manufacturers in the bicycle field. It not only provides solutions for large -scale loading boxes, tray and car shop tools, but also meets the needs of amateur technicians. The Pro Home Set kit toolbox is among the best in major evaluations. Although the size of the tool shell is quite compact, the kit includes all the tools on all the necessary lists. In addition to the hexagonal wrench within 10mm, it also includes more than half of the recommended tools. The design of the flywheel wrench for 11/12T is quite clever, and even the SRAM’s XD tower air flywheel can be smoothly disassembled.

Unfortunately, there are no more tools in the toolbox that are more than space to accommodate extra. Unior also has a simple wheel locator that can be fixed on the front fork or rear fork. But the tool itself is difficult to say “high quality”. The buckle is strong, but the plastic on the tool is thin and fragile. The quality of the foam buffer pad in the toolbox is very good, but it does not stick to the box well, and it is likely to fall when it is opened.

If you need high -quality tools and want to start family repair with a good foundation, then Pro Home Set is a good choice, as long as you can ignore its plastic shell.


The best tool quality

A small ring tuner

Including all necessary tools

Light and compact


The quality of the shell is worrying (thin and soft, no reinforcement)

The buffer pad is not bonded, and the protection needs to be strengthened

Weight: 3.41kg

Price: 404 Euros

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Compilation: bikeso

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