Module in the mountains and the bubble house | Dômes Charlevoix

Module in the mountains and the bubble house | Dômes Charlevoix

The project is a new concept of four seasons of ecological luxury accommodation. It is located on the banks near the St. Franvisa River near Quebec and adjacent to Massif de Charlevoix.

These three “dome” are the first stage of tourism projects, which are harmoniously integrated with the surrounding landscapes. Each is located on the side of the mountain, perfectly integrated with the surrounding scenery.

Get off a normal parking lot at the entrance and walk through a path through the woods. You can see the space placed on a wooden platform. There is a spa that can overlook the natural environment. The area provides the magnificent scenery of the St. Lawrence River, and is exposed to the natural light to the maximum.

The concrete floor increases the overall comfort and helps maintain the balance of the internal temperature of the dome. The gray canvas and fireplaces create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The center has a black streamlined space, hiding the kitchen, the main bed and the Italian -style bathroom in the volume; a second bed with a ladder leads to the top above the top. Essence

This is a luxurious experience in the mountains, inviting people to get along with nature in harmony.

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Product Recommendation: canvas geodesic dome

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