Xinhua’s full media + cold wave struck “cold” “cold” “cold”, the winter clothing sells “hot” “hot” “heat”

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Xinhua News Agency Shenyang November 7 (Reporter Wang Bingkun Ding Non White Luoqi) “No. 2 link has been out of stock, now give you this coat …” At 7 o’clock in the evening, Yan Digu Haining Leather City E-commerce Industry Incubation base lights, the anchors take the clothes while drinking, the customer service is switched between multiple after-sales accounts, reply, the homes are busy looking for goods …

Recently, a “all-round” cold air is coming, and the economy is in the country. Just encountering a cold wave, there is a “Chinese fur capital”, I am welcoming the first sales season this year, not only around customers rushed to the town “Buy” “Buy”, its leather, fur, Winter clothing also flew through the “wings” of live e-commerce to the whole country. In such a hot scene, it is witness the business transformation of this town.


On November 6th, the reporter drove to the Erdhenburg, and there were more than ten kilometers from the end point. The huge billboards of many shopping malls can be seen on both sides of the highway. At 9 o’clock in the morning, a tourist bus from Fushun, Yingkou, Fuxin, Mixed from the private car from the surrounding city, and a family shop opened the door, and the small town was lively.

佟 二 堡 is a small town in Liaoning Province, and the household registration population is less than 40,000. In the early 1980s, the villagers here from Hebei wholesale leather jacket sold to the hinterland of the northeast. Nowadays, Yan Diurg has formed a complete industry chain of processing and sales, and Hebei Xinji, Zhejiang Haining, has become the three major leather production and sales bases. However, from 2014, the economic environmental impact and e-commerce shocks, the store sales began to take the slope, and the malls of the malls that were hot.

On November 6th, a fur processing workshop in the Town of Polyburg, workers were processed fur products. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Xiangxin photo

“The scattered business of a family of one household has been out of quality and branded consumption.” Jiang Zuocheng, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Town, Yan Diupao Town, introduced the well-known Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd., built commercial business The complex is responsible for unified operation, with the “Fur capital” of the 40-year history, has entered a 2.0 version of branding operations.


Improve quality and broaden the source of customers.佟 二 海 海 皮 城 城 严 严 把 质量 质量 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 免费 免费 免费 服 免费 免费 免费 免费 合 免费 免费 免费 免费 免费 合 免费 合 合 合 合 合 社 大 合 大 大 合 合 合 合 合 大 大 大 大 社 大 大 大 社 大 社 大 社 社 大 社 社 社 大 大 社 社 社 社 社 社 社 社 大 大 大 社 社 社 社 社The people around the people come to shopping.

Guo Xiao Nuo from Yingkou City, Liaoning Yaoji took more than 30 people to Diupao. “Customers say that the price of leather is low, and the optional style is very small. It will be prepared for the winter clothes of the whole family.” Gao Xiao said, in winter, I went to the winter to buy a skin. It has now become a “reserved program” of the surrounding people.

Compared with offline sales, online sales are more hot. “Vanivan Fur” is one of the earlier members who eat live e-commerce “crabs”. “We now live live 3000 orders to 5000 single, all-year sales reached 150 million yuan, online sales and profits are already inactive.” Shop owner Zheng Zhonghui said.

On November 6th, in the town of Diupu, the staff sells fur on the live broadcast platform. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Xiangxin photo

Since 2019, the Haining Leather City, the Haining Leather City, took the initiative to embrace live e-commerce. The company has established an e-commerce industry incubation base, upgraded supply chain, hatching people an anchor, build “net red” Daren apartment, providing “basic construction + teaching method + policy + flow” a set of integrated services, promoting hundreds of thousands Shop salesmen turned into a network anchor, opened up the “second battlefield” of commercial retail.

At present, the Haining Leather City, the Haining Leather City, cooperated with the fast hand, joining platform to provide operational guidance for merchants, and opened the local “people, goods, field” resources. Gao Xuexue, deputy general manager of Lighthouse, E-commerce Network Technology Co., Ltd. After half a year, the left is half a year.

Driven by live e-commerce, 二 堡 镇 has opened 3.0 version of the transition upgrade. At present, the town has 6 e-commerce live streamings, with a daily delivery of 50,000 single, the original industrial structure mainly based on the market is also developing.

“The cold wave is coming, our busy is just beginning.” Jiang Zu Xiang said, I hope that this winter’s epidemic is less, more customers, “We can usher in a harvest year!”

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