“Skirt” is a woman’s exclusive, we can wear four seasons a year! These 17 sets of matching Yawen

Many girls like to wear a skirt, because the skirt can give yourself a very unique temperament, and sometimes the elegant lady, when the temperament, the skirt can rejuvenate the woman’s confidence.

Skirt with long coat elegant temper

The gray green dress is revealed by the inner, pure, this skirt is very good, and it is also suitable for girls in different ages, mature girls match it more warm, and this dress can also be lively Cute feeling.

The neckline has a cute bow pattern, and there is also a girl’s heart. You can take a gray long coat, wear a layer of layers.


In the winter, it is also a very good choice, choosing your favorite clothes for match. Black strap dress with a white medium high collar bottoming shirt, simple age, the university style.


The long windbreaker of the outer pale yellow double-breasted, very temperament, and this is also extremely thin, and small children can wear, which will capture another kind of beauty.

New Year, it is very suitable for this, gray, brown and blue graphic A word half-body skirt, wearing your temperament, and this version of the skirt is very profitable, especially the calf is relatively thick. Girls can wear.

Top with white bottoming shirt and red-torn knit cardigan, giving people a feeling very happy and cute, is very lucky to wear, the outer cow buckle coat is also very classic, but you have to learn!

This is a very mature charm, the straight skirt has a very retro flower texture, giving a retro and noble feeling, while still showing a slender calf. Topped with white bottoming shirt and grass green knit cardigan, simple and warm, simple and pure, mature brought a small fresh fresh.


Choose a coat of a vintage brown leather, a very Korean department, a fresh and ripe romantic dress, let people love it!


There are a lot of thin down jackets in winter, or it can be used as a coat, which is the case.

Take a full-featured dark yellow skirt, the top of the loose long-sleeved long-sleeved long-sleeved shirt, the ultimate simple and gentle, wearing a girl who is gentle, and both Korean gentleness, there is also a good time.


Skirt with short jacket gentle lady with temperament


Suitable for winter is also super, light brown bottoming shirt, wearing gentle and comfortable, and very good match, you can match many different styles. The bottom shirt is equipped with a light gray hanging dress, it is also very simple.

The pleats makes girls look more energetic, and it is also gentle and cute style, short coats can be matched with a pink thin down jacket, giving people a sweet and soft feeling.

The brown fluffy skirt is a A-shaped version, wearing a thin, you can love, love, dress with white shirt, shirt with a retro-torn sweater vest, wear different feelings, gentleness and temperament, You can take a comfortable lamb coat.

Most of the winter skirt is more practical, which can wear gentleness or wear your own gas field, suitable for daily, and is also suitable for workplace.

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