South Korea’s Kf21 is not as good as China, but winning Indonesia’s orders to favor multi-country favor, China’s export loss?

South Korea’s recent KF21 fighter news is constantly, this claim is that South Korea’s self-research advanced Asia’s strongest advanced fighter is also a lot of limes. The conference is even more invited to President Star and South Korea. The outstanding performance of this fighter is also a more than 50 fighter orders in Indonesia. Many countries also expressed interest in this fighter. It is estimated that this fighter export will be very popular, and China’s fighter is more advanced than South Korea. Is the export, but the Korean is popular?

We are familiar with this fighter again, and it is very interesting. A simple 21, but it is not a 21st century, but it refers to the combat power. Our state-of-the-art fighters are 歼 20. It is also a five-generation machine in Asia. The Korean is 21, which means it is very obvious. It is better than you 20. KF21 is the strongest in Asia! Then look at it is very similar to the F22, it is known as Kf, k is the first letters of Korean English letters Korean, which looks like the Korean version of F22, but it still gives the American face, called 21, is below F22 the meaning of. The positioning is coming out, it is very interesting than the top 20 weakness than the F22, and the name of South Korea is also very interesting.


Although the name of South Korea is very similar to F22, it is actually a little relationship with F22. The positioning of this fighter is considered a four-generation and semi-fighter, which can be said to be a cheap version of F35. South Korea’s current air fighters are the fighters of the US F5 and F15 series. It is already old, it is difficult to keep up with the development needs of the times, so South Korea is invested in huge financial resources to engage in their own fighters. . Indonesia, but also to address China’s rise, and a piece of South Korea is also known as an investment of $ 1.58 billion. Indonesia is still appreciated by this fighter, and it is planned to buy 50. This purchase of Indonesia may drive the Philippines, Thailand, and even Middle East countries, because the fighters in these countries need to upgrade, and because of the situation needs, they also intentionally buy new fighters, and the fighters equipped before these countries are South Korea’s FA50, They are satisfied with South Korea’s fighters, plus this fighter price is cheaper than F35, and the probability and interest in purchasing is still quite big.

Compare China’s fighter, our 歼 20 can say that from many aspects have exceeded the Korean fighters, KF21 invisibility is poor than European typhoon, and it does not have internal cabins, choose the wing to install six weapons plug-in The four weapons of weapons are installed under the body, and the invasive performance is 20 poits. The payload of the Falcon fighter reaches 8 tons, with a maximum speed of about 1.83 Mach, and the voyage is about 3,000 kilometers. The highest speed of the 歼 20 is 2.8 Mach, the voyage is 6,000 kilometers, and the payload has reached 11 tons, and the driving force is also better than KF21. Carrying European Meteor Missiles is also unhappy. Other radars are also worse than 歼 20, and 歼 20 has a unique duck wing layout pneumatic shape, which makes it more flying.

South Korea’s fighter can be welcomed by so many countries, and my country’s exports have been difficult, and it is not contacted with the international situation. my country’s 歼 20 is much stronger than Korea’s KF21. First of all, we don’t say that my country’s 歼 20 production can keep up or will not export. The dragons and 歼 10 series, exports are restricted by Western countries such as India and the United States, as well as Russia to grab the market, the international environment has led to my country’s products, but they are sold in South Korea.


China’s fighter has the strongering ability, and many countries in the world include South Korea and Japan and other countries in developing their own new fighters, it is enough to see how important the email is in the future war. In my country, we must get exports, still have to stabilize the international situation, and a good environment will have a healthy benign transaction. Otherwise, in this large environment, my country is still in a hostile state.

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