iPhone comes with headphones is what level? To see how the fruit powder Evaluation

the iPhone has always been the smart phone in the field of high-end brand, high price is not simply the end, it definitely has a certain quality and quality. As we all know the iPhone, a screen should be 3000RMB, and we know the one to buy the iPhone headphone cable is built upon what level it?

First, we must stand a fairer approach to look at this issue. The headset is not presented and professional headphone contrast, the performance experience will be different of course. Today we can on all brands on the mobile phone comes with a headset to do comparison, iPhone mobile phone headset again presented in all leading mobile phone brands.

First, we take a look at it, do not look just a simple design, this is after numerous honed scrutiny, at least so far no one say ugly, very simple and beautiful, has been using the traditional white, there is no element of what bells and whistles.

Do not think this is a gift that comes with the iPhone headset felt not ye, this headset is designed to be ergonomic, very comfortable to wear, there will be no pain, a lot of headphones simply for aesthetics and ignore the comfort degree, wearing a long ears ache. And this even send the iPhone headset insert ear for a long time will not feel pain, fatigue feeling, indeed better than many cell phone headset brand in this regard.


In addition, with the upgrading of the iPhone, the standard headphones are constantly upgrading change, especially after the iPhone5 generations of machines, presented in the iPhone headset sound quality has a huge upgrade, the music not only enhance the analytical force but also enhances the bass headphones, the number of mobile phone brands in standard headphones, at the top level. But many users do not know they also underestimated the iPhone headset gift of true strength.

Next, we look at how fruit powder is evaluated:

@ I like to ride you:

Good sound quality is not good I do not know, anyway, I will not listen to Apple’s headphones ear pain.

I guess you @ action:

Apple headphones put my washing machine washing does not allow it to continue intact strength low-key


Music @ San:

I focus on his microphone, and motherboard, noise reduction doing very well, do not believe you use Apple headphones K songs comparison with other brands to know the gap. be honest.

@ You two uncle come:

Apple headphones I have always felt great, just listen to the sound quality is actually not an advantage, but with software k song recorded songs, the phone comes with dedicated microphone headset spike.

@ Angry little penis:

When not used more than 2000 headphones, I feel pretty good apples

@ I beg you spray me:

The spike all the world’s mobile phone headset agree?

@I do not guess you guess guess:

I also lost the washing machine, but also quite white wash, that is, the sound becomes a bit small.

@ Ai Qing Ping public body:

I think it can only be said to be of good quality, the strength of a small portion of the headset, up to 30%, if we can have some of the features of the regulation even more perfect.

@ Raptors championship:

He said Apple headphones certainly not good used good headphones.

@ Goodbye is also a human cannon:

8 No headphones removed, or has been intact packaging at home sleeping, when buying 6S comes with a headphone cable

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