Plus velvet warm leggings, let the baby feel warm and warm

Winter is a cold season, thickening plus velvet leggings can not be small, your child paper also needs such a leggings, let the winter matching more warm upgrade is such a wonderful, you give you Children’s paper is ready to prepare for the winter, the new year is coming, hurry to leg, let your little princess are moving, go out to see people love, winter is not cold. .


[Less pants can also wear:

▼ A denim plus velvet leggings can give your child paper with freelance, and keep the child really in your age.

▼ Of course, the leggings that cannot be pu skin can be made, the wind is warm, and it is very good to choose the sweater coat!


▼ To a pair of boots and match, is it very handsome, girl paper can also walk cool.


Comfortable fabrics, soft and delicate, excellent workmanship, excellent elasticity, elasticity. The fluttering is designed, exquisite and fashionable, and you can’t lose your love. Nigeri plus velvet is very warm, minimalist design is very bright, and the coat with sweaters and red is very bright.


High quality plus velvet design is long-lasting, and after a winter still does not have a layered, the warm fluff protection is protecting the legs of the little princess. Wide loosette, increase the force area, reduce the tightness of the baby. The color is very nice, there is a little marmout.

This is high-quality leather fabric, leather pants gives people a handsome, make your baby into the trend of the baby, high-density leather, strong wind strength, toner, give your baby full warm, not Cold, exquisite workmanship, durable.

Thickening a winter, with warm, environmental protection, health, etc., unprecedented delicate finishes. Elastic waistline design, make the waist elastic, showing the beauty of the waist. The metal is dotted to give a whole different good feeling, very nice.

Cute cartoon sunflower pattern is really good, suitable for every child, long-scale fabric, more breathable, more comfortable, more skin. Exquisite design to create a good feeling, showing the fresh dream of the little princess. Really looks good.


The elastic force is very good, the stretch is not deformable, the baby is not loose. Who is minimalist, there is no extra impurities, and each little princess likes it. It is also a very good choice to match the snow boots. It’s really good, plus velvet is more warm.


The small detail of the gentle princess, the suede design, more comfortable and warm, the whole, the whole is also very good, give you a different kind of wonderful feeling, with the skirt really Meng Xin, great, really very Have a feeling!

Seeing this, is it very cute, cartoon pattern, rich childlike, believe your baby will definitely like, high quality fabrics, no ball, do not hook, elastic, give you baby comfortable and free, flexible Activity, more warm.


PU skin material, thin but not over-tight baby, skin-friendly, do not give your baby a binding sense, special plus design, no file, foot pants design, thin wild, Cute cartoon is more comfortable.

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