Can the porcelain plate can put a microwave oven?

When using a microwave, some of some of the materials cannot be placed in a hot.Can the porcelain plate can put a microwave oven?PCHOUSE takes everyone to learn together.

The porcelain plate can be heated in a microwave oven.However, it should be noted that metal decorations are not available on the plate, including metal handles, metal glaze, and the like.If the back of the plate is printed with the “microwave application”, it must be used in the microwave.In addition to metals, other materials can be used for microwave heating, including food, water, and the like.It is also important to note that some vessels containing plastic components are poor heat resistance, and if the heating time is too long, it is easily melted or released toxic substance.


In addition, it should be noted that the porcelain plate is not high temperature resistant.It will be labeled in the microwave oven.If there is no label, it is very necessary to put the on-hand porcelain plate in the microwave, then try to choose a porcelain disk without a pattern, because the general pattern is added after firing.

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