100% cotton soft delicate ziza Xiqi newborn baby mouth towel

There is a baby in the family, I found that the baby is really much, I am going out and milk powder, diaper, spare clothes, small toys, baby’s things must have a big bag.There is also the same thing in parenting scenes, that is, baby mouth scarf.

How can I not have it in parenting scenes?Usually small baby dragonfly, sweating, feeding, etc. These scenes have a soft and delicate ziza Xiqi newborn baby scarf.Small small mouth towel, play a big role, accompany the baby to grow up healthily every day!

ZizA Xiqi Newborn Baby Snaps come, 100% cotton, no fluorless addition, care for baby delicate baby muscle, wiped mouth is safer!

Meng fun cartoon pattern, baby is very cute; 100% cotton soft skin, no fluorescent adding baby is safe, parents are more secure; exquisite bag is not easy to score, easy to wear easy to wash.

ZizA Xiqi Newborn baby mouth towel, 100% cotton soft skin, like dad, than Mommy, I wish to pay attention.

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