Xinhua three release CR16000-M ITC cloud business router

On September 15th, the Xinhua San Group of Ziwu Shares issued the first router with self-reliance 660 chip – CR16000-M ITC cloud business router with rich cloud business bearing characteristics, telecommunications level high reliability, multi-service Superimpothing the strength of the forwarding performance, etc.

Xinhua San Group Router Product Line Chief Architecture Teacher


Cloud computing, 5G, IOT and other new technologies are booming, let all things to become a foreseeable future from imagining, and provide higher requirements for network connections, and need to be guaranteed, more precise, faster, and smarter. Implementing the transition from connecting to intelligent coupling is a problem that must be solved in the process of cloud era, and the direction of Xinhua San Group router product line has been actively exploring.

Core route: the first equipped with the Isso Chip Convergence Router

Standing on the network transformation gate, high-end routers as a key infrastructure of the networking, is an important part of the protection of “intelligent connection”. The CR16000-M released by Xinhua San Group, the San Group’s self-developed Issue 660 chip and Comware network operating system, with high performance, high reliable, full business, intelligent, four major characteristics of the telecommunications-class router, providing fast providing customers with customers Business opening, smart network scheduling, and AI blessing operation and maintenance experience.

H3C CR16000-M Issu cloud business router

Zeng Fugui, the general manager and chief product manager of Xinhua San Group Router Product Line, said: “CR16000-M is equipped with Xinhua San Self-developed NP Isso series chip equipment, its release marks Xinhua three already have commercial high-end routers from the system, chip To the self-developing ability of the equipment. “

The Chief Architecture of Xinhua San Group Router Product Line also pointed out that “Intelligent joints achieved software and hardware level, Xinhua San Independent Ideinous Issue Chip and Comware Network Operating System, which helped Xinhua three-router to continue to maintain intelligent joint innovation The core competitiveness of the advantage. “

Zhiyou: all-round function design, born in the cloud

1. Multi-level network shards – guaranteed

Network Slice Technology Day Coordination Xinhua 3rd Group Creativity extends the SRV6 sub-slice function on the basis of physical layer hard slices, using SRV6 programmable characteristics, which will be applied to each data message for the requirements of the slice.

The CR16000-M ITC cloud service router provides users with multiple private network services, office, videos, and production services for users through Flexe, sub-interface slices, Flex-Algo. Among the private networks, different services are unaffected by each other, so that the joints become more secure.

2. SRV6 jump into the cloud – faster

Today, cloud computing is penetrating into our daily life like hydropower. Taking the hospital as an example, doctors need to focus on patient pathological information in public clouds, and do medical expenses and case archives in the industry exclusive cloud. Enterprises or government abuses often require cross-domain deployment of existing networks, technical difficulties and complicated maintenance.

The CR16000-M ITC cloud service router uses SRV6 to jump into the cloud program, the intermediate network supports IPv6 forwarding, simplifies cross-domain configuration, significantly reduces the difficulty of end-to-end business, and realizes business minutes, so that the joint becomes more Fast.

3. Reliable detection + TelemeTry – more accurate

With the rapid development of video services such as video conferencing, security, machine vision, facing instantaneous sudden video traffic, accurate positioning and troubleshooting become a problem. Traditional detection techniques can only cover the status information of the link or tunnel, not the information of the business, and it is unable to feed back the path of the service and the packet loss.

The CR16000-M Enterprise Cloud Service Router is quickly reported to the controller, the delay / jitter detection can Dana seconds, providing a good foundation for network intelligent operation and maintenance, let the join Be more accurate.

4. Troubleshooting, business simulation – more intelligent

When a wide area network device, the link is faulty, the current network business is often re-planned and cannot master the network status change in advance, causing the difficulty of operation and maintenance management. At the same time, the network topology is complex, the superposition of new business is unable to evaluate the current network impact, which will lead to problems such as business online.

The CR16000-M ITC cloud service router can achieve fault preferences, business simulation, and the link cut, configuration change, etc. can be simulated, and the impact of network changes on the business is perceived, so that the joint becomes more intelligent.

5. Equipment power consumption is reduced by 20% -30% – more energy saving

The whole machine design level, the CR16000-M ITC cloud service router uses the front and rear straight airway design, 12 independent fans build straight wall, the air volume increased by 40%, so that the whole plate is 5 ° C lower than the traditional mode. Its precise anti-backflow design, guarantees the heat dissipation of the air, and the heat dissipation efficiency is 30%.


The self-developing chip level, based on the green energy conservation design of the Isso 660, combined with low-power high-speed SERDES and low-power DDR controllers, supports on-demand activation processors and clocked, which can physically implement PPA optimization. Compared with the previous generation of NP, the Isso 660 chip reduces the power consumption of 41% in the same performance.

The Xinhua San Group has continued to accumulate router technology, which has formed a complete bearing network technology system from the router chip, network operating system, to the overall equipment, and then to the software definition network. In the future, Xinhua San will be based on “Yun Zhi Native” strategy and “digital brain 2021”, practice “intelligent joint” concept, and join hands with the political industry to study partners, accelerate cloud, network, and anxiety process, and empower 100 Ocemberine digital transformation.

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