Use them to outline the charming lip lines, let him resist!

珂 菲 水水 线 笔 笔

Official Sale: 210.00 / 1.2g

Of the waterproof, it can resist the damage of the saliva to the lip makeup, keep the lip makeup last all day, smooth frost, very comfortable, immediately develop, and stay lasting.


Charm Poluscase Lips

Official Sale: 145.00 / 1

The charm of the pink lip lines, a pen, a pair of vocal or fantasy or fertile lip lines, and the hearts of him! This lip line can be used for double lip plastic, hook lines and fill. Its silky texture is extremely suitable for the outline of lip lines or filled with lips. There are many colors available for this product and can be perfectly affected with lipsticks. Lip wire contains antioxidant vitamin E, and thus moisturizing, and the lip line is also rich in moisturizing moisture to make the double lips moisturize. This product can be used alone or with lipstick, lip gloss.

Barbi Braight Color Lip Bread

Official Sale: 240.00 / 5.6g


Easy a long-lasting and unique pen shape plus cream quality, easy, you can instant lips rich and full of matte colors, highly long-lasting color formulations, let the charm lips have long been outstanding, away from the makeup. Silky and comfortable, it is easy to make a soft and richness of the lips. Comfortable and light makeup feelings, let the lips say goodbye to thick thick, thin natural. Multi-use use, do not need tools, a relaxed color, more slightly sharpened as a lip line, and outline the natural lip. Monochrome or multi-color lapse, as you want to dress the beautiful lips, and it is good for a versatile.

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