Summer high temperature comes to cool the processor, high quality radiator you should choose these

The temperature is gradually rising, and all over the country will enter the barbecue mode. Do you have problems with the processor temperature? Try, improve the chassis airway If the effect is not obvious, you need a more performance radiator.


The new processor has a large amount of heat, and the heat exchanger is not changed.

In order to make the processor do not “heat”, many players will clean up the cooling of the heat sink before the start of the summer, replace the silicone fat, and add the fan to the chassis to improve heat dissipation. But many players ignore a fundamental problem, the processor is a large fever, if the radiator performance is not enough to deal with it, there is almost no effect.

In particular, Intel has recently generated products, because its 14nm process process is not advanced, but also pursues high frequencies, can only sacrifice power consumption, especially K series products. Take the latest 11th generation cool Rui, such as the Core i9 11900K full-core highest frequency after the ABT technology is opened, but even if the temperature is also close to 100 ° C in connection with the top 360 integrated water. Mid-end Core i5 11600K matches 360 integrated water cooling, the temperature is also over 60 ° C or more. Therefore, users who use the K-Series processor must pay special attention to the performance of the radiator, preferably a better one-piece water-cooling heat absorber.

The AMD Ruilong processor uses an advanced 7nm process. Under the premise of controlling it, its architecture has more IPC performance, which does not have to sacrifice power to pursue high frequencies. Therefore, the power consumption of the Ruilong processor is generally controlled, the TDP of Ruilong 5 5600X is 65W, almost half of the Core i5 11600K, Ruilong 7 5800X eight-core six-thread products, TDP is only 105W. For Ruilong users, Ruilong 5 and the following processors, a large number of hundred-yuan price-free cool radiators, Ruilong 7 and its model products, 240-integrated water cooling is basically enough.

Be sure to pay attention to the chassis before buying a heatup.

Whether it is a wind-free radiator or an integrated water-free heat absorber, a strong performance of the product, the radiator itself or the water-cooled row volume is relatively large. Before purchasing these products, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the chassis can be loaded.

If the wind cooling radiator exceeds the height supported by the chassis, the side panel can’t be covered. The general chassis is very good for 120/240 integrated water-cooled support. Relatively 360-integrated water-free radical water-cooled rows take a very large space, so you need to focus on the support of the chassis. If it is unable to install, the fixation of the water-cooled row will be a big problem, and it will directly affect the heat dissipation efficiency. It is also important to note that since the thickness of the water-cooled row is different, some of the large water-cooled rows on the chassis that support 360 mm water-cooled row, the installation is not particularly convenient, so this strong radiator is used. Still choose a larger chassis in an internal space. In addition, there will be some small problems, it also needs attention, such as whether the motherboard has enough power interface, the water pipe is trying to be bent in installation, try to avoid failure of water-cooled pipes, but these problems have been easily circumvented in advance. .

Recommended air-cooling radiator

Hangjia MVP 620i North Wind God

Reference price: 299 yuan

The god of Nautish MVP 620i North Wind adopts a double tower design, and the 125mm fan is disposed between the double tower, the larger area of ​​heat dissipation fins, the larger the area of ​​contact with the air, the better the heat dissipation. The base uses an HDT pressure-solid technology, and the heat pipes created by 6 pure copper materials can be quickly conducted to heat the heat generated by the CPU to the heat dissipation fin. The heat dissipation power of the heat sink reaches 200W, and the flagship processor such as Ruilong 5 5900X can also be paid.


At the same time, there is also the RGB lamp strip and “mvpland” logo lamp. The visual effect is excellent. It is equipped with an argb synchronous line. It can be used to link with the motherboard and other hardware to create a more cool overall light effect. This is a pretty good choice for players who want to buy high-end wind cooling radiators.

Leimin AS120PLUS


Reference price: 169 yuan

This design with four pure copper-plated hot contacts, high heat transfer efficiency. The pure aluminum fins have been optimized to ensure that the heat transferred by the copper tube quickly exudes. At the same time, the heat sink adopts 2 Limin TL-C12 fans, in addition to the high winds of 66.17 cfm, there is also an S-FDB bearings, industrial-grade strength PBT + PC materials and 6 years. Warranty, the stability of the fan is also very good.

Kyushu Fengshen Xuan ice 400

Reference price: 75 yuan

This is a relatively high product in players. Kyushu Fengshen 400 uses a CCT heat pipe direct contact, base and heat pipe integration, and 4 heat pipes with a smooth surface of the sintering process are directly exposed to CPU, and heat transfer efficiency is higher. The fan of the radiator not only supports the PWM intelligent temperature control function, but also with 6 LED lamp beads, which can show a very cool light effect.

One-piece water-free radiator recommended

Hangji MVP Pain God X360


Reference price: 599 yuan

The product has a huge water cooler having a size of 82mm × 72mm × 70mm. The base area has reached 120cm2, ensuring that there is a sufficient contact area with the CPU. At the same time, the base is 99.7% high-purity copper material, the surface is a brushed design, which has a 0.15mm macro waterway, which brings uniform and rapid heat. 3 120mm fans use long life hydraulic bearings, fan air volume is 71cfm, fan noise is 32 dBA, cooling is more efficient, lower noise. These configurations allow Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 integrated water-free radiators to cope with the high calories issued by Intel Core i9 11900K to ensure the continuous stability of the platform.

At the same time, the product of the “golf”-type scales ratio of the “golf”, which is adjacent, is equipped with the acrylic mirror top and 3 Argb magic light-ray fans with logo lamps, and other equipment such as motherboards. Linkage. Such a high performance, high-quality product price is less than 600 yuan, and the price is very high.


Reference price: 1199 yuan

NZXT KRAKEN X53 RGB adopts a more powerful ASETEK seventh-generation water pump design, and the actual performance is better, even if the flagship processor of AMD Ruilong 9 5900X can also have a good heat dissipation effect, It also manifested very quiet during the entire test, and I can’t hear the fan sound. For a 240mm AIO water cold, the performance can be calculated to be able to point. The newly added RGB light effect on the appearance and the new generation of unlimited mirror design bring to the player more cool visual experience. At the same time, the water cooling radiator also has six quality warranties, or exempts players in use.


Merchant Pirate H100i RGB Pro XT

Reference price: 699 yuan


As a 240-integrated water, the performance of H100i RGB Pro XT in the US Merchant, which can control the daily use temperature of Intel Core i9 9900k in a very nice level in the default mode. At the same time, outstanding heat dissipation performance is not sacrificed, and the magnetic suspension fan is equipped with an optimized pump configuration, and the mute effect is also very outstanding.

In addition, the water coolers of the H100i RGB Pro XT have 16 independently addressable LED lamps, and players can create a combination of personalized lighting, and can also link with fans and other devices that support ICUE. It’s fun and better, especially for medium and high-end players who are more sensitive to noise and like tossing.

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