A broken pants sell 150,000! This Jobs wears a lot of brands,

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This is the most expensive jeans in the world, worth 150,000 yuan!

Where is this shocking martial arts? I can’t see high-end look at all.

To talk about this company, everyone should be familiar – Levi’s Levi, and this 150,000 jeans have a loud name, that is


Levi’s 501.

Many people may have no fluctuations when they see these words.


If the knife tells you, this jeans is that Jobs is not the same every time I opened an apple.

Marilyn Monroe, all penetrated pants are also Levi’s 501.

It is no exaggeration to say that when Li Weishi appeared, the car has not yet been invented, Coca-Cola has not been born.

The 1996 Levi’s is even more enemy. Its sales reached 48.1 billion yuan. That is 96 years.

But the dea is the peak, after levi’s experienced a low cereal period for 20 years, almost was killed by Uniqlo!

Until 2018, Levi’s sales exceeded 37.8 billion yuan, and this is also Levi’s 20 years ago.

Can I pick up more than 160 years of history Levi’s?


From the jeans, the nose is on the verge of bankruptcy

Once the jeans of the jeans finally got out of the 20 years of loss! Now let’s take a look at Li Vis’s 100-year brand depository, or it is still awkward.

It is not exaggerated that Levi’s history is the history of jeans.

As long as Levi’s is mentioned, you will not take these two US immigrants.

Two founders of Livis

One of the founders is Levi Strauss from Germany.

In 1848, there were countless people who made a fortune to went to the western gold, but Strus and those who chased the gold boom were different. He did not directly go to the sandy gold, but from these golden golders. “Jinjin.”

He put some discard


Collect it, make a pants, sell it to the gold worker, this trousers are more strinier than cotton pants, so the big popularity, this is the new textile and apparel company.

The second founder is tailoring Yarun Davis (Jacob Davis),

In 1873, Davis suggested that the corner of the jeans pocket, plus a bun, can make the pocket more firm, the appearance is more fashionable, so that the world’s first jeans is officially born.


As the “nasal ancestor” of jeans, Levi’s symbolizes the spirit of American wild, rebellious and US pioneers. It has been in a half century, from the United States to the world, becoming one of the world’s most famous, most extensive clothing.


And people who wear cowbs are more about Li Weishi as God, 501 is the most classic model of Levi’s.

How do you say something? If you didn’t pass 501, he didn’t pass the jeans.

More rumors, in the heroin market in Mexico, Levi’s trousers can circulate as money.

In the 1960s Nixon visited Russia, it was also Levi’s 501.

At the beginning of 1971, Levi’s is listed, and the financing is 50 million US dollars, one of the largest IPOs at the beginning.

In 1996, Li Wewis was even more enemy. The sales of $ 7.2 billion in that year, it was stronger than the Nike at the time!

However, after 1996, Levi’s form turned sharply, sales in just five years. Nike also took it far behind him, sales reached $ 33 billion, it was 7 times!


In 2000, Livis’s share of the jeans market has fallen from 31% to 14%, once on the verge of bankruptcy.


Sales were lifted! Pride misconduct Levi

What makes a top cowboy brand constantly fall, mix so bad?


Pride makes it lose their attraction to young people.

1. Kapped the altar by Uniqlo, Zara, Li Weishi only guilty of prosecution

In the 1990s, the jeans is omnipotent, from the mainstream denim brands such as CK, DIESEC, and the first-line luxury brands such as Gucci, Chlo are all eating the jeans market.

In addition, the advantages of the fashion brand like the uniqlo, GAP, relying on the style and cost-effective advantages, and kicked the altar.

Li Wewis who used to define jeans culture is getting farther and farther away from the new changes in jeans.

In the face of these competition, Leviis is in business.


It does not want to innovate to cope with market changes, but frequent prosecution competitors, even in 2007, “New York Times”

Lawsuit leader


It is pointed out that it will put most energy in the accusation of the peer plagiarism, and maintain the classic status of its own.

In the self-confidence and arrogance of the brand, Li Weves began to fall.

2. Eat 20 years old: “This brand is my grandfather is wearing!”

Since its establishment, people still only say 501, 511 classics.

According to Livis’s biggest ready-to-wear supplier, a few years ago, he sent a Levi’s trousers to graduate from the university, but got such an answer:

“This brand is my grandfather is wearing!”

In the United States, young consumers are also away from this brand.


Some surveys show that consumers in 18 to 34 this age group have a decline in Levi’s purchases. Consumers over 50 years old have become their largest purchase group.


The aging of the consumer group, is undoubtedly a dangerous signal for the brand such as Levi’s.

In order to recover the continuous loss of young customers, Li Wewis went wrong with a chess.

In 2003, Levi was selected in the supermarket store in Wal-Mart, Kmart, and the price is between $ 20-30, although

“Low price + supermarket store”

It is stimulated to a certain extent, but it is lowered by its brand image, so that Levi, which can be taken, becomes Low and soil.

For a clothing brand, when it is no longer “fashionable”, it is not far from death.

And in China, Levi is the most illusory point is that it is expensive, and the price is almost between 400 and 1500.

I know that there is a question about “where Li Weishi jeans is expensive”, some people say: expensive in China.

It can be seen that Li Weishi is not happy.

So many heavy consumers mentioned Levi’s very disdainful:

Isn’t it the US Banni Road? Amazon sells 20 US dollars to sell 800 in China? Is it to pay IQ?

Li Weiss can live to the present, relying on long-term relying on the brand of the brands to eat the old book, as the saying goes, the thin camel is more than Ma, but for consumers, it has already lost appeal.




Can Levi’s still win back to young people?

Such a deadlock, was broken by CEO in 2011.


Innovation is the biggest weapon in which he found the market breakthrough in desperation.

1. Get rid of “50+ uncle” title

First of all, the routine operation of the majority of the old brands returned to spring, leaned by the joint, and invited the star endorsement to realize marketing innovation. Such marketing may have not blamed, but for Li Vis has rely on traditional marketing old brands, change not only a little bit.

The 2016 Super Bowl was held in Levi’s Stadium, which became one of the highest-rated programs in the history of American TV. This marketing makes Li Weves full of pottery.

Levis has also begun to cooperate frequently with trendy, young brands, such as Supreme, Jordan Brand and other brands.

In addition, please come to Wood Village to Takuay, Dou Jingtong, and Cai Xun’s words.

Innovation in various marketing forms, making Levis began to win young consumers, re-won the new students, and their consumers have fallen from the 47th year of 2011 to 34 years in 2017.

Levis can be turned over, get rid of

“50+ uncle exclusive”

The title.

2. Align a female user

In the past, relative to the men’s clothing business, Livis’s women’s business is relatively small and slow. Since 16 years, Levi’s starts to change the strategy and actively promote women’s business.

They spend two years to visit the ages, body types and ethnic women of major cities, collected their suggestions for jeans, and make innovative changes based on these needs.

In 2018, Levi’s women’s business net income increased by 29% to 11 billion.


These just start, innovation on the product is the root of this old brand problem.

3. Move the knife at the core product

In the past, R & D centers were approximately 12 hours from the United States headquarters, and Berge was incredible:

How can I have the order of “innovation” in the order of “innovation”?

Berg has directly opened the knife from the core product. He sets the new R & D center in the place where the headquarters of the four streets, which set up the Euka Innovation Lab, mainly for new processes, new creative development and testing.

R & D staff test daily with different colors, patterns, and chemical reagents.

Under their exploration, a worker can processed 2 to 3 Danning pants at an hour. Nowadays, all different processes can be completed in 90 seconds, which greatly improves production efficiency and product categories.

They also designed jeans designed for male bicycles. After adding metallic gloss coating on trousers, the car lights can be reflected in the night and enhance safety.

By diverse marketing and product innovation, Levi reshapes the brand image.


After 20 years of downturn, in 2018, Li Wewis created nearly 37.8 billion yuan, 2019 scenery listing, finally reversed, returned to normal development track.

Knife conclusion:

In fact, in the past 20 years, Li Weves rely on the brand aura, not in color, but safely escaping, but the next 10 years will not change, will not be so lucky.

Not just Levi, this is actually a problem with all old brands.


Nowadays, many old brands are struggling under the clips of newborn brands. For example, full gathering, Tong Ren Tang, etc. How to find new market breakthroughs in desperate probabilities, it is what they must solve.


This time, Li Wewis got rid of his own superior sense, got a breathless opportunity, can you pick up brilliant, but its change is worthy of affirmation.

This is a great revelation for other old brands still in “but seeking to make mistakes”.

For all, innovation is entered, and the conservative retreat is a non-legal rule of commercial competition.

When Li Weish is in transition, Berg has a sentence that is often hanging on the mouth, and it is worthy of today’s old brand.

Ningcommines do the right thing,

Don’t make a mistake decision easier.

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