2021 China Stationery Restaurant Syndrope TOP30 List Share


I have been sharing Japan’s two stationery awards, and Japanese Stationery Restaurants and Japanese Stationery. In fact, there is also a cultural awards for Japan Stationery, named BSOC China Stationery, 2020 due to epidemic factors, this year’s recovery activities, held the 3rd China Stationery. The awards were rewarded in the first half of the year, and the domestic and foreign companies were registered for products sold in China in the near future. After the jury scored, the China International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition on October this year issued award results. At present, the organizing committee of China Stationery has released the 2021 Chinese stationery planting album based on the registration information, which involves approximately 300 stationery products.

Before you plant a grass album, I personally browsed some more interesting products, listed as a list, the grand prize will be bought in mid-October, the organizer released TOP 30 in advance in advance, I Take a closer look, and the style you selected before, this article will share the product.

2021 China Stationery Restaurant Syndrope TOP30 List Share

This article is quite wide because it is a multi-product stationery, coverage and brand, and the candidate stationery of China Stationery is not limited to domestic brands, but it is required to have new products in China, so there will be a considerable amount of overseas. Brand stationery ~

General list

  1. Play to play the embarrassment
2021 China Stationery Restaurant Syndrope TOP30 List Share

Playing the Vatican Series is a relief painting made by the mold. Through printing simulates the three-dimensional feeling of Van Gogh, through the pigment color, let the painted to the effect of three-dimensional oil painting. It is the core pleasure to do it yourself. After the work is installed, it can be placed in the home with the attached wooden frame.

The product’s print is quite cute, the color can be mixed with DIY, and the new experience is a new experience ~

  1. Montamart Water Painting Pigments

Water oil painting is mainly based on traditional oil paintings, and the hydrophilicity is given by modification of the linker. The most critical difference between traditional oil painting is that it can use water to replace Puffie oil and other solvents to dilute pigment coloring painting, with good hydrophilic, so that artists can enjoy more convenient and healthy use in the process of creation. Environmentally friendly painting environment.

Water oil painting paints not only have traditional oil paintings, oil paintings and aqua multi-painting techniques; drying speed is also improved compared to traditional oil paintings, and because of its good hydrophilicity, painting tools are easy to clean; unique water replacement of Panasonic oil, Easy to use, healthier and safe, for health, I think the painter can consider this pigment.

While taking into account health, Montamart’s paint has also been unanimously recognized on color.

  1. Xiu Pu Shiyang Water Color Pigment

In combination with the new watercolor of the national style, integrated portable design, packaging self-contained color plate, solid paint color is rich and pure, home painting and carrying out is more suitable, packaging value is also good, suitable as gifts to give watercolor painting Or sending a little painting ~

  1. Bookstation Chocolate Child Crayon

The core raw material of the traditional crayon has paraffin, and the chocolate crayon is made of food grade chocolate feedstock, and the specific raw materials are starch, cocoa butter and soybean oil. This crayon is heart shape. It is very convenient to grasp and painted for children, compared to traditional crayons, if children are swallowed or eaten into their mouths, relatively safer, suitable for children ~

  1. Art King Guo Soluble Sketch

Compared to traditional watercolor pigments, the soil watercolor is compressed by the concentrated process, carrying and use more convenient, the art king’s more emphasized, put the speed-soluble water color system into the form of the effervescent film, ready to throw .

  1. Staplexiang professional art line pen

Xiake Liang is a deputy dean of the School of Arts and Classics, China Academy of Art, is a senior artist, painting brand STA and he has a variety of cooperative products, providing beauty and painting enthusiasts. The art line belongs to a relatively fine hard mock, mainly used for painting, and it can also take into account daily writing. The joint name has created multiple different colors, and the design is simple and more resistant.

  1. MR.MAT wooden label sticker

The wood label sticker is a real softwood tree skin, making people feel the temperature when touching, and the perspective is interesting, and there is a nature of nature. Material 闵 natural oak tree bark can repeat the recurrence of repeated growth, which can reduce the ecological damage caused by cutting trees to be paper. Such a list is a brand new product, it is worth trying ~

  1. 3M thinking high double-sided non-bottom paper tape

Compared to traditional double-sided adhesive, this 3M product has no tear-free base paper. It is more convenient, 3M deep tape technology, but also makes him stick very strong, hidden, not only suitable for life, match hand Account decoration is also quite good choice.

  1. Jin Palace Sandwich Business Card

The Sandwich series of the Jinche Palace is through quality straps and plastics to achieve separation and easy-to-take storage. The business card clips are very designed, and there are also folder products in the same series very good ~

  1. Hand with dandelion bookmark

The dandelion bookmark in the palm of the hand, the base material uses brass, surface plated 18K gold enhances the visual effect, the overall carving is very fine, the quality is quite good Wenchuang bookmark series ~

  1. Morning warehouse

Everything is a headbook of the words and warehouse. It is selected to put 100 sounds into the book. There is corresponding print and QR code in the inner page. You can hear the corresponding sound by scanning code, including rain sound, The sound, tide, animal sound, etc. can also use DIY voice function, as gifts, books with 100 grams of paper, quite solid ~

  1. Zhuoda Mouse Chapter

The appearance is quite stylish, because it seems like a mouse, so named a mouse chapter, the chapter is very large, the seal is designed to self-with printing, support a variety of different colors, can customize the pattern and text, very suitable for matching use.

  1. Fruit Party Time Drinking Water Insulation Cup

A cute fruit timer with a cocker, the cute shape is higher, and the mechanical timer can be reminded, suitable for a cup of office women ~

  1. Kinbor Week Planning Kanagawa Surf

Kinor Week plans to have a lot of audiences between domestic handbooks, launched a lot of cute books, new launch using Japanese floating-world painting paintings in the query, quite exquisite ~

  1. If the ink Jiangnan

If it is a literary brand of DIY decoration, exquisite parts, it is assembled into a piece of puzzle. Ink Jiangnan is the ornament of Jiangnan ancient town as the design subject, a bucket type, simple assembly, good effect.

  1. Ben’s day day

Carefully designed complete stickers, including different shapes, multiple colors, can be used as sealing stickers, notepad stickers or seal posts, can cut, handwriting, simple and practical ~

  1. Seed paper notebook

Seed paper is seeded in the paper, which can be buried after the use of paper in the soil, and the seed will germinate seedlings in the suitable soil and temperature and humidity.

  1. N9 跃 钢笔

鲤 is the new pen of the N9 brand, N9 has a unique design element on the shape of the pen, and the squid uses a non-symmetrical curved hood, simulating the appearance of the squid flying out of the water, such design in other pen The brand is really unable to see.

  1. Europe collar 2nd-Life Pen

A gentle pen under the European-Territory brand, the brocker has a soft touch, and the whole pen uses plastic very light, and the pen from the Bock keeps its excellent quality.

  1. Jin Palace standing folder

Structural innovation on the basis of traditional folders, adding self-reliance on the back, you can perfectly stand on the desktop, the office is more convenient, novel and practical design ~

  1. Picasso 937 Bao Dream Set

Picasso Steel Pen X Bao Dream Dreams, Collection Pokémon Family, jointly launching skills, injecting magic for writing! When Pikachu and 2021 popular tones hit a full, vibrant bright yellow and fresh, it was the most bright sprout.

  1. Osmock DS-0154 neutral pen

This stone is pushing the neutral pen. It is very light, and the double bead head is used. The writing is very smooth, the stroke uses the lifter design, the ink speed is dry ~

  1. 点 石 DS-805S Press Fluorescent Pen

The fluorescent pen uses a push design, which can replace the refill, easy to manipulate, color quite, two angles can be transformed ~

  1. Zebra Blen

Implementing the black technology products of the neutral pen writing vibration through the unique mechanical structure, zebra high quality refill and structural design, let it write very fast, very functional innovative high quality neutral pen ~

  1. Sanshu Super Rottery Handlers

The super-sportshold pen holder uses a full transparent design, using the high-quality alloy cutter head under the brand, supports the thickness of the 3 gear position, can automatically enter lead, the whole pen hand feels quite good ~

  1. Morning light Press Mark Pen

Morning light, pressing the Mark, suitable for daily notes, labeling, lightweight, useful convenience

  1. Kobe Xunfei translation pen

Xunfei technology blessing translation pen, support Chinese characters, English, built-in multi-professional English dictionary, identification accuracy is excellent ~

  1. Curidas

Curidas is a combination of Japanese words “Kuridasu” and “curiosity” two words, to meet people’s curiosity. Curidas’s pen sizes were designed to decrease, so that the airtightness of the pen tip was guaranteed, effectively preventing moisture from the ink from evaporating, thereby performing smooth writing. In addition, in order to pursue flexibility and excellent writing experience, the position of the strip and the length of the pen holder has also been special adjusted, breaking the stamping of the pen and the penstick. In the appearance, the Curidas pen body uses a transparent resin to meet your curiosity of pressing the pen complex machine. Its strollers can be disassembled, and the dedicated tools can remove them.

  1. Delicious zero waiting for plastic sealing machine

Delicious plastic machine self-straps, automatic film, fast-moving speed, cold, thermoplastic, and cut, quite suitable for home preservation photo files, maximum painting A3 size paper ~

  1. IWI aluminum alloy hex neutral pen

Taiwan brand IWI neutral pen uses universal reflead, all metal pen, hexagon design, quite texture ~


The above is all 30 finalists, the last winner will appear in the above products, if you are interested, wait for the grand prize, I bought all award-winning products for physical evaluation ~

Thanks for reading, look forward to the next exchange ~

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