The label master, the flower name of Sakuragi, who did he play the outer number?

Sakuragi is a rising star in the play. At the same time, it is also the first “Bai Xiaosheng” in the play.


Axian Xi Guangyi is the coach of Xiangbei basketball team, the sound of the round body and the benevolent look, so that Sakuragi always takes him, it is because the relationship is very good, so the Sakuragi said Anxi coach as “old”.


Sakuragi is very confident to himself, so it is often called a genius. Of course, there will be change in special circumstances, once replaced in the apostat, and claimed to be “King Kong brother”!


Red Wood

The brother of Xiangbei Basketball Team, Red Wood, but when the Sakuragi did not know, I even pulled down his pants when I was unknowing, and I called Red Wood as “gorilla” called the title.




The deputy captain of the Basketball team in the Xiangbei, which has contributed to the team, so the players have admired, and the quiet appearance and temperament make Sakuragi also like to deal with him, and because of glasses, he called his “glasses brother”

Sanxi Shou

The Basketball team of Xiangbei scored a defender. He once won MVP during the country. After upgrading high school, he left the team, and he was so depressed, and even people beat the basketball team, and finally returned to the team with the help of Sakuragi and others. The wood is called “small three”, “Shoushou”.

Yanchu Feng


Xiangbei basketball team small forward, because of the admiring of Qingzi, Sakuragi is very ubiquitous with him, because it is like sleeping, it is called “fox love”.

Well color


The Manager of the Basketball Team of Xiangbei has always been the dream lover in the Miyou Liangtian.


The captain of the high school basketball team in Lingnan, because of the tall, and the body is high, it is resistant to the bamboo trek, and the Sakuragi is called “monkey boss”, regarded as a red wooden peer.

Xian Dao

Lingnan High School Basketball Team, with people with people’s balloons and leadership, have always been the object of Sakuragi wants to defeat, is called “hedgehog” by Sakuragi.

Futian Ji Zhao


The big striker in the high school basketball team in Lingnan has a high air-cutting basket technology. It has excellent offensive ability. It has been opposed to Sakuragi, and is called “Afu” by Sakuragi.

Tian Gangmao


Lingnan High School Basketball Team Trainer, Old Conspiration, Very good at using players and development players, called “old man” by Sakuragi.


Hainan Senior Captain, Division of Defense, Kanagawa MVP, has a very good technology, but because the appearance of the appearance is heavy, it is called “middle-aged people”

Qing Tianxue

Hainan is a high school newcomer, regarding Zhuan Feng as his competitors, and often quarreling with Sakuragi, so the Sakuragi called “wild monkeys”, “red hauff monkey” is also a Kai Tian’s response to Sakura.


Fuji Trude

Xiangyang High School Basketball Team, Fuji is a part-time coach, and therefore often commands not always on the field, so it is called “that substitute”.



Xiangyang High School Basketball Team main, inquired center, absolute main force, because wearing glasses, called Sakuragi as “two” in the game

Hiya Ya

One of the main strengths of the King Industrial Basketball Team, the secondary and core members, known as the first center of high school, even if it is now entering the university, I can enter the top three, the body is strong, the Sakura is called him “fat orangutan”.

Heada Mei Ji

Mountain Industry Substitute, Hiya Ya Hi younger brother, has the best physical quality, very powerful, but because of fat, it is called “meatball people” by Sakuragi.


Wild sideline


One of the main strengths of the mountain king, one of the top big forward, once makes the Sakuragon not built a tree in a short time, the body is thin, and the Sakura is called “Totem”.


Zebei Rongzhi


Mountain King Industrial Ace, the first high school student in the country, has unparalleled popularity and handsome face, very popular in the king industry, because the cause of the hair style is called “bald head” by the Sakuragi.


Bohai language

Feng Yu high school main force, is the excellent score of Osaka, who is second only to Nan Lie, and retains a stubborn scorpion, so it is called “small braid” by Sakuragi.


Neti iron

Sanpu Taizhang’s high school main force, the iron of the rugby player was also dug in the coach to make a king card, strong, and the body advantage of ordinary people is difficult to enter, and finally by the Sakuragi head, it is called “monk”


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