Chen Xiaochun is originally wearing, hooded sweater styling tide male fan, 55 years old, 25 years old

In the fashion circle, you often put your attention on some young artists, after all, their shape is more trendless. However, in the shape of 55 years old, I saw a lot of differences, the young vitality is very changing, and the whole person is very good.

For many 80s, “Mountain Chicken” Chen Xiaochun is a memories of youth. After all, his movies and music works are still fresh. Nowadays, he is still active in the entertainment circle, and the status is also very outstanding. It is a tide man like this hooded sweater with Parker coat. I really didn’t expect him to wear.

Indeed, a person has a young state except for good maintenance, it will also be affected by the style of dressing. Chen Xiaochun’s choice to the style of the single product is very young, which is very good to reduce the shape. The effect of the age. So some middle-aged men want to build a fashionable style, Chen Xiaochun has a certain reference value.


1. Sports mixed wind comfortable fashion

In Chen Xiaochun, this characteristics are very distinct. It uses hooded sweaters and trouters to match a Parker coat, so the comfort is very good, and the tide is full of men. It is very suitable for daily leisure.


Sweater and trousers are also single items that are trend in the current fashion circle. No matter which age is wearing it, it can create trendy feelings, so popularity is also very high.

Loose version of the lazy trend

Generally, it is the mainstay of the trend, the version of the single product is mainly based on loose, and the shape of the sweater and the pants is more accumulated, and the lazy literary style is presented.


Many people use loose version of clothing to create a trend, and the shape will appear bloated or proportional disorders, so the overall effect will also be greatly reduced. Therefore, the version cannot be excessively wide, and it is necessary to pay attention to the overall visual effect, and you need to start with tones and forms.

Parker coats are improved in thermalness

Pike coats are a warm single product, coupled with the genitals of the gas and hooded sweaters, such a single product mix and touch, warm and trend, very suitable for a group of winter in winter.

Chen Xiaochun chose this hard-working Parker coat, which is very suitable for use with hooded sweater, plus the stacked skills to make the shape and keep warm.

2, the treatment of hue refers to the exquisiteness of the shape

Maybe in many partners, the style of sports wind does not have exquisite, I believe that you will have a different view after watching Chen Xiaochun, after all, the color tone and details of the model are perfect.

Classic black and white gray adjustment, not traditional conservative

Usually, it will pay attention to the segmentation of color ratio, in Chen Xiaochun’s shape, he will be a gray as the main color, white and black as a supplement, and the overall effect is very comfortable. White hooded sweater and light gray trousers ensure the versatility of the shape. At this time, a deep gray parity coat and small area black are embellished, but the shape is not only coordinated, but also is very rich.


Clothing accessories is the pen

Chen Xiaochun is so successful, and the use of apparel accessories also has a lot of ratio, hat, shoes, backpacks, and scarves. All of the hoods and styles are expanded around the overall tones and styles. .

From the shape of the shape, I can’t believe this is 55-year-old Chen Xiaochun. This is completely 25 years old, so I usually want to make the shape younger and energetically and dynamic. Be sure to dress up.


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