Market News | “Carbon Middle and” Shoes ALLBIRDS listing, Obama, Leonardo is “Powder”

It can be used directly to wash the washing machine, made into pure natural raw materials such as wool, eucalyptus, sugar cane and crab shell, “the most comfortable shoes in the world”, these keywords come from the United States innovative shoes brand allbirds.

Mendong time November 3, footwear brand Allbirds landed in Nasdaq, the first day of the listing, the ALLBIRDS opened at $ 21.21, and far exceeded the duty price. As of the date, Allbirds reported $ 28.89 per share, an increase of 92.6%.

Disclosure, Allbirds began in a wool shoe entrepreneurial project on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website. Earlier, New Zealand’s former national football athletes Tim Brown observed the lack of natural, sustainable, innovative raw materials in the footwear industry, and the idea of ​​making sports and casual shoes for hometown.

Since the establishment of 2015, Allbirds consistently consistently, and the comfortable label is always successfully attracted to the first batch of users. Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, Apple CEO Cook, NBA Star Andre · Igo Da, US President Obama is his faithful, Andre Igo Dora and Lai Angno has also become an ALLBIRDS investor.

In addition to celebrities, allbirds’ partnership lineup is also very powerful. It is reported that before the submission of the prosperity, Allbirds completed 6 rounds of financing, with accumulated financing more than $ 200 million. Well-known venture capital Maveron, Tiger Global Fund, Franklin Dunpum, Rockefeller Fund, etc. are all parties.

Such rapid growth also makes many industry insiders think that allbirds may become the next Lululemon. It is not difficult to find these two brands, whether it is LULULEMON or ALLBIRDS, it is possible to highlight the old track in sportswear clothes. More relying more on the emotional needs of the target audience, allbirds is more in the carbon. Time proposition.

It is reported that allbirds records the amount of carbon dioxide emissions discharged from the “Carbon Flat” and will produce the carbon emissions of each pair of shoes on the insole.

In terms of financial data, the presentation shows that in 2019, in the first half of 2020 and 2021, the revenue of Allbirds was $ 1.94 million, 219 million US dollars and $ 117 million.

Although the concept is unique

However, the net loss of allbirds has been growing.

AllBirds’s net losses are $ 14.5 million, $ 25.9 million and $ 21128,000. In more people, this may be too high of ALLBIRDS operating expenses.

Data show that Allbirds 2020 total operating costs are $ 142 million, including sales, general and administrative costs of $ 86.694 million, marketing costs of $ 55.271 million; 2019 total operating costs are $ 108 million, among which sales, general and The administrative cost is $ 63.485 million, and the marketing cost is $ 44.362 million.

In addition, since Allbirds takes a vertical retail distribution strategy, it is directly sold for consumers. Its inventory can be purchased from purchase orders within 45 days, and the distribution network consists of 9 distribution centers in 8 countries, but this also leads to it. AllBirds vendors are relatively concentrated, which also leads to the risk of it easily facing the supply chain interruption.

As of June 30, 2021, Allbirds covered 2.5 billion consumers around the world, with 27 new shops, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

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