Children’s underwear ads Yishe “soft porn”? User: disgusting

WASHINGTON client Beijing March 21 (Reporter Lang Lang) Recently, many users reflect, children’s underwear ad pictures Some shop online shopping platform, suspected of “soft porn” fight “child pornography” walking a fine line, so people feel uncomfortable.

The photos on the Internet has fueled controversy, some users believe that these picture camera angles and posture unsightly, the lens contains sexually suggestive language; there are some friends that this is just normal advertising, nothing to make a fuss.

The network spread children’s underwear ad pictures

User question: Children’s underwear ads Yishe “soft porn”

Two days, one after another netizen posted on some social platform, reflect on some children’s underwear shop online shopping platform in the fight pornography edge ball.

“Japanese-style hip Peach” “Looking back open mouth micro” …… netizens pointed out that children clothing advertising picture, only a large number of girls model to imitate adult gestures, pictures, and even the shape of genital boys and girls are deliberately highlights come out.


Some Internet users believe that businesses may not realize this is the fight pornography edge ball, did not think this could be off use.

But more users believe that the business is not innocent, “even if this shop is really no ‘soft porn’ idea, but if even we ordinary people can perceive something wrong, ‘pedophile’ to see it?” “They or the children ah, genital shape are out, really disgusting. “of course, these users also believe, allow the child to shoot such photos is irresponsible parents.

Social platform, the friends put together a list of suspected child clothing shop involved in “soft porn”, and in the customer service business users with the dialogue, the other said:. “Unhealthy idea to see what people are dirty”


Black prop Nick customer response to users report Source: friends broke the news


18, the correspondent of “Children’s underwear”, “girls’ underwear” and so on keywords to search the online shopping platform, can find a lot of similar pictures. Open a listed business users in a shop home page, find the reported picture still exists, beside the words written there is “Hot” is.


The picture shows the “funny birds chant flagship” store Home shots, as of this writing, the picture from shop shelves Home

In addition, a home shop, but also still be able to see boys and girls of reproductive organs were highlighted ad images.

The picture shows the “multi-home duo close cotton goods” shop merchandise shots, as of this writing, the picture from the shop shelves

Someone’s Shop: Already in the rectification will be punished

These pictures caused many netizens anger, a lot of people are going to report platform.

19, the reporter re-enter the “Black prop Nick flagship store”, “chant funny birds flagship store”, “multi-home duo close cotton goods” three shops, found that the challenged users photos are not search.


In this regard, “Black prop Nick flagship store” customer service, responded that “suspected picture and video shops have been completed rectification”, “multi-home duo close cotton goods,” said picture “has been dealt with, no longer made “while” chanting funny birds flagship store “did not respond.

Some Internet users believe that, in accordance with the rules of the prohibited information management platform “embargoed list of goods and information & correspondence illegal process”, these children’s underwear picture consistent with Article VII of the third term, is a picture containing pornographic, vulgar.

18, the reporter call the customer service hotline electronic business platform. Customer service said it has noticed a similar phenomenon, the ongoing reform platform, businesses have made the punishment of someone’s supervision department, to disclose specific punitive measures.

, Whether the platform will be reviewed when the merchant upload pictures when pressed by reporters, the staff said they would first review, which was then denied, then he said he was not clear in this regard.


The platform home page, you can see November 10 last year issued “on the fight against the network” paid delete posts “and” soft porn “announcement”, which describes, for “soft porn” information technology platform will further strengthen the interception strategy means to increase staff review and online inspection efforts, relying on “sexually suggestive”, “sexually suggestive” and focus their attack on the platform suction flow of the eye to make all kinds of business entities.

Screenshot announcement

Lawyer: photographer, upload, platform shall be liable


“First of all, the picture itself whether it is pornographic or erotic, under the context of minors are not used in the law are prohibited.” Beijing Tak Cheung Law Office, Beijing Municipal Lawyers Association of Civil special committee deputy Renan Xiang said, “soft porn” in the minors, in violation of both morality violate the law.

Many users believe that, in this incident, parents, shop, shopping platforms are not properly protect these children, should bear some responsibility.


In this regard, An Xiang said that parents, schools, regulators, society as a whole, the protection of minors is a shared responsibility, it is clear that the Protection of Minors Act. Enterprises and institutions in the course of business, taking into account their business activities, for the rights and interests of minors have anything against.

And this picture on shopping platform, whether it is a picture of the subject, or to see pictures of minors to purchase these products, constitute infringement.

An Xiang said that the filming process made whether parental consent is also of concern, in order to make money if the guardian consent to let the children take such a photo, which is equivalent to abuse their children a way to seek illegitimate interests, this would not in itself the guardian performance of his guardianship, the relevant authorities should be corrected, bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


From the perspective of civil liability, lawyers say, if there are underage people see these pictures, physical and psychological harm, their guardian may also require producers shooting pictures, upload and platform management tripartite civil compensation.

In addition, advertisers must be in a healthy way to provide content, not against the physical and mental health of minors, which is expressly provided advertising law.

“From the pictures shot producers, users of the picture, the end of the platform managers, these parties have a responsibility, they should be dealt with by the market regulatory authorities.” An Xiang said. (Finish)

Source: China News Net

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