The “high-level feelings” in this year’s winter, do not feel out, not old, wear elegant fashion

Every winter has some trend of trend to enter the public sight, but for ordinary people even a lot of stars, wearing blogging, the favorite is still a woolen coat.

The simple and practical, it is difficult to obey, and the high-level feelings are also better, even if there is no superior match, you can show elegant charm. So if you don’t know how to wear it, then the coat is definitely the choice. The coat pre-supported the “high-level feelings” in this year, not fancy, not old, wearing elegant fashion, let’s take a look at the wearing template for everyone!

First, the coat is not too much


The trend of the trend in the fashion circle is constantly changing, and the queer style has become diversified. From the version to the style, from the material to color, it can see the difference.

For ordinary people, you need to learn to identify, find the most suitable classics that are best suited for yourself in many coats, but it doesn’t need to be simple and not cumbersome.


1, black woolen coat

This is because the coat style is cumbersome, then its cost will also increase. If you want to buy a design coat and classic coat with the same expenditure, then the former will not last in the material and workmanship.

Just like the black woolen coat here, it doesn’t have a sense of design. The cost is full of materials and work, plus the mystery of black comes, showing more advanced textures, very suitable for middle-aged people.


2, camel coat

When collecting coats, ordinary public needs to pay attention to the practicality and daily feelings of the coat itself, and choose more common colors in life, and work hard in the match and detail, this is the correct idea of ​​dressing and expensive.

For example, the camel long coat here, whether it is an X version, a version of the H version, has a concise and smooth, practical wild, and most people can easily control.

3, colorful coat

Basic colors, big earthquarial coats are mostly resistant and practical, but the color line is the striking colors in many people’s mind, so how can the color coat do not feel fancy and elegant in the winter?


The simplest is based on personal skin color, while choosing some advanced colors in a relatively friendly color of your color, yellow, ink green or cherry red, or use low saturation color to interpret gentleness .

Second, color matching simple elegance

Wood coats are the most common jackets in life, basically everyone, but many people lead to “rollover” because of improper color.

Among them, the more typical situations are not to grasp the balance between agents and minimalism, such as the creation of young feelings, even girl feelings, or too much to pursue simple.

The solution is based on the coloring style to formulate the corresponding color matching scheme according to the color of the coat.

Most middle-aged women wear coats are simply simple, elegant, so your coloring should also firmly grasp these two key points, from reducing color quantity and emphasizing color coordination.

It is also very simple from the color of the coat. If the ordinary person who takes the high-level temperament route, if it is best to match the black coat, it is best to match the inner, concise atmosphere.

Third, improve the sense of beauty

A large set of coat styles is highly, and it is large to see if it is simple and old, and many of the fancy matching programs will only bring you tired.


Elegant women will avoid all kinds of uncomfortable matching, with the simplest way to present the texture of the child’s coat itself.

For example, we can choose a small collar of the styles of simple and tidy.

It is recommended to recommend a variety of high waist split trousers, pipe tube or straight skirts, such as high waist denim straight pants, high waist straight trousers or high waist nine-tissue trousers trousers.


With a belt waist or open coat, you can create a high level with a lesser.

Fourth, use an accessory to create a sense of atmosphere

Just as in the summer, we like to decorate shape with hats, sunglasses, silk scarves and earrings. In winter, if you want to put out an elegant and romantic atmosphere, you need to use accessories.

About accessories can be divided into many types, when you use a woolen coat to create an elegant high-level wind, you must choose from a small and exquisite earrings, clavicle chains, silk scarves, belts or scarves.

These single items focus on creating elegant women taste and preciseness, and there will be no sense of conflict with the coat.

Especially the scarf, choose the knit or wool scarf with coat color, the winter shape is immediately warm and beautiful, it is the goddess of the atmosphere.


In short, there is no better coat in the winter, and it is better to dress up. As long as you don’t have sprouted, you can easily win the same age, you like it, you may wish to learn!

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