Very cost-effective small French tide shoes brand-Palladium Palatin

Palladium French pronunciation is the meaning of paid God, 1920 Palatin is born in France. Like a lot of shoes, it is a tire, and it is a more stringent fighter tire, and it has also been a world-famous.

In 1947 Palatin, Polain began to get involved in the field of military boots.

The first pair of Pampa Boots was born and equipped with the French Royal Legion. Palain has opened the door of the fashion army boots and slowly developed into today’s fashion brand. In the brands of the next few decades, Palladium found a balance point in the function and trend. Its simple, never-lost shape design, plus breathable, strong and wear-resistant product characteristics, becoming the popularity of multi-functional applicable shoes index.

Palain’s direct stores have been launched in New York, Houston, France, Paris, United Kingdom. China’s first direct store opened in Shanghai, and later set up direct stores in major cities.


From Brad Pitte to Wilmis, from Hollywood to May Day, from Lin Junjie to Cai Shaofen, wear Palatin’s active on the size stage.


Brad Pitt


The military boots wearing the movie “Dead Squad 3” are going to Palain.


Palatin’s characteristics are military quality, quality and wear resistance, and the sole is relatively thick. Basic shoes use water washing canvas, more breathable, may be specially treated, and the water will flow after the water drops.


The Converse Bi Palatine with canvas shoe is more wear and more resistant, and it is more resistant to it. Converse can only go through the street.

The Palain is now there, and sometimes there is activity price or the basic 300-600 can get it. This price is still worthwhile to be a pair of water-wearing and fashionable and not too hitting the shoe.

In general, several feature of Palatin is that the small people are more unique, the price is not expensive, wear-resistant to wear and waterproof, one pair can wear a long time.

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