The same search and rescue salvage mission, thinking Handan blue rescue team 10 days caused three players were killed

Recent Handan Red Cross blue rescue team news I see worried, in fact, did not want to comment on the matter, but now think about the next big emergency system, various civil rescue teams have mushroomed emerged, for this industry can orderly and healthy development, there are some fearless sacrifice no longer happen, they have to talk about their views.


First, we must admit that the players participating in this salvage mission, must have a high degree of social responsibility, as well as the spirit of volunteerism good rescue team, than those who staged a show of relief when Henan fake rescue team prepared one million strong, these lives lost, it must be a hero.


However, we look at the details of the entire rescue, as well as live video, people will know the rescue is clear that there are still some problems. I looked up some information, ask some blue rescue team personnel learned that, in fact, for the waters and rescue system, internal blue rescue team is to have a “blue water rescue and rescue system security reference recommendations (temporary)”, which reads as follows:

1, whitewater rescue is a very dangerous rescue, no professional training and qualifications suggestion: stay away! ! !


2, to carry out the waters before rescue scene commander to make adequate site assessment work, such as the difficulty of the rescue has been found beyond their capabilities, should be decisive cancel the task, the task reluctantly ban prohibiting forced to try to be brave task or tasks.


3, players must participate in the task of properly qualified to wear personal protective equipment (helmet waters / buoyancy greater than or equal 120-150N, rescue buoyancy vest type with quick release device / dry or wet winter clothes / gloves / non-slip waters).

Note: Blue Rescue conventional calm waters does not apply to aid buoyancy vest rapids rescue.

4, be sure to check before rescue workers on board again and quick release device and oxtail (live bait rope) in series with the correct personal buoyancy device (PFD). Rescue workers and non unprotected persons prohibited by boat.

5, the use of the waters of the rescue rope should have the appropriate use of floating rope certified, low ductile static rope substitution will cause a lot of inconvenience and security risks.

6, rescue workers have received training and assessment levels to participate in formal institutions and units of the respective positions of the rescue mission, not only to participate in the blind or by watching the video, to have their cognitive ability.

7, on-site command must have a matching contingency plans to give security arrangements during the rescue mission.

8, the dynamic hard ground assault boats do not use the water rescue, working only as a transit calm open water.

9, IRB inflatable rescue boats sitting in the driver does not allow the gas chamber or the stern plate; flameout rope must be connected to steer a boat hand body while driving, keep the reverse gear locking device has been unlocked, so feel free to switch driving posture.

10, IRB inflatable rescue boats must carry the implementation of the transport task throwing appliances, personnel and supplies on board the boat load shall not exceed (configuration are marked on nameplate), non-essential not exceed three people.

11, IRB inflatable rescue boat rescue boat be sure to play a neutral contact the trapped water.

12, boiling line / overflow dam / water rescue missions around the dam / dam of, IRB inflatable rescue boats shall not be directly accessible within the white waterline, it should be after the scheduled boat downstream near the outside after white waters to rescue or live bait-throwing rescue people trapped ways to approach and rely on the IRB out of power save.

13, the international bank rescue harsh environment (especially its coastline waters reef area), IRB not too close to the reef top or rescue operations, should drive to the top of the waves controllable from the default control boats boats to rescue or live bait-throwing rescue people trapped ways to approach and rely on the IRB out of power save.

14, water rescue may not act alone, it must be team work, be sure to set the upstream and downstream as well as security personnel to ensure that personnel and appropriate equipment (boats / ropes, etc.), such as the occurrence of drowning, should remain calm, try nearby dock as soon as possible. Accidentally fell into the rapids environment, your feet do not sink, not splayed hands, pay attention to ventilation, to ensure that the formula (a kind of swimming) by rapidly after trying nearby (attack type / defense type) dock.

15, rapids environment-throwing live bait rescue and relief operations pendulum back to the shore is not forced back, but should be based on site conditions (moving downstream along) and the remainder in the hands of the rope trapped synchronous pendulum back to shore.


16 Key Reminder: All the rescue workers involved in the rescue must have a high risk rescue techniques and the corresponding qualifications and experience. On-site command and rescue team leader is responsible for the entire rescue operation, also responsible for the safety of the team members.

After re-watching this video we compare the “waters of the Blue Rescue Safety Reference rescue team recommended”, not difficult to find, the salvage mission why is there such a serious injury or death. The first and most important thing is to find this difficulty has exceeded its capacity range, this should be decisive cancel the task, but still salvage, completely ignoring the potential risks. In the specific operation, from the video we do not see indecent protection measures, just look at the video have not found the perfect team to carry water rescue equipment, which gives the accident potential problems. Recommendations mentioned “IRB inflatable rescue boats shall not be directly accessible within the white water line,” but you can see from the video IRB inflatable rescue boat is stalled in this position, then trapped, there was a serious accident. Also learned from subsequent news reports, at the expense of Mr. Wu’s son also actually been in doubt, and his father could not swim, why would perform water rescue mission?

Recently, for Handan of the accident, Blue Rescue founder of the brand throughout the country to alert blue rescue team, “rescue can not be blind, not only by a cavity blood, in their own security next to his teammates safe environment security situation, we want to go through under the relevant training and skilled case, to be undertaken under with specialized protective equipment to protect meet safety standards. “” Stay away from beyond assistance within its ability to avoid the tragedy from happening again. “Meanwhile, Handan blue rescue team around suspend rescue! This has undoubtedly look out, we started checking and correcting themselves against this thing, it would be a good thing.

However, as far as I know, all kinds of civil rescue teams, are based on the identity of the existence of civil society volunteers, most of them are independent pure public emergency services, a lot of money and material operations rely on the parties to raise, or the players themselves . Supplies can not be guaranteed, related systems and professional training and technical training but no way guaranteed. And we are all part-time, personal training time and learning are relatively limited, combined with the domestic institutions to provide such training is Phoenix water chestnut hair, we are in the exploratory stage, the better will be the local fire and rescue team collaboration , but only a small part. Resulting in horizontal level civil rescue teams around the construction of missing or, worse, completely show the name of the slogan rescue rescue team appeared.

In the construction of the Grand National Rescue System, the National Fire emergency rescue teams, military, public security and other professional team, civil rescue team is an indispensable addition to the force. So by this incident, but also want to be able to alert the relevant parties and authorities, to do large national rescue system, the forces of good must co-ordinate all aspects of the establishment of good threshold, the ability of private rescue team incorporated into the system, the lack of ability of non-compliance rescue team shut out, more professional things must let professional people to do, not just by a cavity blood and Gu Yong. Can also be appropriate to provide some financial and technical support to help built this team, but also with a good team, not only as an afterthought at the crucial moment, sighing after the accident in the media.

Also remind civil rescue team of organizers, sponsors, those who build. Noble humanitarian spirit right, and willing to sacrifice right, but we must do things a clear understanding of professionalism and risk, want to be safe, to be professional, do not rescue a few outdoor enthusiasts together, made of love alone can. Be sure to put into the system to build a complete rescue system, we got to take personal technical skills, personal fitness ready enough, is responsible for every part of the rescue team and life behind the family.

Finally, I hope the dead rest in peace, the living predicament! Establish a good three-dimensional large rescue system, in time of distress could save more people in distress so that they can return home safely after each task!

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