custom inductor

custom inductor

Jan 01,2022

Enjoy the friendly prices on custom inductor available in different shapes and fit for a variety of uses on custom inductor are passive two-terminal wires that are coiled up and store energy in a magnetic field whenever an electric current passes through them. They exist in various types such as the air core, iron core, toroidal, laminated core, and powdered iron core. custom inductor are available in custom designs as well as the standard for convenience.

Find custom inductor on at discounted prices and in custom size packaging. You use custom inductor in switched-mode power supplies as an energy storage device to produce DC electric current. They ensure the constant flow of current during the off switching periods. custom inductor similarly used in AC electronic types of equipment such as radio equipment to block AC and allow DC to go through.

Use the custom inductor in separating signals of different frequencies. Combining them with capacitors enables you to make tuned circuits allowing for tuning of TV and radio receivers. custom inductor are also available in high current and known to be used in the automotive industry for filtering DC/DC conversion in engine and transmission control units, navigation systems, and diesel injection drivers. custom inductor also facilitates noise suppression in motors, seats, and power mirrors.

Choose to store energy and release current as your need demands. Ensure a constant flow of current in your power supply with the high-frequency, high-current, magnetic shielded, attractive custom inductor options with various sizes, designs, and colors. provides you with attractive promotions and wholesale prices.

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