20 loading SKIN79: Business Legends in New Era

Lu Net Weifang January 25th

In 1998, it was a thorny year. This year, Google founded and managed an internet search engine in California, USA. At the end of this year, Tencent was established in Shenzhen, China and developed the communication software Qicq. Similarly, in this year, the predecessor of Skin79 Co., South Korea was created in Seoul, South Korea, cosmetic fields that were studied in Seoul, South Korea.

The special time and space background constructed in 1998 made many excellent enterprises across the national borders and country, and they were reflected in each other, and they were hit with each other. Standing in 2018, the starting point of this new cycle, no matter Google, Tencent or Skin79, will meet greater competition and cruel challenges.


As a multinational company that stepped into Fanghua, Skin79 held the grand brand conference of “Regeneration” in the Sino-Millennium Square, Millennium Square, and continued to be a new era business legend. .

Brand status is reproduced. From the beginning of the creation, SKIN79 was working hard to study the research of basic skin care, and successively launched a variety of best-selling products in South Korea. However, Skin79 did not only lock the gaze in South Korea, but aim at the international market. By surprising excellent cosmetics research and development talents, SKIN79 company R & D strength is gradually enhanced. In 2006, SKIN79 launched a cosmetics called BB cream, maintenance, and foundation, and quickly became a big IP of the international cosmetics market. The star is very like, urban white collar love does not release. In 2006, the BB cream launched by SKIN79 was as many as 17, and it was the most established. Subsequently, SKIN79 further developed BB cream with foundation, isolation, concealer, skin care, etc., because it is not easy to block pores, more good modified skin color, satisfying a lot of women’s skin care beauty demand, simultaneous use, SKIN79BB The frost has become one of the essential cosmetics of the world. In 2008, only Skin79 firmed BB cream sales broke through 1 million, becoming a veritable BB cream leader in the world.


At this conference, SKIN79 released a new brand communication slogan “SKIN79 is not just the most authentic BB cream”, SKIN79 brand person in charge said: “Skin79 has become a lot of female favorite makeup brands due to BB cream, this is It is worth proud, but Skin79 has a lot of high quality products, including mask, water milk, lipstick, and more. In 2018, we will commit consumers more comprehensive understanding SKIN79 and use more Skin79’s high quality products. “


The new product is booming strong. It is reported that in 2018, Skin79 will launch up to 40 new products covering multiple cosmetics. At the same time, it will focus on several explosions such as BB cream, isolation cream, mask, and Su Yan. 20 years of cosmetics research and development, 20 years of global market operation, 20 years of supply chain management, I believe in 2018, SKIN79’s new product, the explosion will not let consumers disappoint.

The channel is full of seasons. In the era of such important channels, in 2018, SKIN79 proposed the “Society of Channels” and strive to make channels. From the online Tmall, Jingdong, Mushroom Street and other e-commerce platforms, to the offline CS channel, brand flagship store and other physical stores, SKIN79 will completely set up, strive to let consumers are looking for experience, want to buy Skin79 products It can easily access anytime, anywhere.

Promoting sniper detonation. Most of the consumers who know Skin79 are all the products they have personally used. In other words, SKIN79’s good reputation is the passage of the user’s mouth. At this time, I learned that in 2018, SKIN79 will take the initiative to attack in publicity, the theme of “SKIN79 is not only the most authentic BB cream”, introducing the story behind Skin79 and Skin79 to consumers. The excellent thing of the product. Moreover, it will enhance the construction of promotional channels such as Weibo, WeChat, and Post Bar to enhance the interaction and viscosity of fans. At the same time, SKIN79 will also expand the trial of ordinary consumers, net red, Daren, star, etc., through their recommendation, further improve the brand awareness.


“In 1998, I mushing in 2018, maybe more exciting, at least for Skin79.” Skin79 China’s person in charge said in this conference, “from the brand to the product, from the channel to publicity, 2018, SKIN79 will be comprehensive I force, create a new era of commercial legend. “(Correspondent Liu Mengmeng)