The horrific global drug network, 17-year-old German drug lord, sell 1 ton of drugs, sentenced to 6 years and a half

Create a drug website within 30 days and can search directly through Google.


It became the largest drug website in Germany and supplied to the whole world.

The whole industry chain deployment can not only buy all kinds of drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, etc., even all kinds of prescription drugs, there should be …


After the buyer bought it, the package was opened and found a pack of bears soft candy.

You can also give an evaluation after the service is over, of course, the other party will also control the evaluation, the five-star praise passed, the Samsung bad review hides.

Selling drugs will be more than one ton, and the amount involving up to 4 million euros (about 27.76 million yuan).

After reading these, do you think this must be a daring criminal gang? It’s more than three or five people.


NO, in fact, only one person from the beginning.


Moreover, this person is only a 17-year-old teen.

Really, a person is alive into a team, how did he do it?

Recently, the story of the largest young drug lord in Germany has been filmed by the Internet.

“Dark Network Youth Drug Lord”

In fact, in 2019, the story of Max’s story was adapted to a TV series “how to sell a psychedelic medicine online.” However, it is different from the excitingness of TV dramas.

In real, Mike, is an otaku, living in a mother’s home in Leipzig, Germany.


According to his mother, Max is lazy, temper, staying in the room all the year round, no girlfriend, no girlfriend, no travel.

Since Mike has been taking care of drug trafficking in bedrooms, there is media called him “sleeping house.”

He is usually hobby, just sitting in front of the computer.

It is such a seemingly flatly unmoid otaku, created the largest online drug sales website in Germany, Shiny Flakes.

Unlike other online drug trafficking sites, Shiny Flakes was originally opened in the clearnet.

“Ming Net” is the Internet in our next day, and anyone can access and add an order through the browser.


Many customers search “drugs” through Google, then search results directly from Max’s website.

This … really is dying.

Moreover, all kinds of drugs in Shiny Flakes are all available, with a wide variety of ice, cannabis, LSD, shaking head pills, cocaine, to all kinds of new drugs such as LSD fake antiraces, and all kinds of prescription drugs.

People from all over the world, as long as they pay by Bitcoin, you can choose to order any favorite products, and even a large number of customer reviews on the webpage.

Mike even analyzes the user’s purchase habits to provide better services and products.


As his customers are more and more, the amount of drugs ordered by his poisonous traders will be more and more. Due to the large orders, the best quality and cheapest drugs in Germany have touched Mike.

In this way, the drugs provided on Shiny Flakes are both cheap and high, and convenient and safe, soon become one of Germany and even Europe’s most popular drug sales websites.

At first, the propaganda given by Max is safe, but it is not safe to sell online, how to say it is safe.

As a result, since the official demands of the majority of users in December 2013, Max turned to the dark network to operate, and the profit margin was between 50% and 300%.


In order to hide your identity, Mike leases a computer server in the Netherlands, using the German IP address, and uses the email to transaction, using virtual currency Bitcoin, and stores the drug trafficking income to the bank account opened with falsehood.

Such a big business, well-trained, docile, make people feel hard to imagine, the trader behind the whole thing is a 17-year-old teenager.

But the fact is true.

At first, Max is only interested in the network, often communicating online with others.


Among them, there is a person who is called “stupid pig” chat.

Once, they talked to the “Silk Road” website.

In fact, the “Silk Road” is a website that sells drugs.


Maken I went to watch Mike didn’t make “wow, good cow”, but the “stupid pig” expressed these “height”.

“It’s not bad, but everything above needs to be improved.”

“My first idea is that it already exists, but can do better.”

Of course, netizens “Stupid Pig” chose questioning, and laughing loudly. In the face of questioning, Max immediately decided to make a better platform.

Note that here we have been able to discover some of the characteristics of Max, that is, this person is very effective, and the thinking is quite soft.

The criminals in us usually conceptually have anti-reconnaissance after many illegal, and will be called “old hands” by the police.

But Max is different. He seems to have this kind of criminal talent. When the first crime is criminalized, it is very strong, and the daring is fine.

Such a criminal, we also saw that in the “Cat Rat game” in the protagonist, the protagonists in Max and the film Frank, as if they were natural and anti-social personality, and the IQ is quite high, the psychological quality is extremely strong. .


After deciding to make a better platform than the “Silk Road”, Mike acts.

Built a web page, constantly improve, then buy drugs on the dark, then study drugs and their side effects.

After studying, I took out a game machine box with piano panels, and made a wonderful light shadow through the projection of the TV. Then put the drug onto the publicity photo.


This, the photographer is saved.


What is the last period of time, and the cost of the cost is completely creative.

In this way, in the bedroom at home, Mike became the boss, programmer, photographer, art …

Originally, Max and “Stupid Pigs” is about, the website is “Stupid Pig” is responsible for promoting packaging and mailing. After all, it is a challenge to him.


But “Stupid Pig” is escaping.

It may never think of this 17-year-old boys, and after all, it is not to participate in drug trafficking.

At first glance, “Stupid Pig” is not reliable, Mike thought, or decided to cover everything, yes, he became the package worker and courier of his own drug empire.

As for how courier, many people will feel incredible –

Use postal delivery.


I didn’t expect it, the Bourne’s courier of the German Post is Mike’s courier.

Every time, Max will make false addresses, through the way of registration, delivery, natural, name is also fake.


Does it sound from it?

This is completely impossible in China who sent a real name system, and if there is any relevant department you want to check, then it is almost equal to transparent, one check one.

But things happen to happen, Max is even grateful to Germany’s postal service, safe and fast, is quite ironic.

What is interesting about “dark network youth drug lord” is that the entire film crew seems to be the two parties of the Max and Leipziga Policekeeper, causing the documentary to finally appear very like a documentary. The enemy has become a love film.

Police: “Shiny Flakes is like Amazon.”

Max: “I don’t know what this is comparable to Amazon, and there are various suppliers on Amazon. I only have myself on my website.”

Max: “Many people doing the website say that I will do it, but the difference is that I did it and they didn’t.”


Police: “This is really shameless.”


Police: “The criminal is very embarrassing, trying to stop us from getting his computer data, but our computer team is still done, they can’t work.”

Mike: “The computer forensics team reviewed my file and found the computer login password I wrote down. If this is an outstanding achievement, it is very powerful.”


How did the Max are caught?

In 2015, one of him was wrapped in a residential door, and a neighbor opened and discovered drugs and alarms. The police then discovered that there were such parcels from all over Germany. At this time, a drug supplier of Max has been caught by the police.

In other words, if it is not a customer’s horses and tiger, neighbors are privately removed, and the Drag of the accomplices, Max can continue to be happy.


When he was arrested, the police believed that there must be a criminal gang in the house, and there was a great possibility to hold a killing weapon, so they sent a full-discipled special police to drive the door of Max.


As a result, there was found that there was only one 17-year-old boy.

The police searched a ton of drugs in the Max room and installed a car.

In the face of a lot of evidence, Mike didn’t justify the court, and finished all over the whole place.

With the police’s investigation, the portrait of Max is gradually clear: the intelligence is high, doing things, strong implementation, strong self-control, hard work, extremely responsible, do not believe others.

After the website is gradually going to the right track, Max’s orders are increasing, and he is single, the workload has risen sharply, the work is irregular, and the sleep time of every day is only three or four hours, the pressure is extremely large, almost collapsed.

At this time, his income is very amazing. The day’s income has been able to reach 100,000 euros.

Mike has money, Max does not flow, he even “corruption” home also uses the deposit of the bottle to use it for your own zero money.

The purpose of his make money is to simply want to look at the fun of that digital non-stop growth.

When I was caught, Due to physical strength, Max’s whole person looks very edema.

After that he met, he entered the prison himself, because it didn’t have to work without a day without day.

In the police’s survey, Mike did not destroy the information of each order as he promised to the customer. Instead, he pulled a form and cleared the information such as the name of each order customer. Down.

In the face of his own criminal, the Max’s face has never had an expression of the revertur.


In his logic, this is not even a crime. He didn’t hurt anyone, because others did not buy it here, will it buy from others, what is the difference?

It is very likely until Max now thinks this from the head to the end of the game.

This is not difficult to understand, in court, Mike hired the defense lawyer asked the court to regard him as a minor trial.

Prior to the judgment, the representative of the juvenile court evaluated the defendant and pointed out that although the IQ is high and the economy is independent, it is extremely immature in life planning and emotion.

Since then, the two forensic psychology experts also recognized this view, issued to Max’s psychiatry assessment, confirming that he had a defect that cannot be understood the consequences of behavioral consequences, and the social ability of groups, and emotional development delays.

Plus although Mike did not repent, he is beneficial to the crime.

In the end, Mike was sentenced to imprisonment for six months and six months and served in lessons.


This is incredible in our country. Such a big quantity actually only sentenced for six and a half years, and finally Max actually took a four-year prison, and also paid a beautiful girlfriend.

When he was imprisoned in more than a dozen accounts worth 4.4 million euros, there were two accounts that were not allowed to see the balance.


Today, a biccoin is nearly 50,000 dollars, and the current market value of Max is $ 800 million. Mike admired that he didn’t have money, the police did not believe, but no consideration.


In general, “dark network youth drug lord” as a documentary, alerting the horror of people’s online crime.


How to prevent people who are immature adolescent crimes, it is more important for middleness …

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