Gucci x Disney was a joint Tucao, pass Forever 21 to restart the electricity supplier? | Qi said 0109 Pa

Recently, the bankrupt US fast fashion brand Forever 21 announced that it would restart the electricity supplier site, grab the Chinese market. On the other side, “high cool” luxury Cartier Lynx official flagship store officially launched, and the world premiere of two new products. More business information, today let me see the odd say Evening Pa ~

Company News

Universal Studios theme park next year the park opened

Nizhao 14,000 employees

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

News that concern the Universal Studios theme park, building construction will be completed end of this year, the official opening next year. It is reported that Beijing Global resort to a total area of ​​40,000 square kilometers, from Beijing Universal Studios theme park, Universal City Avenue Beijing, and two resort composition.

Official says, is currently stationed in the proposed list of businesses has been confirmed in the first half of this year, all businesses will enter the fitting stage. After the Beijing World Resort completed, will create about 14,000 jobs during the operational phase, the current recruitment has already started.

Singularity Jun Comments: Compared to jobs, eat melon masses are more concerned about the fare –

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Hengda wealth: consignment product compliance

Yuhua District, Changsha has been officially confirmed

January 8 evening, Hengda wealth has released an official statement: The Acting Company sales of financial products for SMEs are officially filed at financial exchanges. The statement also said Yuhua District, served on “Disclosure Statement” to rival the wealth today, confirmed that the company sales agent of product compliance.

January 7, Yuhua District, combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising Leading Group Office has issued official documents to remind the public prudent investment Hengda Group’s financial products.

Singularity Jun Comment: Since legal compliance, and why the official website of “periodic financial management” and “transfer zone” products have emptied it?

Brand Dynamics

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Disney x Gucci released a joint series

User: Do not ask Disney rattling the Gucci!

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

In order to meet the Chinese Lunar New Year, recently, the Italian luxury brand Gucci has released the latest joint family. Alessandro Michele Gucci creative director to cater to rat theme, specially selected with Disney cartoon characters Mickey Mouse’s iconic joint. However, this joint section coat was friends Tucao said, “This is not my home mat do?.”

This is not the first time Disney Gucci and joint overturned. Previously, the 2019 Year of the Pig “Three Little Pigs” New Year joint package, has also been Tucao “and too violation.”

Singularity Jun Comments: “I have what’s in what you animal,” Disney really is the ultimate winner –

Cartier Lynx official flagship store officially launched

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Lynx assembly of the three major luxury goods group

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

January 9, the French luxury brand Cartier high Lynx official flagship store officially launched two new products in the Lynx exclusive debut the world: Juste un Clou series of new Guirlande de Cartier bracelet and chain handbag.

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Previously, LVMH Group and KERING’s important to have on-line brand Lynx Luxury Pavilion platform or open outlet on the official flagship store. It is reported that the luxury goods into the electronic business platform, usually on the first line lower customer price category beauty, perfumes and so on, and then gradually cut garments, leather high customer price category, while Cartier The whole category is a rare settled.

Singularity Jun Comments: LVMH took Tiffany, Richemont out Cartier Lynx flagship store, jewelry market competition spread from line to line ~

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

The restart of the electricity transmission Forever 21’s website

Re-compete for Chinese market

According to informed news, the bankrupt US fast fashion brand Forever 21, will restart the electricity supplier website to customers in Asia, Australia and the Americas as the main target.

It is reported that, Forever 21 will cooperate with Global-e online, create a new website 21 kinds of languages ​​using the site will support nearly 100 global currencies and 150 multi-currency payment. Forever 21 president, said, “The company has noticed that there is an exit plan in the market, customer demand is still there.”

Singularity Jun Comments: Forever 21 did not give up whether through electronic business platform in China Forever?

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Consumer Aspects

Analysys: 2019 annual Internet Restaurant

Take-over transaction size of 727.4 billion yuan

Recently, Analysys Analysys released the “China Food super digital practice insight 2020” shows that the 2019 annual deal size over the Internet takeaway restaurant 727.4 billion yuan. Among them, three or four lines of small and medium businesses access to the digital word of mouth hungry we doubled the number of services, the quality of the merchant and super convenient quality fresh takeout business line the number of hungry it maintains more than 130% year on year growth.

Singularity Jun Comments: how strong the power of eating the goods? Casually “eat” a seven hundred billion market –

Long-term lease Share

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

Long-term lease apartments have started pre-holiday sales

Renewal fee and installment loans still exist

Opened in 2020, long rent apartment market open fancy promotions, freely, eggshell, blue head off several marketing companies have fate. However, this promotional period, the Department of Housing banned the “two allowed” still exists in most platforms.

Gucci x迪士尼联名遭吐槽,传Forever 21重启电商?| 奇扒说0109

December 25 last year, housing construction and other six departments had issued “Opinions on rectifying and standardizing the order of rental housing market” clearly allowed two: First, housing lease contract expires to renew the lessor and the lessee shall not be charged again commission; the second is the housing rental business may not rent installments, rent concessions to induce the lessee to use the name of the rental housing consumer loans.

Singularity Jun Comments: financialization pool of money has become the largest market risk! Long-term lease apartments standardized development of the market is still long way to go ~

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