Uld women should wear a sense of beauty in winter! “Short down jacket” fashionable, beautiful, beautiful

In winter, I believe that there is a favorite down jacket in many women’s wardrobes. The down jacket is fluffy and soft, and it is very warm, it is easy to overcome coats, etc., becoming one of the most love of winter women.


Today, I will bring you some short down jackets, and the short down jacket is delicate and practiced. The effect of the upper body doesn’t have much simple, let’s take a look!

First, the type of short down jacket


The first thing to introduce it to you is a downpath of the down, such as a junk, whether it is a jacket or a transition to wear a very OK.

Especially for office workers, there is a down vest that allows you to have simple and fashionable, and very sluggish wear, it will not make your wear look very bloated. Sometimes a tight-fitting dress is equipped with such a short vest ok.

The second is the more fluffy down jacket. This down jacket is the most common in winter. It is characterized by fluffy and soft. It can make people feel that it feels fluttering, and the choice is very rich.

But at the same time, this fluffy down jacket will make the upper body look wider, so if it is not good or the body is fat, it may be very bloated.

In contrast, the cotton in the down jacket is very tight, so it looks very thin. This kind of down jacket is more suitable for women who like, simple and easy to match, or have some slim fat, do not want to wear too bloated women.


Of course, such down jackets are relatively thin from the objective angle, so the warmth is relatively weak, so everyone should carefully select according to their needs.


Second, match

The existence of this jacket in the down jacket is relatively strong, and it is relatively relaxed, so we can make the lower body more tight.

This set of contained in a loose black down jacket, with a slim, with a tight jeans, not only highlighting the leg line, but let the whole person look very handsome.


With the trousers, it is handsome, and in the down jacket with a delicate and elegant dress, we can make our overall matching feel very bright.


The loose down jacket is equipped with a dress out of the body, wearing a small sexy in the comfort, making people feel unforgettable.

How to choose the skirt and trousers? First of all, if you are a workplace woman or usually, it is more convenient to fall more convenient.

But if you want to get out of the aging shape, show the charm of women, the skirt may be your better choice.

Third, color Pick

Choose the color that suits you, first, in winter, black may be the most suitable choice, after all, the feeling of people in winter is cold and dull.

Therefore, a black down jacket is very suitable with the atmosphere, and it is very good, the lower body is equipped with a jeans, handsome and young.

Of course, if you like an elegant match, you can try a touch of color, such as milky white or light yellow, is a very good choice.

Although white is two extremes, it is a very wild color, but when choosing a white system, it is necessary to highlight the contrast between the colors, otherwise there will be some monotonous.


If you want to add some colors, you can choose a retro line. For example, ink green or orange red, these colors can make our match more bright, and it will not be too bright. It is a mature woman who can easily hold.

The above is some short down jackets introduced today, although the down jacket is not stunning, but it is very good, absolutely winter must.

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