Women want to wear high, related to this 8 single shoes, easy to drive

Fashion butterfly

Love this kind of silent girl, you must not miss such a sweet style, classic black, let you match any clothes, you are so beautiful, after the dote on the bow, it is more visible!

Vintage suede high heels


This retro velvet textile is not letting you take a sense of symptoms in your hand, the thick with the design style, wear special steady and generous, orange vintage tones on your feet, more visible Oh!

Pink elegant bow single shoes


To say that the girl is in the spring and summer season, the choice of daily shoes will pick classic style, and it is very popular with the girl’s love, the age of age of girls, so that you can easily wear it. Young feeling!

Patent leather shallow mouth side air pointed single shoes

This pointed single shoes in the ink, whether it is the trend of hue, or the style of the style, all the girls love, the bow is equipped with the elements of the buckles, the medium and low heels are more stable, love beauty Don’t miss it!

Black bow pointed high heels

It is said that the black single shoes special hundred, especially this stilette style, but the foot is not only fashionable, but after the bow element above the upper is dotted, it is equipped with the beautiful pointed wind, and the woman is easy to carry. !

Bow hollow shallow mouth high heels


This side of the hollow style single shoes, spring and summer wear not only temperament, and then followed by the dotting of the bow, the fashionable feeling is taken out in minutes, and the retro wind of the suede, let you wear modern in this summer. The girl’s style is coming!


Fashion suede pointed shallow mouth super high heels


One mentioned this kind of silent shoes, many girls feel that this single shoes are very suitable for professional women. In fact, after adding a bow element, many ladies can be competent, you don’t come to try!


Velvet butterfly stuffed with thick bottom shoes


For the current season, this fish mouth type single shoes are not particularly affected by girls, and they are gold velvet, the most popular style, with sweet bow designs, wearing a feet Fan!

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