The bureauframed rain shoes warm mountains

This newspaper (Reporter Li Fang correspondent Zhang Lijun Li Jing) uses the network platform to launch the micro-public welfare of “being a child in the mountains”, in the past few days, Wuhan Textile University Volunteers are the rumor of Bijie City, Guizhou ProvinceChildren with primary schools have raised 30 sholes.

This summer, a line of volunteers from the Xin Youth Public Welfare Team of the Textile University, came to the Biji Primary School in the River Township of Bijie City, Guizhou, and went to the middle of the left-behind children.The mountain road of more than a dozen miles, the children, the children always commit to school for rainy days, worry about staining the beloved shoes.The winter will arrived, the children go to school still have no change, some are just muddy, and I have gone on the slag.In order to let them have a warm winter, the school-link new Youth Public Welfare members decided to provide warm and comfortable plus velvet rain shoes for 30 left-behind children.

Yesterday, the 1160 yuan of crowdfunding has been replaced by 30 warm plus velvet rain shoes to Bijie Mountain.

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