Large size girl sweater wear guidelines, cute and comfortable more

Loose large size wind sweater, not only is full of inclusive, comfortable and comfortable, but also teaches you to easily create a lazy fashionable fan!


Although most of the sweaters are similar, in fact, the effect is different, and what is the effect of wearing it, what is the sweater suitable for large size girls?

Big chest sisters don’t choose this, the spark, the neckline, Oversize’s sweater will be very strong.

And for small short legs, Oversize is the devil! Will only look shorter, super invincible press high.

A small V-neck design of hooded sweaters is simply a round neck, which is simply a saver.

Oversized’s sweater originally has a relatively lazy feeling, and the comfortable A-head skirt echoes, and cute,

The whole set is simply comfortable to the bones ~


Mixup always has magic for breaking the original attributes of the item.


It is only one point to wear the sweater to break up.


If it is really a baby, you can choose the laptop skirt, put the side of the sweater, put it in the skirt, and the rendering of the buttocks is also very strong.

The big size girl must consider the sweater cardigan, plus hard-tight jeans, Tibetan meat skill GET!

This half-zipper sweater,

American retro style

It can be opened slightly to wear, cool.

American zipper


Sweater, matching pants, there is the feeling!

If you are afraid of cold sisters, you can change your trousers into a wide leg.

Elegant temperament velvet brew pants, can mix out with sweater


Ya Fan

. But here I have to say more, because the velvet visual expansion, so it is best,


Select the style of dark high waist.


Ok, I said this today. In short, I want to be fashionable and comfortable, I must try the strong combination of sweater + wide-leg pants.

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