In 1954, Zodiac Horse, November, the temper will be rebellious, loneliness

1954 Zodiac Lunar Lunar New Year (December 18, 2017 – January 16, 2018)

The wind is discolored this month, don’t act

This month’s fortune is rampant, so this must not act rashly to avoid hunting! Work must be repeated three, and there is a mistake in the unfair causes. The most important thing to pay in this period is to know how to protect yourself from harm, and don’t be tight, so as not to defeat. The health is poor, cautious to infect the cold, don’t tell drugs. This month is easy to conflict with people. If you don’t get your temper, you will be rebellious, and there is no longer.


Zodiac horse in 1954

Lunar Day December fortune (January 17, 2018 – February 15, 2018)

This month, the haze is disconnected, and the old


Although the people who are horses have laid this year, they tend to wave, often wave, more blocking; fortunately, the lucky fortune is great, the haze swept, is a good opportunity for the exhibition. The most important thing during this period is that you must be brave in reform, you should not stagnate because of the old, so as not to die. Healthy improve, but must stay away from narcotics, so as not to hurt the wine and will be sorrowful.


The horse is still sincere, please worry, the “Buddha is the Buddha to the Bodhisattva] Pendant Pendant, the Ma Xiao, the Buddha, the Buddha, the Buddha symbolizes the great wisdom, and the zodiac mascot with the next fortune is pleased, and the two pay attention to the fall, respectively. Long-term guardianship. Just softly, moving and quiet, and can be complemented.

The horse is a horse’s life Buddha

[Auspicious principle] Direct to Bodhisattva, now in the world of bliss, bother to the Buddha in the second time. “There is no supreme life”, he “is” all the wisdom of the light, so that the three are painted “, it is called the biggest to Bodhisattva. His headed treasure bottle memory wisdom light, let the wisdom of the world, all the people of all sentient beings solve the blood of the blood, there is no power. Great to the Bodhisattva will give you the light of wisdom, so that you will be smooth on the road of life, and your career is successful. It is the strongest stress in the horse and the biggestity to the Bodhisattva. If you can wear or offer it, you can silently bless the horse, so that it will be fierce, and let the business, fortune, love, people, and health have been significantly improved. To achieve happiness of life.

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