This fall, wearing a “big code” in a suit, a giant fashionable, can be elegant

Early morning wind, it is gentle and hot! Early spring suit jacket, is fashionable and resistant; if you don’t wear it to business negotiations, if you don’t wear it, you can really recommend it to try this year’s popular “big code” suit.

“Large code” suit and conventional suit have different, only the size is slightly larger, cropping and design or the original “formula”, but the matching effect has a major change. Play all kinds of popular style match, it is more comfortable.




First let’s talk about the chosen suit, the large size suit is also called the Oversize jacket. It also has basic paragraphs, fashion points. Its detail is also visually great enough, but regardless of its model, only the most suitable models are best to look at it.

Selection 1: Water shoulder

The most intuitive place in the large size suit is the design of the shoulder, some suits it has a full pad design, and some is more soft, there is no needle, then what is the difference between these two clothes?


Whether the suit jacket is shoulder, the most important need to choose according to our shoulder type, a narrow shoulder, the shoulder will expand the width of the visual, so that it can better create a head shoulder, shoulder neck line, will be more It is conducive to the reflection of the gas field.

However, for the upper body itself is more fat, it is more suitable for people who are relatively wide, and the shoulders are more suitable, because there is no shoulder, the visual effect is not expanded, and it can avoid wearing “Strong”.

Jiang Xin should be a typical typical gathel skin, when she is wearing a suit, a suit and a suitable suit design, a suit, a suit design, a suit, will expand her upper body width, and shoulders are even wider.

In addition, many large-size suits have a fine drop in the thickness and width of the shoulder, and if it is a suit jacket that is used in daily wear, pay attention to the choice of shoulder thickness and width.

At any time, the exaggerated shoulders will test the temperament, body, and need to be careful.

Select 2: Elements in the suit

With the continuous advanced and upgrades of fashion taste, Large more and more people like to wear retro grid, print, and dressing suit. In short, it is more likely to have a variety of unique and stylish elements after a variety of unique suits.


However, I have to give you cold water. If you don’t have a powerful fashion and aesthetic ability, can we don’t squander the so-called fashion model? There is no tough hardware ability, but it is nothing to do, then you will not be good.

It is better to put the choice focused on the solid color suit, although the solid color suit is not a trend, it is not an avant-garde, but it is in touch with it ~ Various body can have a higher probability to choose the right thing. But if it is a suit with fashion elements, it may not be 100%.

You see, like this kind of suit jacket with fashion elements, even the female stars are also slightly “turned”, let alone our ordinary people “hardware” conditions are general, they must go to the wind. Easy.


1: Play down disappearance

As you have a deeper understanding of fashion, more and more people began to accept the mortal feelings brought by the disappearance. After all, it is good for women who look good for legs. It can be big bright and secretly poked the beautiful legs, and the beauty of psychology is deep.


However, the black suit is not suitable for everyone, after all, everyone is tall and fat. In order to avoid the embarrassment of “rollover”, we can keep some matching rules in mind, then learn.


Details 1: Small child wears “lower disappearance”


The popularity is not suitable, the trend of the disappearance of the lower disappearance makes a lot of fashion reaches, but it is completely ignored that he is not suitable. Take a small child, try to try “lower clothes”, the last result may be a spicy eye … The more the legs are short, the more you look, the more you look.


This is not an alarmist, we can see a group of comparison. The female star He Jie PK Wang Zhi, the height gap between the two people is around 9 cm. When two people wear in the same black large size suit + black shorts + Martin boots, who is a longer. Because the little child does not take advantage of the legs, it will be counterproductive, and it is very profitable.

The essence of lower disappearance is to create a visual length through a large area of ​​skin, the more leg skin exposed, the more the legs are long.

So, even if you are a small child, you always want to have a higher level. When wearing large size suit, remember to avoid this type of Martin boots, you can try a shallow shoes, so that more skin is more, the visual identical leg may be more direct.


When I went back and later, when I was missing, I changed the shoes to a word buckle. After the shallow mouth, the big legs were smart, and it looked that the legs had better modifications, and the legs became long. .


Showing is more suitable for people who are more slender, if they have been very good as legs, they are fine, and even they are also known as “leg sperm”, the disappearance is totally tailored. But in a small child, wear a black down disappearance, it needs to be blessing.

Detail 2: High child wear “lower disappearance”

It is high to pick it up for a piece, and a high is that a hanger walking. It is YYDS to play with a suit. But in terms of detail, high sizes are disappeared. It is actually more diverse. For example, in addition to the beautiful legs, we can also look at the eyes.

Get visual “high-level beauty”

Through the “advanced beauty” of the disappearance, the details are all the retransmary combination. In addition to creating low-key high-level feelings through a small color (such as black gray), there is still a little negligible detail we can put on the shoe. After all, the disappearance is the most intuitive to see the suit and shoes.

For example, this kind of suit + knight boots, a kind of lazy casual style is awkward, her match is missing, but it is easier to get to her to wear a high-level feeling compared to purely dew.

Suit + elastic boots, as long as the shoes are not the kind of loose, it seems to be put on the style or there is T-top, in order to pass a “personality boots” of a corporate culture and brand concept, their GET disappears is unscrupulous. It seems to add the flowers on the brown.

High sizes wear large size suit + combination of all kinds of boots, can more appear to be embodied in the body. Moreover, the combination of various types of long boots can also be slightly modified, but the legs are not straight. It can have a good figure + hanger.


Get visual “extreme beauty”


It is suitable for the ultimate beauty of the high child, that is, when choosing the payment + color, everything is simple. Don’t use a variety of novel suit and match with the trend, the model is simple and simple.

For example, the inner + suit jacket, the color is not more than 3. Such as this brown suit jacket + black tube top and black shorts, in the whole black, just two colors, and the clothes are very simple, and the visual sense has “extreme” simple beauty.

With color is not complicated, you can try the same color matching, although the same color is sometimes unable to give the eye, but in the high child, the minimalism is reflected in the temperament, especially light color. The same color matching, can weaken the sense of age.

2: Many MAN Balanced


The woman is handsome, there is no man, this sentence can be used to describe the essence of the MAN Balance, which can be soft and sexy, and can get enough to get enough. And this style is balanced, there must be a big suit jacket, which can better make balance between sexy and handsome.

So how do you match? We can find answers from these small details:

Details 1: There is at least one style attribute of the whole body.


How do we understand this detail, that is, in the overall match, the style and visual effect of each piece of items are not equal. That is to say, there is at least one style representative at least in the clothes, inner, and pants.

For example, we take the wealthy suit analytical detail, suit commuting with sex, the long-lasted print T-shirt is lazy, five points ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It seems that it is still very good.


For example, this suit, a concise trade in a suit. However, the dressing personality has a little taste, the style attributes, the visual feelings are different, and the two different styles of single items are collided, and the MAN balance of the mother is more eye-catching.


So, in daily life, use a large size suit to balance the MAN balance, as long as the color is dotted, with each other. Between style and style collisions will bring a different visual experience.

Detail 2: Suitable skin, also deliberately emphasize waist lines


MAN MAN wearing or different from the minimalism of neutral winds, there are many details in women to wear. The beauty of MAN balance is at willing between soft + just. So on the wearing, we should also pay attention to the two details of the match, the first is appropriate skin, the second is emphasizing the waistline.

Suitable skin care


We have written n throughout the importance of it. However, it is not necessary to reflect the sexy, charming woman taste. Instead, everything is under the blessing, which is mainly based on “icy”, absolutely and too long.


Take the above 3 diagram Example, they all have different levels of small-scale skin. Regardless of the lumbar and neck, or the legs, these exposed body parts are wearing a comfortable sense of comfort, proper skin care.


Emphasize waistline

Suits, especially commuter suit, no matter how men, women, walking in the workplace we can clearly see that they will deliberately emphasize the waistline. Because there is a waist line, it is essential to the intensive points of the image. So use in the balance of Niang MAN, the waist line is also equally important.

After all, the big size suit, if there is no one in the waistline, the whole body is loose, and it is not practiced. It is also lacking some women’s taste, and the mother’s balance will lose the essence.

So, you will always see some fashion, even if you miss the disappearance, you will deliberately use the belt because they understand the essence of the waistline.


With waist lines, wear more levels, if color chooses more simple, waist line embellishment can more elegant and intellectual. This kind of beauty is not available for women who pursue temperament.

Ok, about a “big code” suit in this season, I will tell a paragraph. Don’t know if my share helps you? I will leave a message below for good, praise, spit me!

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