Men’s pockets 7 kinds of back, come to the husband collection

Before putting your chest, back, is on the waist, a shoulder bag, a portable bag, a shoulder hand gesture, hanging on the neck.


1, the middle position of the package in the waist must be the classic of the classic, the bag size should be moderate, otherwise it will be uncomfortable in the middle. Back facing the waist. And it is still a good choice. This is still a half-faced effect, and the low-key is not lost. The shoulder is cross, so the method of backpack has also increased. More importantly, it is also very convenient to take out.

2, in the chest, the decorative effect is placed. However, this kind of mushing method should pay attention to do not wear a necklace. The key is this small bag. In the outer line of the jacket, it seems to add a belt on the coat, which will also increase the waistline, which is very smart. With a vest, but in this case, the waistband of the pocket must choose some feature, it will look better.

3, the most common of the package of the package has two kinds of leather and canvas, leather has a leather pig skin deer skin crocodile skin, all kinds of skin, the price of the hand is different, canvas is relatively cheap, of course, what is it depends? Sample of materials. The most common five kinds of colors, black, gray, brown, military green, dark blue, and most of the other are the colors of these colors, in the choice of color, because it is easy to match, it seems more calm.


Ok, I will share it with you today ~ Zhou Zhou continues to output professional fashion knowledge every day ~ Let your beauty?

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