Hohhot installed repair network takes you checked the corner desk cabinet renderings! Separate size

For many small-size books, it is very difficult to put a bookcase into the rest, don’t talk about the desk, and now it is more popular.

Corner desk cabinet

It is solved this problem, and the corner desk cabinet can have both bookcases and add a computer desk. It is really convenient. It’s just the gospel of small apartment study, not to say, the following is some of the small packages.

Corner desk cabinet renderings

Let’s take a look.

Corner desk cabinet renderings


Pink and white looks look very little girl, sweet dreamy color, simple and warm and calm, and white desktop will also be very clean.

Some gray-tuned students placed the corner desk cabinet coordinated with it. The whole space is very quiet. In such an environment, the office will have a comfortable mood, and the green plants on the desk will add a living here.

The European corner desk cabinet looks a kind of distortion feeling, exudes a charming book. Such

The reasonable use of the wall of the wall, also creates an elegant atmosphere to the study.

The white corner desk cabinet looks very bright, the whole gives people a simple generous feeling, and multiple plaids are also convenient for daily books.


White represents clean and tidy, it will not be uncoordinated in the look of the study, but this is placed with the wallpaper with some comfort and relaxation.

Corner desk cabinet size

The desk must match the ergonomics, the size is high, and the body is matched.

Under normal circumstances, the standard of adult desk is: length 1.25-1.55 meters, height 0.75 meters, width 0.55-0.6 meters, double desk length increases, can be used for two people.


The standard size and adult width of the children’s desk are basically the same, and the length can be shortened to 1.1-1.2 meters, and the height will vary with the height of the child:

The 6-year-old child has a standard height of 110-115cm, corresponding to the right desk height of 460mm;


The 10-year-old child is 130.4-141.5cm, and the desk height is 530mm;

The 12-year-old child standard is 146.7-151.6cm, and the desk height is 550mm;

The 14-year-old child standard height is 157.6-162.7cm, and the height of the desk is 630mm.

It is now very popular. If the room is large, you can increase the long width of the table according to your own preference.

Do you feel this?

Corner desk

The cabinet is very practical? The corner desk cabinet is a variety of style. Everyone can choose the right one according to their own needs. For more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to the Hohhot Decoration Network.

Corner desk cabinet

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