Do not use the HDMI line, how to wirelessly connect TV, projector and display

Whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer, the traditional method is to use HDMI or VGA line.


VGA line

With the development of wireless destinating technology, Win10 has



Mac OS has airplay, and you can directly search for TV signals directly under the same WiFi.


MacBook’s mirroring screen

But this method can only be used on a notebook and a desktop, a desktop computer has a wireless network card, and a problem of signaling is considered.

So the wireless network card is thrown, and there is a scheme that can make a desktop computer to use a wireless speaker.


Wireless speaker

Wireless spectators are hardware peripherals, different from the protocols that come with the system, and more advantages in many ways.

How do desktop computers use wireless stadkers?


The wireless speaker is a point-to-point destination, and there is no connection between WiFi, and the transmitter and the receiver are bridged by 2.4 g, 5G, or 60G signal band, thereby achieving a screen signal wireless transmission.

The receiver receives signals on the display, projector, and television.




The transmitter is connected to the computer host to transmit a screen signal, which is often used on both HDMI, USB interface.



The transmitter with HDMI does not need to drive, plug and playing.

Use the USB transmitter to install the driver before the spectrift, but the driver installation is not difficult, usually automatically matched to the computer, you can double-click the run.

There are two types that can be used on a desktop computer on a desktop computer, and a receiver is in the same shape, and a receiver is different from the transmitter shape.


Transmitter with the same speculator as the receiver

Specifier with different shapes of the transmitter and receiver

The first speculator is not only the same shape, but the chip and motherboard are the same structure. This is to enhance signal transmission capabilities to achieve ultra-long distances and wall destunment, some top chips can reach a transmission distance of 200 to 500 meters.

Since most desktop computers are fixed in one position, there may be some obstacles when the screen may be passed. So long-distance stadkers are still suitable for desktop computers.

Launching a specifier of the same shape

The second speculator transmitter is used to use a small braid shape, the original intention of the design is also more convenient, the destination is more than 20 to 60 meters.

Pull-shaped transmitter


Many people will feel the second more suitable for use on laptops, and it is very awkward on the desktop computer. Because the USB on the host is in the middle position, the transmitter is light, and the long-term hanging will not damage the motherboard interface.

This problem has long been taken into account, and some magnets are installed at the bottom of some transmitters, which can be sticker on the ferrous chassis, which does not cause pressure on the interface at all.

Can be posted on the host

Therefore, there are two ways to use the wireless network card, one is to use the wireless network card; the other is to use the wireless spectacle, select a long distance or a normal speaker according to the actual situation.

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