Women with temperament love to wear a hat in winter, these 5 most, modified faces and exquisite

Different styles of hat are different in winter, you can match the lady wind, high cold wind, elegant wind, etc. For female friends, the winter hat does not have to buy too much, as long as you buy a style It’s enough.

Next, we recommend several winter and practical hats. It is simple to match, and the elegant and exquisite is exquisite. Let’s enjoy it together.


First, Beret


Simple and low-key orange cotton jackets are mixed with black jeans, showing a small sister’s face of white and ruddy, and the white beret is adding an elegant feeling for the overall shape, but also a modified face type, original flesh The face becomes more cute under the decoration of the white beret, meat.


In winter, you can choose two kinds of colors to highlight the harmonious uniformity. In this skirt, you have chosen gray beret and gray bottoming socks to create a simple advanced style, ultra-short skirt. Exhibits the advantages of slender legs, retro square leather bags and grandmothers on the feet have added a sense of atmosphere for overall match.


Second, the newsboy


Most handsome fashionable women can choose this black suit with a black suit, with a black newsboy, doing cool handsome, walking on the street, perfectly, is perfect, the lower body is mixed, and the cowboy is dragged. Pants and high heels, walking on the street gas field.

Report children’s cap with the hat, suitable for most girls, is very worthy of starting, can be modified with face, and cover the big forehead, with the cool-style leather jacket more beautiful, Can’t help but attract this high-fashionable temperament.

Third, the wider cap

The elegant women’s wardrobe must have a wide range of hats, seemingly style, some exaggerated broad hats, as long as they are in daily life, they can create refreshing and very natural, and unseasing. Below this little sister uses blue shirts and colored pleated skirts, highlights the advantages of production, and has a refreshing and ladies.

Skeleton big girls can choose to make a set of matching, loose black sweater with army green wide-legged trousers, and handsome and modified body effect, the brown brother hat on the head is simply touching the eye, let Originally simple and ordinary neutral wind shape becomes more stealing.

Four, knitted cap


In the casual daily style, you can choose this casual knitted woolen hat to highlight the winter atmosphere. Light pink and wool cap with the sweater of the same color, the girl is full, with a white casual pants and high Martin boots, outline the slimming ankle position, especially skilled legs.

In the mature-style coat, it can be equipped with a solid knitted wool hat to add warmth effect and steady, this black coat is matched, and the lower body is equipped with a loose and elegant gray skirt. With a sense of brown leather boots on the feet, the brown leather small bag with the brown leather is echoed, and the overall match is very atmospheric.

In the middle of the four or five years old, you can choose a low-key simple gray wool cap to highlight the high level of temperament. The following women use the gray wool cap with gray coat, the overall color is very simple, useful The soft color is highlighted.


Five, wool fisherman


Oat color wool fisherman and the same color wool coat together, both high-level, and precise, try, mature senior woman wearing such a set of walking on the street, must be a pouring presence.


We will find that many stars also have fashionable people who like to wear fishermen. The fisherman has made the original simple and low-key shape becomes more casual. This black wool fisherman has a shape of brown strap pants, and is generous, too Suitable for dressing as a daily leisure door shopping.

The above is the five practical winter hats recommended for everyone, whether these hats bring a sense of inspiration for your dress? Which hat do you like best?

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