From “” to the big heat single product, which step began to become fashionable?

This winter, the wind of the thick bottom boots is still large.


Trace the source of the throne of these seasons, should it be from

Bottega Veneta

Snowy hot single product

The Tire Bobboot


Speak. This pair of boots are now basically a pair of fashion bloggers. The “thick bottom” of the thick bottom boots has become more and more detail in design.


This pair of thickened Martin boots is also “


Top flow in boots


“It’s a lot of famous pictures: tactical boots, tire boots, describe it is quite pleasing. This sovereitable soles, with Martin boots” cool girl “temperament is very temperament.


At present, the trend of the thick bottom boots should continue. exist

Alexander McQueen 2022 Summer


The show can also see its figure.

In fact, before the boots and various “tire bottom” boots,

Thick shoe

This product is similar to the fate of fate. In addition to increasing, we have listened to a lot than the high heels.

These two years of thick shoes are not only known for their own name, but also to make most people love it. In the end, we have influenced the aesthetics, or the current thick boots really changed? Today, come to a plate.

Let’s take a look at the most red BV boots, this pair of shoes are based on the evolution of Chelsea boots.

But compared with the classic Chelsea boots, it’s getting bigger, it looks


. This blunt big shoe, which matches the thickness, so that this pair of boots are visually harmonious. The first feel is “existent”, not ugly.


We want to have the least taken thick shoes – fish mouth waterproof platform is high heel shoes (these words are basically equal to fashion disaster together), why is it disaster? Because the fish mouth is relatively small, there is a fine shoe, and the thick water platform is too large. It seems a bit “驴 不 不 对 马 马”, it is difficult to get fashionable.

However, why is the tire bottom boots being accepted? because


This boot is often too large, and the recipe is round, it will not be very delicate, and it is very beautiful with the giant tooth.

The whole is a heavy feeling, like the shoes of the future female warrior. Prada This Martin boots “tactical boots” are also coming.


in conclusion:


Trendy thick bottom boots require a large-scale shoe, and the whole boots must have a bitter.


Take a look at the second step – wear! Bamboo


Here, the editor wants to spit a strange aesthetic (with us to sleep “sleep”), some people still have a strange persistence, the smaller the girl’s feet, the better. In the editorial, several female friends have expressed “When I was young, I was often said to be big, in fact, I was very uncomfortable”.

In fact, just like the nose is not, the better, the foot is not, the smaller look, the beauty still needs to pay attention to balance and harmony.

Winter jackets are often relatively heavy, and this time is more comfortable to match the bodies that match the component. If you have to take a pair of delicate shoes, it may be “headless”. This is one of the reasons why the thick bottom boots are easy to wear in winter!


Of course, there is still a good shoe, it is the thin legs (the thick bottom boots here refer to thick bottom boots that are large.). This is a second year, Korean female stars likes the old legs to wear old deaf shoes. It is a truth, the greater the size of the shoe and the sole, the finer the ankle and the legs.


If you meet the big shoe, the thick bottom, the wide boot, the weight of the legs will be better!

Lost in echo thick eye decoration Martin boots black white

Reference price: 1780


Lost in echo This pair of martin boots have black, white two colors.

There is 6CM in the sole, the effect of pull the long legs is obvious.


The opening of the beads is very good. The soles of the giant teeth and the remedies are fashionable, it is very suitable for the cool girl in winter! On the boots, it also made a buckle decoration, adding a sense of detail.

CCISTO MURPHY black thick bottom shoe boots


Reference price: 1480

This pair of thick boots editing is recommended several times, every time you look into grass!

Brand foundors and designers have been served in Maison Margiela and Givenchy Women’s Shoe Design Department. Brand’s overall design is biased towards the type of simple implementation (but there are some attitudes). This pair of bottom boots are thick and sleepers, there are green and white color of the sole can be selected, the main or integrated paint material, fashionable and better!

Lost in echo fur integrated Martin boots chalk black


Reference price: 2280

Winter special attention to shoes warm small partners can look at the thick bottom boots of Lost in Echo.


Wool-skinned material, don’t be afraid of the foot!


It has two colors, and the small partners who want to be wild can choose black. There is also a white plus purple hairy, but it is quite beautiful! And it’s thick,


But with professional sports soles, the feeling is very good.

Above we said the popular thick-bottom boots in the moment, because the components are sufficient, it is very suitable for some heavy winter jackets. For example, if you accidentally wear a Teddy coat like a bear, a pair of thick boots to make a match, and the whole person is more equal, it is not easy to turn over.


German blogger

Sonia Lyson

It is a senior thick boots enthusiast, she likes to use the thick boots with Teddy coat. Because the rubber sole of the hookah boots is orange, she has a orange scarf. The consistency on the color will look more in the wear.

The editor suddenly thought of the paragraph of the show show the show: carefully modified the way to say unfolded by others. It is very likely that there is no consider how songs between items when wearing clothes.



This blue Teddy Jacket Sonia Lyson also matched the thick bottom boots. Everyone can push the loose wide legs into the boots like her, leisure. And the jacket itself is broad, and the trousers will be more practiced throughout the boots.

Similarly, she still pays attention to the uniformity of the item in the color, the cold hat, clouds, and the rubber sole of the thick bottom boots are rice.

When wearing this green Teddy coat, replace the Martin boots from the hookes boots, the same is the thick bottom ~ this body is bold with green and purple contrast, so the bag and boots have chosen black.

Don’t suspect that the black thick boots are bored, and the real wear is still very high.


If a child wants to wear this kind of “wide” wide-shoulder suit, the shoes must pay attention, do not wear thick bottom boots, try to match the single product such as large old shoes. That kind of pointed shoes that wear a pair of appearances, the ratio of the triangle is over time!

The same lamb coat, adding black thick bottom boots and baseball cap, wearing an Athflow style.


The quilting jacket of this year’s rebellion is also a version of the word A. Try this time “

Width – narrow – wide

“Wearing: A word jacket, biased trousers, finally with a wide thick bottom boot with a smooth shoe, and the handsome of the thick boots also avoids the bug of the quilted jacket” old gas “.


French blogger we wrote last week


Camille Charriere

This year, I really love the thick bottom boots, with the most basic jeans and coats, is the trendy match that can take a big step outside.

There is also the most fluffy bread down jacket in winter jackets, whether long or short, to come to double thick boots to be more cool. Because the thick bottomless boots itself is a cool machine, large-scale black is generally not wrong ~

In addition to the wide, the long coat of the length to the ankle is also very suitable for a thick boots. When a child is worn in this length of the coat, it is also necessary to consider it moderately increase, otherwise it will immediately rise 10 cm in some angles. Blogger




Extend the leg lines with black high waves and black thick bottom boots, and look at the real leg 2 meters.

She really likes to wear this coat of the ankle, have to say that the gas field is strong. Wearing white coats will choose a white thick boots and match, black and white is not greasy, and high children can learn.

CCISTO MAXINE black blue outdoor thick bottom splicing landscaping Martin boots

Reference price: 2180

CCISTO This pair of Martin boots is very strong! It is a vast texture stitching design,

Mainly used nylon cloth and gloss feel good starting beads

. The sole also chose the blue gray rubber bottom, and the whole can look football. 6cm is also very friendly for small children!

Lost in echo square front double zip boots black and white ash green

Reference price: 1880

Lost in echo this thick boots are tire bottom plus shoes, very suitable for cool girls! The zipper decoration on the boots adds the overall detail. It has black, white two hundred colors, and a relatively special gray green. And it is not only high,

Also added a latex pad at the stress, step on it, very soft, very good!

Lost in echo This pair of thickened Martin boots is the most interesting thing is its bubble soles,

The translucent color seems to jelly! There are also three colors optional: black with blue soles, white with deep gray soles, olive green with black soles. The upper body is very identified, and it is not easy to hit it.

Today’s knowledge point will summarize it again: one is a “big shoe” that has a “big shoe” adapted to “thick bottom”; the second point is that the thick bottom boots are more suitable for a part of the coat. I hope that this winter can wear the handsome and fashionable thick boots!

I have been thinking about three days after home: I want to dress my home like wearing clothes!

Why is 90s, do you love the fashion?


2022 New Year Wish is: Kardashian after the divorce!

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Lost in echo square front double zip boots black and white ash green

Reference price: 1880

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