Yan Yingzhen really walking “big peach”, the devil’s body is too attractive, Zhou Dong Yu envious crying

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The nearest weather is also more hot, many sisters have also wear a cool summer dress, in different clothing style, no lack of t-shirts, we all know that the T-shirt will be more than the style, but Overall, it is very simple in shape, which can be dressed, or it can be matched with other styles, highlighting the chic fashion sensation. For example, this T-shirt model on Yingying is relatively bright, the suspension is stacked, and the fashion is sexy, but her waist is too fine.


The photo of the photo is unveiled at the airport, and there is a relaxing of a sexy. This T-shirt wearing is quite chic. Overall is a simple long T-shirt, and the English letters in the chest are not monotonous. On both sides of the clothing, the opening is also designed, reducing the tightness of the body, and also tall the waistline, the design is quite strong.

Although the T-shirt is also a hundred fashion items, if some design adds some design in the original shape, it will look more perfect. This T-shirt modeling on Yingying is quite out of shape. In the style of the T-shirt, you choose to launch a small sling. The good figure shows it. Sexy and no conservative, the tight design of the small sling is outlined. The body line, the shampoo waist is also a lot, but this waist is a bit full of fire, it is really not like a mother who has born two children!

We all know that the white t-shirt is very easy, and the shape of choosing black is also the most classic way. Not only does it look good, it doesn’t look low, and the dark color adjustment is combined with each other. But you can also control it easily. When I wore a white T-shirt, I also chose a black trousers for a black trousers. The basic tones showed low-key, the skinny skin designs appeared to be more slender, the hollowing of the trousers is full, and the legs are thick. When the girl chooses the pants, it is best to choose a wide legs ~


Ji Yingying’s wearing contrast is quite low-key, but the style of T-shirt is stacked. It is really a fashionable fan. Choosing a white T-shirt will look more fresh and nature, and the choice of black T-shirt will appear to be more calm, but the slimming effect of the black is very obvious. It is also quite easy. If you want to break the boring brought to pure black Sense, the next matching style can choose to be relatively outstanding, such as the pure black shape of Ying Yingying, black T-shirt with sequins, and it is also quite eye-catching in the crowd.


Look at this black T-shirt, the child of Yingying is more petty, but the body is relatively rich, so the black costume can play a good effect, but in order to weaken black, the style of clothing is more important. Like Yingying’s upper body chooses a black sip, the style is chic, the design of the umbilical design is to show her little waist, and the body is really absolute!

Although the black and white t is a hundred but don’t wear it every day? Occasionally try the relatively bright T-shirt, can also bring a different visual experience. For example, this pink T-shirt on Yingying seems to be more energetic, and more women’s charm? Pink color tones will not be too eye-catching, age-up highlighting sweet temperament, lower body with denim boots, women’s taste, clothing in the clothing, the perfect waist, the body of Yingying is really nothing, even if it is two A child’s mother is also as sexy.


The styles are relatively high for T-shirts. If the upper body is too rich, it will give people a tight feeling. The meat on the body is also awkward, so the slim T-shirt is perfect for the body line. The sister is the most appropriate. Ying Ying’s body is not said, the unevenness is very outstanding, although the body is not so slender, but wearing this red Slim T-shirt, the proud figure is eye-catching, the neck uses a hollow design, lure. The lower body is mixed with a high waist style, a pair of long legs perfectly.


Do you have different opinions? Will you like this sexy, Yingying?


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