The frozen top is the best Taiwan Oolong? That’s because you didn’t have these best!

Recently, there are several tea friends asking for a little understanding: “Let’s mention Taiwan Oolong tea, everyone will think of frozen Oolong, then the frozen top Ulong is not the best oolong tea in Taiwan? Is there anything better than it?”

To say that the frozen is Oolong is not the best, we must first understand it, then compare it.

Frozen top Oolong is moderate fermented tea,

The fermentation is about 40%

For hemispherical packages. The deer village, the southwest of Nantou County, with an altitude of about 700 ~ 1200 meters, Zhang Yacheng Village (frozen top) at an altitude, because planting in the frozen mountain,


Ganxin Ulong

Bud leaves, so it is called frozen top oolong tea.

The frozen top Wulong soup is golden yellow, rich in fragrance, tastes alcohol, is a special oolong tea with aroma and taste.


Many tea friends believe that the frozen Oolong is a representative of Taiwan Oolong Tea. In fact, in addition to the frozen Oolong, Taiwan has several best Oolong tea, which is more than it.


Wenshan package tea

Wenshan bag tea

The degree of fermentation is about 20% in Oolong Tea. The tea garden is distributed in a mountainous area above 400 meters above sea level. It has the “North Wenshan, Nanfen Top”. It can be seen that Wenshan Painting and Frozen Top Oolong is not Bozhong



Good Wen Mountain bag tea, dry tea is tight, naturally bent, colorful, green is shiny; the aroma is clear, the tea soup is bright, lively, there is “fragrant, concentrated, alcohol, rhyme, beauty” five features. If you want to feel the feeling of flying, Wen Shan’s package is a good choice.


Oriental beauty tea

Oriental beauty is a special tea in Taiwan’s Hsinchu County, North Po, Emei and other places. It is a kind of tea that is the most fermented in semi-fermented tea. Generally, the fermentation is 60%, some even 75% ~ 85%, various Characteristic black tea.

Oriental beauty appearance is colorful, red, white, yellow, green, brown five, there is a ripely fragrance or honey fragrance, tea soup is bright amber, in 1900 to 1940, it has become Europe and America, becoming the British Queen, Named “Oriental Beauty”.


There have been researchers to make aroma analysis for three Taiwan, and the three kinds of Taiwan, the frozen, and the Orientians, and identified 54,51,62 aroma components.


Through comparison, Wenshan package is relatively close to the fragrance of the frozen top, but they differ from the aroma of the Oriental Beauty.

In addition to Wenshan Package and Oriental Beauty can fight with the frozen Oolong, Taiwan’s mountain oolong tea is also a lot of oolong tea trend.


Alpine oolong tea

We can usually say Taiwan’s mountain oolong tea is not specially designed to produce tea, but an oolong tea produced by a tea garden at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.

Alpine Oolong Tea eliminates a small number of heavy weight fermented (about 70%), generally belongs to mild (20% to 40%) fermentation. The main origins are Chiayi County, Zhongnan, Taiwan, Nanban County, and the tea gardens in these areas have the characteristics of low temperature, high humidity and cloudy fog.

It is these features that make the bud leaves are more tenderness, and it is conducive to the formation of amino acids and aromatic substances. Therefore, high mountain tea has the characteristics of tea incense and fresh fresh alcohol.

Some researchers have analyzed the Oolong tea in Different Sea Production Zone in Taiwan. Through the sense of review, they found that the higher the sea level, the aroma, the taste is more cool, the higher the overall score.

Among them, the highest altitude of Pear Mountain is the highest in aroma, soup, taste, and total score.

In addition, they also analyzed the biochemical components of these tea.

The results show that as the elevation of altitude, the coffee base and the tea polyphenol content are gradually decreasing, while the amino acid content is gradually increased, and the coffee alkaline of Pear Mountain, 2,200 meters above, the lowest tea polyphenol content, and the amino acid content is also high. .


It is well known that phenol amino is an important indicator for evaluating the degree of fresh melement of green tea. When the content of tea polyphenols and amino acids is high, the smaller the phenol is smaller, and the tea soup is delicious, and it is also the same.

Therefore, the higher the oolong tea sea level, the more delicious tastes.

It can be seen from the figure above that Taiwan’s mountains, Wulong, whether in terms of sensory review or in terms of material, especially with the highest altitude of Poishan Oolong.


Among the Alishan tea products in Taiwan, there is a well-known tea area such as Alishan Tea, Chauxi Tea District, Yushan Tea Zone, and Poishan Tea Area, and the highest elevation of the pear mountain tea area, and can also represent Taiwan’s mountain oolong tea. .

It can be divided into Lishan High Mountain Tea and Dali Ling Gao Mountain Tea, and we know.

Pear Mountain High Hill Tea

Pear Mountain is 2,200 meters above sea level, mainly produced as the Poishan area in Taichung County, Taiwan, surrounded by the original forest, environmental clean, no pollution.

Due to long-term clouds, the temperature is cold and winter snow, the growth period is long, and the tea leaves are high, and their taste is alcohol, the taste is fruit fragrance, the tea is green, the green is green, and the glycol, smooth soft Boatting, tea soup is more condensed, it is a treasure in the high mountain tea in Taiwan.

Dalong Mountain Tea

Typically, Daguling is considered to be the best place in Taiwan’s high mountain tea.

Daxieling is located in Taiwan, Taiwan, just in the intersection of Sanxian County, Taichung, Hualien, and the highest level of approximately 2600 meters.

It is currently the highest-highest high-altitude of Oolong tea producing altitude in the world.

The unique altitude is high, and the climate is cold, the climate is cold, the tea tree grows slowly, the tea tea is young, the taste is thick, the fragrance is infinite, and the aftertaste is to recognize the top alpine tea in Taiwan.


The above is our well-known Oolong Tea variety for everyone. If you love Taiwan’s oolong tea, there are many very good oolong tea in addition to the frozen Oolong. # 中国 韵 #


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