Three-eight% investigation

Women’s clothing

Three-eight-fold shopping

In the “March 8th” female exclusive festival, the merchants operating the costume business smell the marketing selling points. On March 7th, the reporter visited the provincial city Liu Lidong business district found that many shopping malls and store promotions also showed “women’s taste”, women’s stores launched the “three eight” special events, but they can truly be 3.8 There is still little less, or only underwear is only in the seasons, or the second piece is 3.8% discount.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the clothing stores of Liuxiang Commercial Circle have opened the store, “three eight specials, 8.5 fold”, “Colorful Women’s Day, to the store to enjoy the offer” … Various “three eight” promotions The language is out of the store on both sides of the street. The reporter noted that the female apparel discount of the merchant was 8.8 fold, 8.5 fold, and fresh 3.8 fold. “How much is this spring dress, how much is this dress fold?” In the women’s clothing store on the second floor of the west side of Liuxiang, Ms. Wang pointed at the shelf, a white black spot, a coat consulting waiter . “Now, the store is doing ’38’ activities. If you buy one, you can only use the original price, 359 yuan, if you buy two pieces, the second piece can enjoy 3.8% discount, only spring.” The clerk Ms. Wang introduced the price, while bending on the clothes that match the Ms. Wang Daughter’s size. The clerk said that the “March 8” festival is a new season, many new products have just been listed, and the intensity of commodity promotions is relatively limited, but at the same time, due to the largest competition in the online market, in order to attract more consumers In the purchase, many stores will actively participate in the “March 8” event.

When I went to the middle of Liu Lane, a “limited time 3.8 fold” slogan attracted the attention of the reporter. There are more than a dozen customers in the store. “This bra can not participate in the event.” A clerk explained to customers, “March 8” is the first female commodity sales after the Spring Festival, and the store is doing activities through the festival. In addition to avoiding some merchandise sales, there is a product. The backup situation, can also promote the sales of goods in the store, achieve profit, after all 3.8% discount is low, so all products in a store will be relatively rare. “There is only 3.8% off the designated clothing, more than 20% of the other items.” In the three-story, four-story women’s clothing shop, “March 8” activities are also in full swing, and it is different from Liuxiang Street. The women’s women’s clothing is 3.8 fold, which is limited to the designation. The reporter walked into two selling stores to designated 3.8 fold women’s store learned, 3.8% off promotional area, only can’t hang less than 20 clothes, style, color has been outdated, and half of clothing have passed. In this regard, a shopping guide said that the new product of spring new products is selling peak season, and the purchase price is high, and the activity is generally not large. If the consumer wants to buy a new favorite new dress, it is recommended to pick new new products.

Of course, in the festival of “March 8”, online merchants will naturally not miss. The reporter logged in to Tmall, Vipshop, canni, etc. There are very few costumes., a women’s clothing store seller said that under the premise of ensuring the quality of goods, the limited time product is 5% off, plus grab activities, for consumers, it is already a good discount, and can sell 3.8 clothing The quality is not very reliable.

Women’s shoes

Third 8% off “good goods”

The boom of the Spring Festival has just been in the past half a month, and major businesses have tightly seize the first holiday “March 8 Women’s Day” in the Spring Festival. The reporter found in major shopping malls in the province, “3.8 fold” on counters once again appeared in front of consumers.

“Although it is 3.8 fold, it feels not to fall.” On March 7th, the citizen Xiao Wang searched in the women’s shoes counter in the provincial capital of Causeway Bay Mall, I hope to take advantage of the festival promotion “caught cheap”, but turn a circle I found that more than 3.8 fold shoes are winter boots or old models, and the shoe size is not full, and the new or shoes, the lap is not so big. Xiao Wang pointed to a pair of shoes in Belle counters, told reporters before the Spring Festival, the price was around 800 yuan, now the “March 8” Women’s Day shopping mall promotion, the price drop is 779 yuan, and the previous price difference not very big.

The reporter saw that there were less than five women’s shoes with “3.8 fold” promotion labels, and most counters were more than 50% off, although the price was reduced, but sales with the e-commerce platform Compared with the price, it is not enough. Take a thousand kraft boots as an example, the original price is 1399 yuan, about 800 yuan before the Spring Festival, 50% discount on the “March 8” Women’s Day counter, which is reduced to 699 yuan. The reporter logged in to Tmall Mall, the leather boots participated in the “Tmall Queen” activity, and the price in Qian Baidu official flagship store is a pair of 486 yuan. And in Taobao, multiple Taobao merchants purchasing this leather boots from 300 yuan -688 yuan.

Compared with the disappointment of Xiao Wang, the public Zhang Mei is lucky enough. On March 7, Zhang Mei purchased a leather booties in Best’s counter. “I wanted to buy at the beginning of the year. At that time, I felt a little expensive.” After the Spring Festival, Zhang Mei went to a counter and the price drops. 520 yuan, hesitated half a day, Zhang Mei, still endured, did not buy. “Thinking of the ‘March 8 Women’s Day’, the mall will definitely have promotions, and I didn’t expect the price after the discount.” Zhang Mei went to the reporter, the leather boots except 3.8 fold sales, scan two The plot can also reduce 38 yuan, calculate 456 yuan / double, nearly 200 yuan cheaper than before the Spring Festival, she also opened Taobao to see the reporter, the official flagship store’s boots also participated in “Tmall The event of the Queen “, the activity price is 568 yuan.


Three eight% off

The March 8th is a female festival, and the merchant promotion is naturally inseparable from the cosmetics required for women. The reporter found that there is almost no three or eight folds in the cosmetics market.

In a daily chemical store in Donggang Road, the March 8th event is “+38 yuan to send a bottle”, and the consumption is pulled through increments.

The activities launched in Shuangta Street Mergyest Supermarket and Baique Overall Products have continued until the 7th on the 2nd, and the activities are “over 98 yuan minus 20 yuan”. Among them, the water tender and pure eye essence unit price is 128 yuan, and the water is a small price of water. If you buy two bottles of words, a total of 236 yuan, you can lose 40 yuan, pay 196 yuan.

After that, the reporter logs in to Jingdong Mall on the 7th that the price of these 7 cosmetics is basically a certain increase in the previous day. Take the moisturizing essence cream in the water as an example, a longer period of time is 75 yuan, and it turns 79 yuan after February 2, now the discount is, “full 199 yuan, minus 100 yuan cash”. The water tender and pure eye essence, a longer period of time is 104 yuan, and it will become 119 yuan after February 29. The water tenderness is now the essence of the essence, a longer price is 56 yuan, and it has risen to 65 yuan after February 16. If you buy these three products, you can enjoy the price after the promotion is 163 yuan. The total price of 151 yuan 151 yuan with Watsons store is slightly higher.

In Tmall beauty, water and tender pure star skin promotion price is 108 yuan, and the water tenderness is now 35 yuan. In addition, the online store also promotes the activities of the shopping vouchers, supports double, 199 to 20, can cross the store, and its purpose is also to pull consumption through increments. For the shape of the various business, the little Xue, who has been in the online, I have been very disappointed, and she said, “I found that the price of the goods in the shopping cart and favorites did not decline, some more expensive than usual. , Just buy more, it will be slightly cheap, this is also the purpose of merchants engaged in promotion. “

Xiao Xue Tucang, the same price is chaotic, the phenomenon of the merchant first price is too common, so that consumers feel that it is too difficult to buy a discount of the goods, in addition to the goods, can only buy more Products to enjoy preferential activities.

This paper is written by Dingling Yan, Zhang Xiaolin, Li Meihua.