Escape from the city with a new XR-V

Author: Xiao Wenbin

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

I hope that the last holiday for a long time, how did you squander?

For most urban white-collar workers, naturally, it is a five-day holiday, and two friends who come to say that they will take a self-driving tour, escape from the cities of reinforced dirt, and explore unknown worlds. Of course, you still need an omnipotent “good helper”.

If you happen to a new XR-V owner, after a self-driving self-driving, you may suddenly discover, you will be able to underestimate the true strength of this small SUV. Remove people to see the personality value of people, with the opening of the unknown journey, more powerful functions are also present one by one.

Since the introduction of 2014, XR-V has already had 650,000 owners, and behind his reputation, behind the strongest comprehensive product force in the same level. For new XR-V, more additive black technology is also unlocked in Eleventh Self-driving tour.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

Steel artifact-level power performance

On a long self-driving tour, a car full of driving, is undoubtedly the most demolished tool, and the new XR-V is just this.

On the new XR-V, it is most proudly, it introduces 220TURBO models, equipped with Honda 1.5T turbocharged engines with Civic, and guarantees that this small SUV has far-class power. performance.

Although the new XR-V is not dominant on the displacement, whether it is the maximum power or torque, it is far superior. On the power output, the maximum power is 177 horsepower, peak torque 220 cow mi and the idea is flushed, and the famous steel ghost level. There is only one just in small SUV.

The data is cold, and the experience is the most real. This engine with a 1,700-5,500 rpm wide torque platform, with a very powerful power performance with a CVT gearbox, but does not sacrifice comfort. Even if the big foot stagnation still does not feel the slightened, when the speed reaches 3000 to more, the charming sound of the Honda engine will pass into the cockpit, and accelerate the feeling of reinforcement.

In addition, in order to increase the limit performance of the vehicle, the 220Turbo model is also equipped with a AHA agility control system, that is, when the vehicle is turned, the system applies a different brake force to four wheels, thereby significantly increasing the overtematic performance.

It is certain that the new XR-V is a kind of driving comfortable and unlunished product, not only benefited from the newly added 1.5T turbocharged engine, and the steering hand is also the case where the feeling of damping is just right. Instead, in order to cater to mass consumers in order to chercuss the public consumers, the electronic flavors of the electronic flasks are highly touch.

Hundreds of design

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

People rely on clothes, horses, saddle. In fact, for a classic model, the design is also equally rare. In the word of mouth of XR-V mass, the model design is the number of young consumers mentioned. And a good design, no matter what the scene is the most eye-catching.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

Not exaggerated, in a long high-speed parking lot, the new XR-V’s absorbing amount is not lost in the sports car, but this is also benefited from the “Dan Ning Blue” color of the bloggy.

A soft blue with gray metal texture, from different angles, with the sun, can reflect almost all gray-white metal gloss. It is like those Danning jeans who have grinded and raised by the top, and there is a charm of indigo.

In addition, in order to more outstanding personality, stylish positioning, on the new XR-V, the first introduction of the special set of silver ear and 17-inch spray hub configuration, and the unique bilateral single exhaust gas design.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

As for changes in the interior part, more is a comprehensive improvement of technology. Compared to the above model, the new car replaces the button operating area of ​​the central control large screen to the touch-type liquid crystal panel, and the texture has a long progress.

Safe travel technology experience

When you are touching with the new XR-V, you can understand the meaning of this field and lifelong Honda. At the moment of consumption upgrade, Honda is always able to quickly insider iteration of young consumer demand, and make adjustments in time.

In the new XR-V, it is the most apparent to the comprehensive improvement of technology, and many scientific configurations have also a lot of color self-driving tourism.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

All-standard 8-inch-controlled large screen, in addition to the conventional car control function, also adds the Honda Connect scientific interconnection system, including multimedia, telephone hands-free, Bluetooth connection and Gao De map navigation and other functions, The gap between the self-owned brands in the intelligent configuration, I have to say, really fragrant.

In addition, the unique Honda Sensing in the high-end models of Honda includes intelligent security and driving assistance techniques, which appeared on new XR-V for the first time. The most obvious feeling is that long-distance self-driving safety has been better guaranteed.

Honda Sensing Security Super System Integrates ACC Active Cruise Control System, CMBS Collision Mitigation Brake System, FCW Pred – touched Warning System, LKAS Lane Maintain Auxiliary System, RDM Lane Offset Suppression System, etc., through intelligent active safety The system will kill the danger in the cradle.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

In order to meet the experience of young consumers for intelligent technology, like the Honda Sensing system, the configuration on the high-end models in the past, is continuously decentralized as a standard configuration, such as a new standard reversing image, electronic parking, etc.

MM Space Magician

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

A lot of XR-V owners are a bit worry about space before driving. It is undeniable that for a higher level of compact SUV, the new XR-V is not dominant on the wheelbase performance, but the opening of the car will find that everything has another scenery.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

On the mining of space, Honda has always been leading and opened up MM space design concept. It is not difficult to find from the new XR-V, just a central storage material is worth playing one day. After exquisitely designed storage tanks, under the action of a partition, you can make a cup of different sizes.

Also worth mentioning, there is also an optimization of the backbone space, just a rear seat, which is played by Honda. On the new XR-V, the backrest of the rear seat can be released and the trunk is fully flattened. More special is still that the seat pad can also be folded up, thereby receiving a more wide aisle space.

Only if you have a new XR-V to understand, what is the concept of “the maximization of the occupant and the minimization of machine space”.

逃离都市 带上一台全新XR-V即可

Car view

In 2014, Dongfeng Honda XR-V officially put into the market. In that small SUV market, the era of Xingxiao, a shock, successful suction of 650,000 in just five years, and created a miracle of the industry. On the new XR-V just completed, we seem to find the secret behind the success.

Keeping up with the changes in consumption demands have always been the reason why XR-V is hot. With the current demand of driving fun, consumers have increased the high-end XR-V, in the new XR-V, at the same time, put more unique intelligent configurations on high-end models to new cars, from it is not difficult to peek , New XR-V boutique positioning.

In fact, there is only a powerful comprehensive product force to not fear the winter winter, and the new XR-V listed has continued to rise, and it is a proven that it is not two.

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